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Penis Enlargement Resource is the ultimate comparison portal for penile enhancement products and men's sexual health. Unlike other web sites that specialise in one specific product, Penis Enlargement Resource provides you with concise and impartial reviews of all the leading penile enlargement and enhancement products.

What is Penis Enlargement Resource?

ThumbPenis Enlargement Resource is a review portal focused specifically on products within the men's sexual health sector. We individually and meticulously review and compare the leading products from the penile enhancement and enlargement sectors

Why take our word for it?

As well as providing you with our own thoughts and views on each individual product allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase, we also allow consumers who have actually bought the product to provide their feedback and views.

With such a wealth of information on each individual product and unbiased reviews and ratings from real customers, you can rest assured that your buying the right penis enlargement product that is going to achieve the results you desire.

Why Penis Enhancement?

ThumbThe big question is why do you wish to purchase a penis enhancement product?

You probably already know the answer – maybe you wish to increase the size of your penis, improve your sexual performance and endurance or you simply want to increase the volume of semen produced.

Whatever you're looking to achieve, we've got reviews of the very best penis enlargement devices, pills, patches and exercise programs to help you achieve the results you've always dreamed of.

Ultimately the choice of which product to buy is entirely up to you and will depend on what you want to achieve, how quickly you want to see results and how much money you're willing to spend.

So what are you waiting for? Check out one of the penis enhancement product categories and articles in the left-hand menu to find out more about the penis enhancement products or see the top rated product from each category below.

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5 Stars

Best Penis Enlargement Device – SizeGenetics

ThumbSizeGenetics is by far the best penis enlargement device currently available. This type 1 medical device is clinically proven to increase the size of your penis by 30% in length and girth whilst effectively allowing you to improve your sexual performance.

Including a host of impressive bonuses, SizeGenetics is much more than just an enlargement device by offering a highly rated penis exercise program (for when you're not using the device) as well as offering various additional instructional DVD's and discounts.

SizeGenetics is not the cheapest of enlargement devices however the quality of materials used, robustness of construction and, durability not to mention the unique and highly effective 'comfort strap mechanism' makes SizeGenetics a proven product that achieves results and provides the best possible comfort and experience.

With a 5 star rating from us, this high quality penis enlargement device is the best option for those looking to increase the size of their penis.

5 Stars

Best Penis Enlargement Pill – VigRX Plus

ThumbHaving emerged as one of the very best male enhancement products in the entire market, VigRX Plus is an improved formula on the popular and original VigRX.

Offering 100% natural ingredients (including Bioperine for added absorption), VigRX Plus gives increased erection strength and duration not to mention improved stamina, sex drive and orgasm intensity.

An impressive pricing structure (especially on larger orders) along with a good money back guarantee and informative website complimented with good customer support means VigRX Plus has stood the test of time and is still the leading penis enlargement pill on the market today - 5 stars!

5 Stars

Best Penis Enlargement Exercise Program – PenisHealth

ThumbThe leader in the world of penile exercise programs, PenisHealth has been around for fair few years helping more than 98,000 to increase the size of their penis by up to 3 inches whilst helping to combat premature ejaculation and resolving penile curvature.

To top it all off the benefits of this exercise program have been acknowledged by other leading product manufactures including SizeGenetics and MaleExtra.

Available online and in DVD format, PenisHealth offers a concise, clear and effective 4 stage penile exercise program – consisting of more than 30 exercises and 300 videos and photos - that is medically backed and clinically proven to work.

For those looking for an introduction to the world of penis enlargement, PenisHealth provides an affordable method of achieving the results you desire.

Other penis exercise programs simply pale in comparison allowing PenisHealth to easy win our coveted 5 star award for the product in its given category.

4 Stars

Best Penis Enlargement Patch – ProEnhance

ThumbThe best of an unfortunately underwhelming bunch, ProEnhance now takes top spot as our highest recommended penis enhancement patch despite only having a 4 star rating and the fact that MaxiPatch (our top recommendation) now being discontinued.

Essentially a carbon copy (ingredient wise) of the majority of competitor enhancement patches ProEnhance stands out and achieves a higher rating thanks to its free shipping, inclusion of an exercise program and superior money back guarantee.

Its not the best product in the world, however if you're set on purchasing a penis enhancement patch that also allows for a size increase, ProEnhance is currently our number one recommendation.

5 Stars

Best Volume Pill – VolumePills

ThumbWith strong competition from the likes of Performer5, VolumePills - the original and most established volume pill solution - just slips into first place as our top recommended volume pill product due to its established and proven results along with money back guarantee and good pricing.

Containing 100% natural ingredients and offering a staggering potential to increase semen volume by as much as 500%, VolumePills does exactly what it says on the box. You can't go wrong with this product hence the well deserved 5 star rating!