The Dangers of Penis Enlargement Pumps

The Dangers of Penis Enlargement Pumps

On May 27, 2012 by Chris Sabian, in Enhancement & Enlargement, Health & Well Being, Products and Services

Penis pumps are a very cheap method of increasing the size of the penis – or so the hype would have you believe. In reality penis pumps are very dangerous and can seriously damage your member resulting in erectile dysfunction and a lot of pain and suffering.

Penis pumps have been around for years now, and many men have used these kinds of devices over the years to help increase the size of their penises. But, what most folks don’t know is… that there are a ton of health risks and dangers that come with using penis pumps.

The sad truth…

You can pick yourself up inexpensive augmentation pumps anywhere on-line these days. Sure, they may only set you back a few bucks, but you’ve got to ask yourself, “can something this cheap and easy to come by really increase my penis size”?

Well, the answer is NO. Millions of guys have been scammed by penile enlargement pumps, and after hours and hours of use, they have nothing to show but disappointing and often painful results. But, that’s not all. As well as wasting time, money and effort with penis suction pumps, men have also been putting their health at risk.

The dangers of penile enlargement pumps…

One of the biggest problems with suction pumps is that they force too much blood into the penis too quickly. Not only can this be extremely painful for the user, but it can cause the blood vessels to burst and rupture, leaving you with permanent penis damage.

Not only is a vacuum penis pump dangerous to use, but they also require that you use them for many hours at a time, for months on end. The long hours are often fruitless, and the extended use will only increase your risk of penile damage.

After long term use, users may find that augmentation pumps cause cuts and bruising to the penis. This can quickly escalate into ligament and tissue damage, which again is permanent. In some of the worst case seen, scores of men have injured their testicles in a number of ways, including accidentally sucking the testicles into the pump itself.

If you are using male enhancement pumps to increase your penis size and you’re experiencing any the following side effect, stop using your penis pump immediately -

  • Numbness
  • Lack of / restricted blood flow
  • A cold sensation in the penis tip
  • Cuts and bruising
  • Testicular pain
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Tissue damage

Safe sexual enhancement for men…

There are a number of safe penis enlargement options available on-line, and men are no longer limited to using the dangerous vacuum penis pump. You’ll now find that penis patches, penis pills and specialist male enhancement exercises are far more successful and a lot safer to use. There are also a selection of clinically proven penis enlargement devices which are regarded as a safe and effective way of improving the penis.

Put down the pump and buy a product that REALLY works, as rated by us…


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