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Sexual enhancement oils and gels are a great alternative for those looking to enhance their sexual performance quickly and easily without the need for pills, patches or devices.

Unlike many other penis enhancement products, erection oils and gels allow for much faster results (in some cases as quick as 40 seconds!) whilst remaining safe, natural and soothing and completely condom compatible.

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InstantPerformer Review


InstantPerformer Squeeze TubeLaunched in September 2010, InstantPerformer is a new, fast acting sexual enhancement oil that has been specially formulated to help increase both strength and duration of erections. Partnered with its enhancement abilities, InstantPerformer also boasts that once applied you can "Go from limp to a raging erection in 40 seconds".

  • From limp to erection in 40 seconds
  • Bigger, thicker, harder erections
  • 180 day money back guarantee
  • Unique, scientific forumla
  • Free shipping worldwide

Containing 11 natural, safe and powerful ingredients, InstantPerformer is absorbed directly through the penile tissue allowing blood flow to increase quickly and effectively resulting in near a instant erection. In fact, InstantPerformer is based on the same principle that make Viagra work - the only difference is that this is a safe and easy to apply oil.

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5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars

With a 180 day money back guarantee, free shipping on all order values as well as an array of customer testimonials and clinically proven results based on the ingredients used, InstantPerformer is quite clearly the best sexual enhancement oil on the market and easily wins our recommended 5 star rating.