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Penis Enlargement Patches use a medicated adhesive that is applied to the skin and allows a specific dosage of medication to enter the blood stream through the skin providing a slow, controlled release hence patches generally tend to last for a period of 3 days.

Although enlargement patches don't get absorbed in the digestive tract, their effectiveness can be hindered as skin is a rather effective barrier hence some will find penile enlargement patches more effective than others.

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ProEnhance Product BoxProEnhance has an identical formula to Vimax Patch – a natural blend of 6 ingredients which allow the ability to increase blood flow whilst also resulting in improved fertility, erection strength and stamina.

With its identical ingredients lists there are a number of key reasons why ProEnhance has the edge over Vimax Patch.

  • Identical ingredients to Vimax Patch
  • Professional website with attractive bonuses
  • 10 patches per months supply
  • Exercise program offered on 2+ month orders
  • Free shipping

Pricing is generally the same however you won't find any nasty shipping costs applied at check out. Larger orders (2+ months and above) benefit from a number of bonuses which include a rather reasonable Erection System Membership hence securing ProEnhances position as a penis enlargement patch. The inclusion of a full 6 month guarantee (having tried ProEnhance for 3 months) is an additional positive.

ProEnhance Website Screenshot
4 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars

Although it has identical ingredients to Vimax Patch and a similar price, ProEnhance offers consumers a whole lot more and an exercise program that'll help you increase the size of your penis. Ultimately the positives don't see it top our penis patch chart due to rather out dated ingredients.

Vimax Patch

Vimax Patch Product BoxWith a clean white and highly clinical product box, Vimax Patch has a very medical feel. Offering a 10 patch, 1 month supply, Vimax Patch contains 6 key ingredients which, with the advent of MaxiPatch now feel rather old and dated.

Despite the ingredients the patch works rather well allowing you to increase erection strength, improve virility and produce greater volumes of semen.

  • Same ingredients as ProEnhance
  • Limited, own brand penis exercise program
  • Expensive shipping cost
  • Only 2 months money back guarantee
  • 10 patches per months supply

With the help of the in house penis exercise program (and the combined pills to increase blood flow) Vimax Patch provides the ability to increase penis length by 3-4 inches whilst averaging a 25% increase in girth.

Vimax Patch Website Screenshot
3 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars

Unfortunately Vimax Patch only offers a rather limiting 2 month money back guarantee and isn't very competitively priced once you've added in the rather expensive shipping costs. Ultimately there are better value penis enlargement patches available.


Optipatch Product BoxOptipatch has been around for a number of years and appeals specifically towards those looking for enhancement rather than enlargement. Unfortunately Optipatch still pitches itself as an enlargement patch despite the fact that no penis exercise program is provided whatsoever.

  • 90 day refund policy after 60 days usage
  • Expensive shipping
  • Rather old, dated and misleading website
  • Marginally better ingredients than Vimax and Proenhance
  • No exercise program to aid enlargement

With near identical ingredients to both Vimax Patch and ProEnhance (with the addition of Yohimbe), Optipatch simply can't match the likes of MaxiPatch for ingredients or effectiveness however (as already stated) the blend of ingredients can still be highly effective for increasing the flow of blood to the penis, improved virility, erection strength and sexual prowess.

Optipatch Website Screenshot
2 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars

Pricing is similar to the other competitor penis patches however shipping isn't free – a sting of between $10-$50 depending on your location, there are no bonuses or incentives and the returns policy is limited to 90 days (giving you only a realistic 60 days to try the product). With similar pricing yet the lack of an exercise program there are ultimately much better alternatives to choose from.



MaxiPatch Product BoxUnfortunately since writing our initial review MaxiPatch has been discontinued hence is no longer avaliable for purchase.

The new kid on the penis patch enhancement and enlargement block, MaxiPatch offers a fresh, new and unique selection of 4 potent, natural and highly effective ingredients.

Despite being a patch, MaxiPatch specifically positions itself as a penis enlargement patch thanks to the inclusion of the hugely popular penis exercise program – PenisHealth – with every order.

  • Totally unique, highly potent ingredient formula
  • Includes top rated penis exercise program - PenisHealth
  • 10 patches per months supply
  • Free shipping - no hidden costs
  • 6 month money back guarantee

Each MaxiPatch can be worn for a period of 3 days whilst we found the thin, transparent patch material to be near on invisible when applied to the skin. This is very much an apply and forget product so great for those who struggle to remember taking pills (for example).

MaxiPatch Website Screenshot
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With free shipping (another big positive over competitor products), a full 6 month money back guarantee, a huge selection of bonus when ordering larger supplies and unbeatable value for money, MaxiPatch is above and beyond the best penis enlargement patch available. It easily wins our 5 star award!