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Vimax Patch Review     

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Vimax Patch Product BoxThe Vimax patch is pitched very specifically towards the penis enlargement market yet as anyone will know (having done some research) patches along do not increase the size of the penis.

It's therefore a pleasant surprise to see that all orders include access to an online penis enlargement exercise program which provides a good, if rather basic introduction to enlargement exercises – the program is good and will enlarge the penis when paired with the Vimax patch however it not to the standard we've seen from the likes of PenisHealth.

Exercise programs aside, the main focus is on the Vimax patch which has been formulated to increase the size of the penis by up to 3-4 inches in length whilst claiming a 25% increase in girth (the thickness). Other positive side-effects include stronger erections along with more volume of semen produced, improved self-esteem and a rise in sexual desire or libido.

Ingredients wise Vimax patch has been very specific as to the ingredients they have used. There are 6 key ingredients – Ginseng which provides more sexual stimulation and virility, Fo-Ti which is said to increase energy and purify the blood, Gotu Kola and Saw Palmetto to combat impotence (yet causes issues when trying to diagnose prostate cancer), Damiana which has been indicated to improve testosterone levels and reduce anxiety and depression whilst Menthol enhances the patches ability of ingredient absorption.

  • Same ingredients as ProEnhance
  • Limited, own brand penis exercise program
  • Expensive shipping cost
  • Only 2 months money back guarantee
  • 10 patches per months supply

There is nothing majorly wrong with these ingredients (although the use of Saw Palmetto is rather questionable) however it does feel as though Vimax patch is sticking to a rather old formulation – there are no familiar ingredients such as Epimedium which we've come to expect from most enhancement pills and patches whilst there isn't really much emphasis on ingredients specifically used for increased erection strength.

As well as the rather outdated ingredient list, the Vimax patch product box and website feels like it could do with a much needed lick of paint.

The product box feels very plain and clinically (not a bad thing) and the website does contain details of how Vimax patch works and how it compares to other PE products but it just feels rather lacking and uninspiring. The fact that payment is also processed on a 3rd party website really breaks up the flow and consistency of the users online experience.

Time wise Vimax patch indicates that results depend on the length of use. Within 1-4 weeks you'll see an increase in width and longer lasting erections, weeks 4-8 see an increase in length whilst more than 9 weeks continues the length and width growth whilst constantly improving volume, erection strength and libido.

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In terms of price, Vimax patch cost between $59.95 up to $234.95 making it one of the cheapest penis enlargement patches available until you realize you have to pay between $14.95-$23.95 for shipping. As we've stated, for best results you do need to use for prolonged use (a minimum of 2 months realistically) so we'd strongly suggest purchasing a 3-5 month supply.

The big advantage of the 5 month supply is that you get a 1 month free supply and the cost per box drops to $42.99 which equates to a saving of $84.80. Each months supply contains 10 patches – each patch to be used for a period of 3 days.

All orders come with a 2 month money back guarantee policy with all orders shipped in discreet plain boxes. Support and ordering can be made online via the website, over the phone (available 24hrs a day) or by mail order or fax. Notably online checks is only available to USA customers only).

In summary Vimax patch combines an effective patch solution with an exercise program allowing the ability to increase the length and girth of the penis whilst also enhancing sexual strength and performance in the bedroom. Despite is lower price when compared to competitor enlargement patches, Vimax leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Ingredients are notably outdated and the Vimax patch website feels old and outdated and in need of a facelift. For those on a limited budget Vimax patch is a reasonably option however we'd suggest purchasing ProEnhance patch which has identical ingredients but a better exercise program and longer money back guarantee.

Vimax Patch     

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