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Vimax Pills     

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Vimax Pills Product BottleVimax Pills is the only product in this category that has a truly clinical feel thanks to its plain white pharmaceutical style bottle. With a quoted 95% success rate, Vimax pills are pitched as a product that has been in the PE market for more than 10 years and offers male consumers the ability to gain 3-4 inches in length whilst boasting a 25% increase in girth.

Each 1 month bottle supply consists of 30 pills – 1 pill to be taken daily, in the morning with water. For those looking for that extra boost and to further enhance sexual performance an additional pill can be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity however this ultimately means the 1 month supply will last the full duration of the suggested course (hence why we'd suggest purchasing a 3 month supply or greater especially if you have an active sex life).

Of all the penis enlargement pills we've reviewed, Vimax offers the smallest most focused number of ingredients – 10 to be exact – you only take 1 pill per day/serving compared to competitor products which offer a far greater dosage of ingredients.

  • Limited 2 month money back guarantee
  • 95% success rate
  • 10 natural, potent ingredients
  • Only 30 pills per months supply
  • Extra costs for shipping

Of the ten ingredients the familiar Epimedium Sagittatum, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo Biloba, Cuscatae, Hawthorn Berry and Saw Palmetto are present with the addition of Panax Ginseng (or Asian Ginseng which improves fertility and reduces the affects of erectile dysfunction), Inosine Anhydrous (a less known ingredient that supposedly increases oxygen levels in the body), Avena Satira (more accurately the common oat which acts as a mild erection stimulant) and Cayenne Pepper (a spice that kills prostate cancer cells and aids blood circulation).

Vimax pills pricing has recently dropped rather considerable offering a 1 month supply for $59.95 rising to $379.95 for a 12 month/bottle supply which results in a cost per bottle of $31.66.

We definitely think the recent drop in price is a step in the right direction owing to the number of pills per serving, rather outdated and slightly obscure ingredients list as well as the fact that there are a rather limited number of bonuses with your purchase.

That being said there is a rather hefty sting in the tail in the for the shipping fees – standard shipping by United States Postal Service costs an extra $14.95 whilst FedEx is priced at $23.95 making Vimax pills just as expensive as the leading penis enlargement pills.

There is a sweetener though – although no discounts are actively promoted, if you try to leave the payment process you will be given the opportunity to apply a 10% discount on your order. The code for this is current (at time of this review) P264 which can be applied at stage 2 of payment process in the coupon or discount number box.

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All orders of Vimax pills come with a number of sexual focused ebooks as well as a penis enlargement exercise program which will no doubt help you achieve the stated increase in size however is a far jump down in quality from the likes of PenisHealth which is bundled with the MaleExtra penis pill.

Guarantee wise you can return your purchase within a period of 2 months of your purchase which realistically only gives you a little over a month to try, test and return your purchase and only 2 of the returned bottles can be empty. Despite the fees for shipping all orders are shipped Worldwide in plain, discreet boxes to ensure privacy.

The Vimax pills website continues the clinical and pharmaceutical feel of the product bottle with a clean white and blue design. There are details of the ingredients, more than 5 testimonials from real customers, an endorsement from an unknown (but established) doctor and a rather limited frequently asked questions page as well as the usual shipping and guarantee information.

We loved the fact that the website is available in 11 different languages so wherever your from, whatever language you speak you're well catered for. Unfortunately multilingual support does not expand to telephone support. Telephone (toll free) and email support is available and the addition of live chat (with a real person, not a bot) is welcomed however we did find we got disconnected from the chat a number of times during use which was a little frustrating.

In conclusion, despite recently dropping its price, Vimax pills shipping costs make this penis enlargement pill just as expensive as any other! The fact that you get less pills (only 30 per bottle) whilst offering a weaker milligram dosage per serving and a rather limited penis exercise program means that there are much better, more effective penis enlargement pills to choose from.

Given the choice we'd rather spend the same amount of money on a product such as MaleExtra which ultimately offers more of... well everything!

Vimax Pills     

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