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For those who already have the desired length and girth, Volume Pills are the next step towards improving sexual performance in the bedroom. As many will know, if you’re already happy with the size of your penis, a product that increases the amount of semen produced is the next step.

Most Volume Pills not only increase the volume of semen produced but also enhance the strength and duration of erections.

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VolumePills Product BoxOne of the longest and most established brands in the volume pill market, the aptly named VolumePills has stood the test of time providing consumers with a truly effective penile enhancement pill.

With a formulated ingredient list that boasts 13 completely natural and potent ingredients VolumePills has the potential to help you reach a 500% increase in volume whilst enhancing erection strength and virility.

  • Produce up to 500% more semen per orgasm
  • Improve sperm mobility and fertility
  • Endorsed by medical doctors
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Boost in virility and sexual appetite

Due to the established age of VolumePills, customer testimonials are a plenty and with the recent introduction of a revamped website with updated content and product information, VolumePills proves its still a volume pill that can help you achieve some fantastic results.

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5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars

VolumePills isn't the cheapest pill in this category but thanks to its ingredients and excellent reputation, it clearly stands out as one of the best volume pills available. An absolute must buy if you feel Performer5 isn't for you!


Performer5 Product BoxThe newest kid on the block where volume pills are concerned, Performer5 entered the market at the beginning of 2010 offering the first and only volume pill to contain Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid) – a very expensive ingredient known as 'natures natural Viagra.

  • Increase semen volume – up to 5 times more per ejaculation
  • Strong ejaculations with more power
  • Natural, potent yet proven ingredients
  • Dual combination system – includes Vit5
  • Achieve stronger erections

With a pure and natural combination of ingredients offering 1500mg dosage per serving leads the way both in terms of quality and quantity of ingredients which also pitching itself as a dual penile enhancement system due to the inclusion of a separate vitamin supplement called Vit5.

Performer5 Website Screenshot
4 Stars 5 Stars 3 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars

This isn't the cheapest of volume pills by a long shot however with a 180 day risk free money back guarantee, numerous discounts and bonuses on larger orders, a 5% off discount code available and glowing testimonials and an impressive ingredients list, Performer5 is one of those products that proves that you get what you pay for.


Semenax Product BottleTopping the chart for most ingredients (18 to be exact), Semenax offers all the usual suspects you'd expect to find in a volume pill as well as some additions including Swedish Flower, Lysine and Sarsaparilla – ingredients that focus on virility and infertility issues.

Its clear to see that Semenax is a lot more than just a volume pill and has the potential to actively increase fertility as well as prostate health. Unfortunately due to the number of ingredients the potency and focus of ingredients isn't quite so strong – you can only fit so much into a single tablet!

  • Great for virility and infertility problems
  • Better priced than the top rated volume pill brands
  • Increase volume by up to 500%
  • Free shipping on available on 3+ month orders
  • Disappointment payment process

Customers benefit from cheaper pricing overall and a number of discounts and bonuses on large orders however these are annoyingly offset by shipping fees – a hidden cost that will put some potential customers off from buying. Although the website is modern and informative payment processing is taken offsite (via a 3rd party processor) making the site experience less than fluid.

Semenax Website Screenshot
3 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars

There's no doubt Semenax has the ability to increase the volume of semen produced however there are slightly better quality products available that target volume more specifically – that being said, if you also want to remedy potency and general penile health, Semenax is a good all round product that'll produce effective results.


Semen RX Product BottleOf all the volume pills SemenRX comes across the as the most dated – offering a website that is rather lacking in the looks and payment department. SemenRX is one of the lower priced volume pills available however the potency and ingredients used are rather behind the times.

Despite highlighting the use of natural ingredients SemenRX does specifically highlight expected side effects – we accept that for some any type of pill has the potential to cause side effects however stating them as expected when taking this volume pill is rather off putting.

  • Amateurish website
  • Very low pricing
  • Numerous side effects stated
  • Outdated ingredients but still effective
  • Disappointing payment process

Some of the key and potent ingredients are present so SemenRX does has the potential to increase your semen volume and with lower pricing and a 1560mg dose per serving does mean SemenRX does still pack a punch.

Semen RX Website Screenshot
3 Stars 1 Stars 5 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars

For the money SemenRX offers a cost effective volume pill and can also boost your libido and increase sperm count however its ingredient list is rather outdated and the potential side effects stated mean there are better volume pill alternatives available.


Virilix Product BottleWith an endorsement from one of the adult entertainment industries most recognized faces (Peter North), Vilirix is an established volume pill that has been around since 2004.

With the inclusion of Zinc, L-Arginine and Epimedium, Virilix offers a similar ingredient list compared to other top volume pills however lacks an ingredient update – a number of which have now been super seeded by more powerful alternatives.

The lack of real customer reviews on the rather new and updated Vilirix website is a rather big let down – for many, a likely paid endorsement by Peter North isn't enough to give this product the edge.

  • Endorsed by Peter North
  • Misleading free trail with auto bill
  • Good quality ingredients and potency
  • No customer testimonials
  • Competitively priced

Despite this Virilix is rather well priced however does offer a rather misleading free trial which will sign you up to a number of monthly paid services if you fail to cancel your order.

Virlix Website Screenshot
4 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars

On paper Virilix looks like a great product and offsite customer testimonials by real customer reflect the effectiveness of this volume pill however unless your purchasing a set 2 months supply and un tick the VDP option you could be in for a nasty suprise when your credit card statement arrives!