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Latest Knowledge

The knowledge category provides a lot of indepth analysis of topics relating to men’s sexual health and well being. We’ve got articles covering yoga for erectile dysfunction, the importance of testosterone and whether coconut oil can increase penis size (to name just a few) so chances are you’ll find some great content here to expand your knowledge of your body and (importantly) your penis.

How Long Does a Penile Injection Last?

How Long Does a Penile Injection Last

If you’re considering the use of penile injections to solve your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, this guide everything you need to know (including the dangers and negatives) before you start injecting your prick!


For further insightful articles make sure you have a look of the knowledge category page where I routinely publish more useful topics so you can better understand your body and penis.

Latest Guides

Ever wondered how to manscape your down belows? Want to know what to consider when buying a penis pump or male enhancement pill? Need to know step by step how to use a penis extender? No problem – we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our latest published guides below or head on over to our Guides section.

Steroid Cream for Philmosis (Featured Image)

How To Apply Steroid Cream for Phimosis (Easy Guide)

In this article I cover the topic of Phimosis – a medical condition that can affect uncircumcised males of any age. Although sometimes surgery is required to resolve Phimosis, in this easy guide I’ll cover how to apply steroid cream to help resolve your Phimosis.


Want more? Head on over to our guides category page for even more step by step insights.

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The Jelqing Academy is a new, revolutionary, hands on approach to increasing the size and performance of your penis.

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Latest Product Reviews

I’m constantly reviewing and assessing numerous products that improve and enhance your manhood. Take a look at my 3 more recent product reviews below, or alternatively head on over to the product reviews page where you’ll find categories covering everything from pumps and extenders to pills, patches, creams, gels and sprays.

Male Edge Featured Image

Male Edge Review

With its vibrant colours and unique plastic design, Male Edge is both eye catching and light weight offering something slightly different to the usual, heavier, metal and plastic traction devices. Find out how I got on with this Male Edge device and whether it’s really worth buying.

bathmate control featured

Bathmate Control Review

Ever wanted to last longer during sex or perhaps you're battling the symptoms of premature ejaculation? Find out if Bathmate Control helped me delay my orgasms!

ProSolution Gel Featured Image

ProSolution Gel Review

ProSolution Gel is a topical performance enhancer that when massaged into the penis, claims to offer a fast and effective solution for those with sexual and erection performance concerns. Find out how it fared in my testing!


Want more? Head on over to our product category page for even more product reviews.