I am but one man, and to be perfectly honest, i don’t know everything!

To help the Penis Enlargement Resource website grow and to provide an extra level of knowledge to our content, we have a number of medical experts who provide insight and input on existing and new articles we publish.

Find out more about the team behind Penis Enlargement Resource and the level of expertise we have on offer!

Chris Sabian

I’m  the guy behind the Penis Enlargement Resource website – a website i started way back in 2003, more than 16 years ago!

As well as running this website I also have a wealth of knowledge working for clients on products within the health niche – everything from weight loss, to penis enlargement and enhancement.

I’ve seen the good and the bad of the consumer health industry, so I’m perfectly placed to dispel some of the myths and highlight the products and advice that really does work and make a difference!

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Dr Shalaka Samant

Dr Samant is a registered pharmacist with qualifications from the University of Mumbai and University of Illinois (Chicago). She has also worked as a postdoctoral research associate at Yale University.

She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise where product formulations are concerned and how they can interact with your body and offers up some fantastic insights on what to be weary of when trying an over the counter (OTC) product.

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