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Thinking about buying a penis pump? This guide will tell you everything you need to consider before splashing the cash – what type of penis pump to buy, how much they cost and those that I would (and ultimately wouldn’t) recommend purchasing.

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calendarIcon Last updated 6 July, 2023

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that all penis pumps were created equal – there is no definitive way to pick just one vacuum device and award it a gold star for being the best penis pump in existence!

If you’ve searched online, you’re no doubt aware that there is a huge and varied variety of devices on the market and the pump best suited to you will depend on a variety of different factors.

In this article I’m going to help you understand what you need to consider before you buy a penis pump, and then help you decide which penis pump best suits your needs and criteria.

If you don’t want to read my thought process behind choosing a penis pump, then click the following link to take you to my list of best penis pumps worth buying, whilst my pricing and where to buy table will help you find the best price online based on your specific location, for each penis pump in this roundup (yes, I’ve literally done all the hard work for you).

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Letter W IconWhy Buy a Penis Pump?

Question Mark IconIf you’re looking to buy a penis pump, chances are there is a specific reason!

Understanding that reason will ultimately guide and help you determine exactly what type of vacuum constriction device (VCD) is best for you.

Many men aren’t happy with the size of their penis and although traction devices and jelqing exercises can all increase the size and performance of the penis, penis pumps can be just as effective and in my view, more comfortable and require less duration of use.

Penis Enlargement

Although the medical community has long been reluctant to definitively agree that a penis pump can lead to permanent increases in both length and girth, there are numerous online forums and message boards highlighting the benefits of using a penis pump to increase erect size – a viewpoint that i completely agree with!

Erectile Dysfunction

Vacuum constriction devices have long been a recommended and suggested treatment option by Doctors and clinical experts for the resolution of erectile dysfunction.

More modern treatment options for impotence such as GAINSWaveexternal link icon and P-Shotexternal link icon provide a good starting point for resolving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction directly however a penis pump when combined as part of a treatment plan or simply used independent, has long been shown to help resolve arousal problems.

Peyronie’s Disease

Curvature of the penis (regardless of its cause) can be an uncomfortable and painful condition to live with. Whilst penile surgery can be expensive and painful, traction devices are in most cases the most effective solution to resolving curvature of the penis or Peyronies Disease.

That said, the same benefits and results can potentially be achieved using a penis pump due to the vacuum of pressure causing the buildup of plaque in the penile tissue (which causes the curvature) to be reduced. The effectiveness of this sort of treatment has been highlighted in numerous medical studies including this studyexternal link icon which looks at the role of vacuum pump therapy to mechanically straighten the penis in Peyronie’s Disease.

A recent study has illustrated that regular use of a vacuum device can significantly reduce both the pain and curvature of this condition.

Bedroom/Private Fun

A lot of men buy a penis pump not because they specifically want to make themselves bigger or help them gain an erection, but more as a bit of fun.

Whether you’re going it alone or wanting to spice up your bedroom performance, a penis pump can be a fun and stimulating sex toy!

Despite using a vacuum device to provide a little added fun, a penis pump will still help to improve your penile health by improving blood flow. Long term you may even keep erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation at bay as our bodies continue to age.

Letter W IconWhat Type of Penis Pump Should I Buy?

Although all penis pumps essentially create a vacuum of pressure inside a cylinder – which is designed to actively draw blood into the penis – there are 3 specific types of penis vacuum pump to consider.

Types of Penis Pump

Manual (Air) Penis Pumps

These type of pumps are as basic as it gets! You place the cylinder of the pump over the penis and then using a handball pump or trigger you pressurize the device to a comfortable level.

Electric (Air) Penis Pumps

Electric penis pumps essentially automate the process for you. Instead of physically squeezing a hand pump or trigger, you have the convenience of pressing a button on the electric pump to increase or release pressure within the cylinder.

Hydro (Water) Penis pumps

At the top end of the budget and offering the best quality, durability and results, a hydro penis pump uses water rather than air for best results.

Thanks to water, the support and pressure over the entire length of the penis is more equal however if you don’t have access to a bath or shower, chances are this sort of device won’t be convenient for you.

Hydro pumps are also generally manual, rather than electric!

Letter H IconHow Much Does a Penis Pump Cost?

Cost of a penis pump can vary considerably and will usually depend on the build quality of the device in question. The type of penis pump – whether it be manual, electric or hydro – will invariably affect the price.

Cheap Penis Pumps

Manual penis pumps are generally the cheapest and this is also usually reflected in the build quality and durability.

Expect to pay between $20-$50; the more you’re willing and able to pay, the better the quality, comfort and durability you should hopefully be able to expect.

Mid-Priced Penis Pumps

If you’re budget can stretch to between $50-$200 or more, this provides you with a wider variety of penis pumps that offer better quality.

In this sort of price bracket you can expect to get a good quality electric penis pump or a low to mid priced (yet still very effective) hydro penis pump.

Expensive Penis Pumps

Pricing on the most expensive pumps comes in around $200-$400 or more however you can expect vastly superior quality, comfort, results and usually a really good money back guarantee period.

The best hydro penis pumps with all the bells and whistles are generally within this price bracket however you will also find a number of “doctor endorsed” erectile dysfunction pumps (that are usually air or electric based) backed by a clinical expert.

These are, quite honestly, rarely any better than the cheap to mid-priced pumps and are simply priced to cash in on the perceived value a doctor endorsement brings to the product.

Letter A IconAre Penis Pumps Dangerous?

Warning IconPenis pumps, like any other male enhancement device or product, all carry with them a certain degree of risk; I think it’s worth specifically highlighting that the mid- to high-priced pumps are not toys and can, in overzealous hands, be quite dangerous and damaging to your penis and health.

VCDs especially, carry a host of potential dangers including poor build quality which can cause breakages and reduce the longevity of the device. I’ve heard numerous stories of men opting for a cheap penis pump, only to have it break or loose suction after a mere 2-3 uses.

As well as the danger of the device breaking (especially whilst in use), damage can occur from both over pumping and removing the pump too quickly which causes a sudden, and drastic change in pressure.

Keeping your device clean is also highly important, so if the device cannot be fully disassembled or appropriately clean, this will reduce its effectiveness but also provide a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

The dangers of penis pumps is a topic that can be discussed at length, so if you’re worried or want to know what not to do when using your chosen vacuum pump, make sure you have a read of my article on the 7 Dangers of Penis Pumps.

Letter T IconThe Best Penis Pumps of 2022

There is a lot to consider before you part with your cash and buy a penis pump – the choice can be truly overwhelming given there are hundreds of different penis pumps on the market.

It has taken me a considerable amount of time and thought to decide for myself, which VCD is the best penis pump for me.

Remember your own personal circumstances, what you want to use the penis pump for as well as the price of the vacuum pump will all need to be factored in to your final decision, so what is right for me, might not fit the bill for you.

What follows is in my view, the top 3 best penis pumps – these are the vacuum pumps I would buy if i had a specific budget to stick to whilst each is effective in its own right!

My list of the top 3 penis pumps conveniently (rather than purposely) also contains one of each type of pump (manual, electric and hydro) whilst also ensuring there is a penis pump for everyone regardless of budget.

In addition to the top 3 penis pumps in my list, there are a further 4 pumps worth considering given your personal circumstances.

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#1 IconBathmate HydroXtreme7 (Best Hydro Penis Pump)

Bathmate HydroXtreme (Best Hydro Penis Pump)

The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 (from the HydroXtreme series) is a premium hydro penis pump. It offers amazing build quality, along with a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind – it also comes in a variety of different sizes dependant on your initial erect length and girth.

With correct and regular use, you have the potential to achieve gains in both length and girth that can become permanent, whilst the use of water and the inclusion of a hand ball pump make this a comfortable and effective device.

Pricing isn’t cheap, ranging from up to – the bigger and thicker your penis, the larger and more expensive the device. That said, despite a bit of a learning curve if you’ve used more traditional air based, manual penis pumps in the past, you’ll instantly see and feel the difference in quality.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme is quite simply, the best of the best – you also get a good selection of accessories including the hand pump, comfort pad and discreet carry case for keeping your Bathmate away from prying eyes.

You can take a look at my full, in-depth Bathmate HydroXtreme review for full details about this product, whilst my article on Which Bathmate Should I Buy? will introduce you to the other models in the Bathmate range and teach you how to properly measure the size of your penis.

Rating (4.5 out of 5)

4.5 Star Rating

Also Available From

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#2 IconFleshPump (Best Electric Penis Pump)

FleshPump (Best Electric Penis Pump)

Fleshlight offer a range of “pleasure products” however many don’t know or realise that Fleshlight also have an amazing electric penis pump call the aptly named FleshPump!

Everything from the packaging to the product itself has been carefully designed and well thought out.

The main cylinder can be detached from the electric pump for easy cleaning, the two donut pump sleeves provide a comfortable pumping experience based on personal preference, whilst I absolutely love the simple, physical buttons for turning the vacuum on/off and releasing pressure.

Offering a maximum insertable length of 8” inches, the FleshPump will be suitable size wise for 90% of men however if you have an exceptionally large girth, you may potentially struggle.

The vacuum of pressure is consistent and strong, whilst the electric pump itself lasted around a month with regular use thanks to the device holding its pressure amazingly well; you can quickly and easily charge the device in around 2 hours using the supplied USB cable or wall plug.

Priced at $120 with discreet shipping and a free bottle of lube (which you will need when inserting your penis due to the design of the pump sleeve), the FleshPump is one of the best electric penis pumps I’ve seen so far, offering a quick, easy pumping experience designed to increase your sexual stamina and help you gain thicker, stronger and firmer erections during arousal.

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

Also Available From

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#3 IconTracey Cox EDGE Pump (Best Budget Penis Pump)

Tracey Cox EDGE Pump (Best Budget Penis Pump)

Coming in at the cheapest price of all pumps I’ve tested and reviewed thus far, the Edge Penis Pump is just one of a number of products endorsed by Tracey Cox – an author and acclaimed sex expert. That said, I don’t really see how that really qualifies her as any sort of expert where penis pumps are concerned – it’s clearly just a marketing gimmick!

The Edge penis pump comes in a notably smaller box than other air pumps in the lineup – this is due to the fact that this is a budget manual air penis pump, hence there are no clever accessories or a bulky electric pump.

The retail packaging is clean, simple, but basic whilst claiming a 30% improvement in erections within 3 months of regular use. The device itself consists of 3 parts which can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.

You get a cylinder made of ABS plastic – it’s durable but does feel rather thin and brittle compared to the more expensive penis pumps; a few accidentally knocks or drops would likely see cracks starting to appear especially once you factor in regular usage and a vacuum of pressure.

The plastic itself is tinted, whilst the Edge logo appears on one side, and a varied measurement scale on the other – it is a little hard to read partly due to manufacturing production quality and the tint colour.

Included is a single, rather basic pump sleeve made of silicone, whilst the hand ball pump despite being a little small is rather easy to compress (compared to the Bathmate Xtreme) and has a sizeable, easy to use pressure release button.

At this price point it’s actually rather good value for money if you’re a little unsure whether or not you want to invest both time and money in a more serious penis pump. It will ultimately give you a taster of what a penis pump has the potential to offer however comfort and durability are ultimately compromised due to this being a budget penis pump.

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

Other Penis Pumps Worth Considering

Which penis pump you choose will depend on your personal circumstances whilst my 3 recommended penis pumps (above) might not be suitable for everyone due to factors such as price, size, quality or method of creating a vacuum.

With this in mind, and having tested numerous vacuum devices, I’ve briefly put together a list that highlights other pumps worth considering based on your personal circumstances and what you want to achieve.

#4 IconBathmate Hydromax7 (Best Budget Hydro Penis Pump)

Bathmate Hydromax7 (Best Budget Hydro Penis Pump)

For those that can’t stretch to the cost of the market leading Bathmate HydroXtreme, the Hydromax series is a great choice, however if that’s still too much for your wallet, the Bathmate Hydro7 (which is rather basic and offers weaker pressure) is a good last resort and is, like the other Bathmate devices, FDA inspected.

The third and best option (in my view) is to spend marginally more and opt for one of the Bathmate Hydromax series pumps – these come in 5 different sizes, with a more powerful pump and a selection of 3 different cylinder colours (clear, blue and red).

You don’t get all the bells and whistles you’ll find on the Bathmate HydroXtreme pumps (I personally think the handball pump is a must have for serious users, albeit a little hard to compress at times) however if you’re happy with manual pumping, the Hydromax is (in my view) a great budget hydro penis pump!

If you’re considering the Hydromax7 (or any other sizes in the Hydromax series) make sure you have a read of my full Bathmate Hydromax7 review to find out what this version offers and how it compares.

Rating (4.5 out of 5)

4.5 Star Rating

Also Available From

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#5 IconCalExotics Smart Pump (Alternative Electric Penis Pump)

CalExotics Smart Pump (Alternative Electric Penis Pump)

Weighing in at a rather heavy 634g (verses the FleshPump’s 565g), the CalExotics Optimum Series Automatic Smart Pump has a very unique appearance and shape.

It’s around $30 cheaper than my preferred electric penis pump (the FleshPump by FleshLight) however it does offer a compelling alternative depending on what you’re looking for feature wise when picking an automated vacuum pump device.

This electric penis pump has a very unique bullet shape – on the front you’ll find the CalExotics logo, along with 3 buttons.

An on/off button which can also be held for 3 seconds to lock and unlock the device, a quick release button for reducing pressure, and an exercise mode button which offers 3 varied automated suction patterns with the premise of building up endurance.

Whilst it’s good to see the exercise modes (which the FleshPump lacks), the buttons themselves are rather small and despite giving a slight clicking sound when pressed, I do personally prefer the larger, tactile buttons on the FleshPump. The motor of the CalExotics model has a slightly louder and higher pitch so it’s not quite as discrete by comparison.

Much like other penis pumps, the cylinder can be removed for easy cleaning and whilst the imprinted measurement scale on the side indicates an approximate length identical to that of the FleshPump, the measurement numbers are rather hard to see, especially at the top end of the cylinder where horizontal black lines make it nigh on impossible to read.

The main difference in the before mentioned weight, comes from the donut pump base – it’s a lot more squidgy providing good comfort however it’s also a lot, lot longer.

The entire pump sleeve is around 5.5″ (inches) in length and protrudes into the cylinder. It feels really rather sticky and it does take a little while to insert into the cylinder however if you have the electric suction running at the same time, it’ll gradually suck the sleeve in.

For some this will provide some interesting added stimulation and more equal support across the entire length of the penis however for those with a little more girth, this could feel a little too tight during pumping, lest we forget for some, the extra 69g weight might prove a little too heavy.

The CalExotics Optium Series Automatic Smart Pump is actually a really good device and worth considering, however despite being a little more expensive and lacking exercise modes and a pump sleeve (although I’m sure you could buy these separately), the # just feels that little bit more premium and easier to use pump wise.

Rating (3 out of 5)

3 Star Rating

Also Available From

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#6 IconPipeDream Pump Worx (Trigger Controlled Penis Pump)

PipeDream Pump Worx (Trigger Controlled Penis Pump)

PipeDream offer a variety of different sex toy products – amongst them the Pump Worx Max-precision Power Pump – an air pump with a hand trigger and analogue pressure gauge.

This is one of more than 25 penis pumps under the PipeDream range however it’s worth noting that these are all white label products so you’ll likely spot exactly the same identical pump elsewhere on the web with different packaging and branding.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m REALLY not a fan of this device however for those that can’t do without a trigger pump which incorporates a half decent pressure gauge, this might be worth considering.

The cylinder accommodates up to a 7 inches (or 18 centimetres) in erect length (with a measurement scale on each side) and like other budget air penis pumps is made of plastic that feels very cheap – it can however be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.

The Pump Worx penis pump comes with a single basic pump sleeve (which feels thinner and cheaper than the Edge penis pump) however does benefit from the inclusion of a small but stretchy restriction ring, and sample tubes of toy cleaner, thickening gel and body lotion.

Connecting the hand trigger to the cylinder is a length of rubber tubing – this is thinner and more flexible than the Edge penis pump by comparison, whilst being twice the length measuring approximately 60cm (that’s a little over 23 inches).

The hand trigger itself is, like the rest of the device is made from cheap plastic, with some poorly finished metal surround and components to the pressure gauge itself.

It creates a good amount of pressure with just 4-5 squeezes however the trigger itself is a little too big even for my average sized hands which does make it a little difficult to hold.

Due to the size and lack of padding on the trigger this can be a little painful on the palm of the hand, whilst although the release trigger allows for gradual, controlled reduction of pressure it’s a little too hard to reach when holding the trigger properly.

If this type of pump trigger and the inclusion of a pressure gauge are top of your priority list, then the Pump Worx Max-precision Power Pump is worth considering however personally, I think you get better quality and comfort with the Edge penis pump, not to mention a slightly larger cylinder and cheaper price.

Rating (1.5 out of 5)

1.5 Star Rating

Also Available From

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#7 IconBasic Penis Pump

Basic Penis Pump (Not Recommended)

For those that simply can’t stretch to the price of the Tracey Cox Edge Ultimate penis pump (which is around $45), there is a white label penis pump which comes in a variety of different colours and offered in two different versions – with and without a textured pump sleeve.

This cheap penis pump is as basic as you can get – yes it can be disassembled for easy cleaning but beyond that, it’s pretty limited.

The cylinder feels brittle due to the low quality plastic, whilst by comparison doesn’t have a measurement scale embossed on the side, and is marginally smaller in both length and girth compared to the Edge penis pump.

The penis pump tube that connects the cylinder to the hand ball pump is very short, and despite being rather flexible doesn’t feel or look much better than a garden hose. The hand pump itself is quite small and is slow to reinflate although it does sport some texturing to make it a little easier to grip.

Hard to remove and indeed reinsert into the cylinder, the textured pump sleeve is thin and will provide very limited comfort.

When testing it I also found that not only was it rather firm and uncomfortable, but it was quite hard work to get any level of decent pressure. Putting the pump sleeve back in after removal was also nigh on impossible!

You could consider getting a universal replacement pump sleeve for added comfort and suction however if you’re planning on going down that route, you’d be best off simply buying a better quality, higher priced penis pump from the very beginning.

It’s an entry level penis pump, more akin to those wanting a bit of bedroom fun, but really, when it boils down to it, not suitable for regular, routine pumping sessions. It’s just too basic and the low price point of this penis pump really does reflect in the lacking quality.

If anything (despite some half decent reviews from novice users), it’s a good example of what not to buy if you’re looking for a penis pump that can make you bigger, harder and overcome medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Buyers beware!

Rating (1 out of 5)

1 Star Rating

Also Available From

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Letter P IconPricing & Where to Buy

Buy Now IconAs you’ve no doubt realised by now, I’ve actually got my hands on all the product in my top list of the best penis pumps (unlike a lot of so called “review” sites – the majority of which have never seen the products they’re reviewing, let alone actually got hands on with them).

I’ve also scoured the web to find you the best price online, based on your location and currency. You’ll find each penis pump from my list of the best penis pumps below, along with the type of pump they are (air, electric or water), the price and where best to purchase.

Best Penis Pumps Pricing (English)

Name Type Price Buy
Bathmate HydroXtreme Water to Click Here
FleshPump by FleshLight Electric $95.96 Click Here
Tracy Cox EDGE Pump Air $35.99 Click Here
Bathmate Hydromax Water £79 to £129 Click Here
CalExotics Smart Pump Electric $99.99 Click Here
PipeDream Pump Worx Air $79.99 Click Here
Basic Penis Pump Air $24.99 Click Here

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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That said however, I have worked for various companies and businesses within the men’s sexual health niche – it’s from these years of experience actually working on a number of different products that i have an absolute wealth of knowledge on what does and doesn’t work.

Yes natural penis enlargement IS possible but the amount of bullshit out there is phenomenal.

In some cases, even doctors don’t know what is truly possible, with many (especially in the US) simply prescribing treatment options that are the most profitable for their clinics!

The number of times I’ve seen adverts online for this miracle cure for erectile dysfunction, or a product claiming to give you 3 more inches in less than a month really does play in to the unrealistic and misguided view point of so many and that is why i created Penis Enlargement Resource – to stop the scare mongering and provide a completely unbiased view point on every product that passes my desk.

Yes! Every product i review i actually have possession of – i’m not simply writing reviews based on other generic online content, so if your reading a review and can’t see any unique photos or videos, chances are it’s just an affiliate marketer trying to make a quick buck off your insecurities.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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Questions & Comments

What Do You Think?

Have you tried one of the penis pumps listed above? If so, let us know how you got on (good or bad) via the comments section below, and ultimately whether or not you’d recommend it to our visitors.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a suggestion or a recommendation on a penis pump I’ve not tested or reviewed, let me know and I’ll be sure to take a look and, if suitable, add it to my list of best penis pumps to consider!

6 Replies to “Best Penis Pumps”

  1. The Flesh Pump is great, great recommendation. It’s the only pump I have tried out of many that has a great seal and doesn’t suck in my balls!

  2. Personally, I am a fan of LeLuv pumps because they are not that expensive and you can get different size cylinders for decently cheap. With multiple size cylinders you can do stage pumping where you fill one tube and move on to the next. For LeLuv pumps you buy the gauge for the pump and its pretty safe as long as you take breaks around every 15 minutes and lube up.

  3. Well where to start… I have been pumping I would have to say, for the past 29 years – since I was in my mid teens. I’ve used every pump out there except for the Bathmate and I will say that between the Fleshlight and the CalExotics pumps, it’s a tough decision to make. I know on several occasions in the past 2 years, using both of those products I have had good experiences. I’m talking times when just the girth of my cock head was so enormous, intercourse with my girlfriend was challenging. I stand by those two pumps and I can say, that even the lower end pumps do a good job. My results are based on at least 4 hours pumping each day. Bathmate is in my very near future, with that in mind, any recommendations on which one to get?

    • That sounds like a lot of pumping – 4 hours per day, with presumably no rest days is… a lot. I’m quite surprised you’ve not experienced any psychological or physical erectile dysfunction as a result. In terms of the Bathmate devices, they all use water so this means a lot better support of the penis, whilst the pressure on the penis is considerably more equally (hence reducing the occurrences of the girth issue that you mentioned in your original comment). In terms of the Bathmate version, given your seemingly accustomed to using pumps over the years, I’d recommend one of the Bathmate HydroXtreme versions if you’re budget can stretch to it.

  4. Hello,

    I bought the Bathmate HydroXtreme and read all the instructions and watched numerous videos, but was unable to get a vacuum on the device. If someone is paying 300 USD one expects a certain ease-of-use and increased functionality to come along with the product.

    I even shaved my hairs hoping to provide a better seal, but that did not also work. I cannot recommend this product to anybody, and if I could take this product back and get a refund, I would. What a waste of 500 USD.

    Cannot recommend.

    • Hey Mikel – lack of suction/vacuum or the ability to get a comfortable, effective fit using the Bathmate usually comes down to a number of elements. Firstly pubic hair which can create little air pockets under the edge of the bellow of the pump (which is why there is the recommendation to trim back or remove pubic hair when using the device), however it sounds like you’ve already got that covered. Secondly is positioning the pump properly – everyone has a slightly different body, and slightly different contours. The bellow is quite flexible due to the materials used however what you need to do is is gradually rotate the device until you find the right positioning. I’d go as far as to say this is more important in getting good results than the reduction of pubic hair. You’ll also find that you can turn/rotate the pump cylinder, this way you can still see the measurement scale when using the device. Notably I’ve found using a little Vaseline or lubricant on the bottom of the bellow can be useful – it helps improve the seal but also allows you to more easily rotate the device to find that illusive sweet spot! Thirdly ensure the valve at the end of the device (using the pip) is closed, if it’s open then you’ll obviously struggle achieve suction. Finally Bathmate comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you purchased from the official website, you can obviously return your pump and get a refund. I’m not really sure where the reference of $500 comes from, given you said you paid $300 which is presumably for the HydroXtreme7 model. Feel free to give the above a go and comment back with your results.

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