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Cheap Penis Enlargement

Cheap Penis Enlargement

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We haven’t all got mountains of cash, so those of us that have a rather limited budget, this article covers all you need to know about achieving a bigger penis but on a budget.

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So you’ve come to the decision that you want to enlarge the size of your penis.

For many of us, undergoing the process of penis enlargement comes as a result of a load of research – something any web savvy user will do. For me, Google is my go-to search engine so when I’m looking for information, or looking to buy a product (and this is for any product, not just those that are “penis” related), I’m always going to take my time to understand how the product works and to ensure I get the best possible deal I can based on what I’m looking to achieve.

If I can save some money along the way, if I can get free shipping, if I can get a better deal or a better warranty from buying from a specific store, you can bet I’ll find a way to save even a little bit of money so I get the best offer or price.

There’s nothing better than that nice warm feeling when you’re saving money.

Of course if you hadn’t already realised, the world of penis enlargement offers a wide range of methods and products to enlarge and enhance the size of your penis. With this variety comes a massive range of different prices – there are options you can take where the only cost is your valuable time, whilst at the other end of the scale you can pay $400 to $500 for a penis enlargement device, and beyond that literally thousands of dollars on penile enlargement surgery if you were to opt to go under the knife.

Of course price for many is a key consideration where enlarging the penis is concerned. It might be that you’re very new to the world of penis enlargement so you’re sceptical about the results that can actually be achieved or it might simply be that you’re on a very strict budget and simply haven’t got a large disposable income.

Whatever your circumstances our ultimate guide to cheap penis enlargement means you can start enlarging your penis on a budget.

Letter M IconManscaping Your Downstairs

Ok, so this one is a little bit of a misleading approach to actually physically increasing the size of your penis however by undertaking some clever “manscaping” you can “visually” increase the perception that you’ve got a bigger penis.

If you’ve got a lot of pubic hair, nothing can give a better perceived size increase in a matter of minutes than trimming or even completely shaving your nether regions. Depending on how much pubic hair you start out with you, can potentially achieve a visual increase in size of up to one inch.

If you plan to go the whole way and completely shave “down there” then make sure that you use a quality razor with as many blades as possible as this will vastly reduce the number of strokes required to remove hair.

When completely shaving around the penis it’s also worth considering shaving your testicles as well – simply from an aesthetic point of view it will look rather strange if you’re completely shaved around your penis but you still have hairy testicles (although i’m sure some people have a weird and wonderful fetish for such things).

Manscaping Your Downstairs

From experience I’ve found that using soap rather than shaving foam makes shaving considerably easier especially when shaving your balls – this way you have a much clearer view of exactly what you’re shaving.

If you do go down the shaving your balls route, make sure your testicles are nicely hydrated by soaking them in water (in the bath for example) or just before you finish having a shower.

Although I’ve not done it specifically, there are recommendations that you also splash cold water on your testicles before you shave so as to reduce the surface area of your testicles hence making shaving quicker and easier (given cold water will naturally decrease the size of your testicles).

I’ve honestly never needed to do this not because of the size of my testicles but more the fact that they seem to get quite a bit smaller perhaps out of fear when the razor appears so ultimately it comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Once you’ve applied a good amount of soap to the area you’re going to shave, gently and slowly pull the skin so it is taught. Using the razor work in an up and down motion over a small area of skin.

Keep the razor in contact with your skin and slowly and gently move it up and down over the specific area your shaving (don’t just work in a downward motion) whilst also going in the direction of hair growth.

This video below is the perfect technique for shaving your testicles and exactly how I do it using a 4 bladed Gillette Fusion Razor (like this one from Amazonexternal link icon) – you can clearly see what I mean about having a very up and down motion when shaving. Notably the razor version I have also vibrates slightly which I do find does help to remove hair more effectively.

Video IconScrotal Shaving Technique

Watch Time Icon5 minutes, 49 seconds

Chapter IconMouse over or tap the video to see and jump to the chapters

Once you’ve finished shaving whether or not you do decide to include removing hair from your testicles as well, always make sure you use a moisturiser or some form of after shaving cream to ensure you don’t suffer from shaving rash.

Personally I don’t use anything specific brand wise, I literally apply rather liberally two or three lots of E45 cream [linkexternal link icon]. It’s really cheap and although it does make your testicles feel rather warm when you first apply it, it’s seriously helps to provide a decent level of aftercare ensuring your skin remains healthy and hydrated.

Finally beyond the visual side or removing hair, you’re also going to benefit from improved hygiene which can only ever be a good thing especially when that special person in your life is about to get down on their knees for you – you know what I’m talking about!!!

Letter F IconFoods & Nutrients

First let’s dispel the myth – like the misleading claims of many penis enlargement pills, simply consuming specific foods or nutrients won’t directly increase the size of your penis. It’s simply not biologically possible.

Yes you can combine the use of penile exercisesexternal link icon, penis pumps and penile extenders with specific foods and nutrients to speed up and enhance the results you get but unless you take a physical approach to enlarging your penis (as we’ll explain in the below sections) simply eating specific foods or taking pills will essentially have zero positive impact on increasing the size of your penis.

With all that said however, by eating better, by losing weight and by eating foods with specific nutrients, you can increase blood flow to the penis, strengthen your pelvic muscles, increase and improve libido and even increase the strength of your erections which for some could mean achieving a harder fuller erection resulting in a marginal increase in both length and girth.

If you don’t feel you’re able to achieve a full erection perhaps as a result of erectile dysfunction or some other underlying condition, think of the potential difference having a full erection with bring and how different that would look and feel for both you and a respected partner.

Food & Nutrition for Penis Enlargement

As a few examples dark chocolate, bananas, salmon and onions are all specific foods that are shown to improve blood circulation in the body. By improving blood flow throughout your body but also specifically to the penis, you’ll be able to ward off symptoms such as erectile dysfunction which in turn will allow you to achieve faster and harder erections.

When we talk about the process of natural penis enlargement, whether it jelqing or using a physical device, all of these principles are based on increasing blood flow to the penis. By taking steps to increase and improve blood flow in your body rather than relying solely on external factors (such as a penis pumping or jelqing), you can achieve much better, faster results.

Beyond specific foods, nutrients and specific vitamins again although not helping directly with penis enlargement, can help you ward off infections, give you better recovery speeds following penile exercises whilst maintaining and improving sexual function.

If you’re not already eating a balanced healthy diet, foods with nutrients such as Vitamin A, B5, C and D will only ever have a positive impact not only on your body overall but also in relation to your penis specifically.

Letter F IconFree Jelqing Exercises

Beyond manscaping and looking at your food and nutrition, along with maintaining a healthy weight which let’s be honest can only be a good thing, these aspects of self improvement won’t give you any ample size increase (well nothing worth even attempting to measure) – you literally need to get physical and hands on if you ever want to achieve any kind of real results.

That leads quite nicely into the first properly proactive approach to penis enlargement which is the concept of using your hands to perform penile exercises – also known as jelqing or milking the penis – a technique that is believed to originate from ancient Egypt.

So What is Jelqing?

Well without going into any specifics details on how to jelq and the various techniques and exercises that you can actually do (as that is ultimately a completely separate topic that entire books have been written on), the idea behind jelqing is to essentially squeeze and stroke the penis increasing blood flow which in turn leads to gains in both length and girth over a prolonged period of time.

Over the years there have been a number of online courses and digital ebooks that people have recommended and suggested you buy (many purely promoted by overzealous affiliate marketers looking to make a quick buck).

In fact you can even find self published books in digital form on the likes of Amazon which focus primarily on this technique of male enhancement and enlargement.

In recent years a number of new books and online resources have appeared that cover specifically, the topic of jelqing and what exercises you need to undertake in order to see results. Although there aren’t that many options out there (although there are a lot of very old, outdated content out there), my recommendation is the Jelqing Academyexternal link icon. An online membership site that takes you step by step through over 30 jelqing exercises, whilst also helping you keep track of your progress and results via their custom built diary function.

Side Jelq - Free Jelqing Exercises

It’s also worth bearing in mind that although there are thousands of of penile exercise videos on YouTube, and that these are insightful and do actually have the potential to work, the videos are in many cases not based on the expertise of medical professionals (hence the techniques could potentially be damaging) whilst many will be using said content as a precursor to encourage you to then go and buy a more in depth jelqing product or system.

These videos essentially have an ulterior motive; providing free content with the aim of enticing you to open your wallet and part with your money.

The likes of Wikipedia [linkexternal link icon]seem to indicate that jelqing exercises simply don’t work and that it’s just a big made up myth, however given the number of men talking positively about penile exercises on penis enlargement forums and other question based websites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, it’s clear to see that with enough dedication and effort jelqing really can offer positive, size improving results; that or the entire process of jelqing is just one big global conspiracy – I think not.

My personal take-away on the topic is that by jelqing in isolation (as in not combining penis exercises with a physical product), can truly have a real impact on helping you gain a bigger penis (albeit at a slower speed when compared to pumps and traction devices or combining one of the two with jelqing exercises).

Regardless of timescales though the big positive is this is essentially a free (or generally low cost) means to increasing the size of your penis, something that’s within anybody’s and everyone’s budget.

The only investment that you need to have is “time” and that is ultimately the mentality you should have where any form of natural penis enlargement is concerned.

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Letter C IconCheap Penis Pumps

We’re now getting into the realm of actually spending some cash. There are a wide number and variety of penis pumps on the market however my recommendation would be to ensure you’re very, very selective about what you actually purchase.

As I’ve already explained in my article on the dangers of penis pumps, you can buy such a device for a pretty meagre amount from a reputable online sex toy website however the quality of these products and the potential results you can actually achieve is quite simply only ever going to be average at best.

A cheap penis pump by association will use cheap materials and for those of you looking for a serious approach to increasing the size of your penis, probably won’t stand the test of time.

Such a device might be able to provide some temporary gains as a bit of a novelty product however simply won’t offer the results or comfort associated with a higher quality more expensive hydro pump offered by well known brands such as Bathmate.

That said, my article on the best penis pumps to buy covers a variety of factors to consider before splashing your cash. Regardless of your budget there are a great selection of penis pumps on the market to choose from, and at least one will no doubt fit the features and price point you’re looking for.

If you’re simply looking for temporary gains which generally give you a girth increase rather than a length increase in size, then the occasional usage of a cheap air based penis pump could provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Cheap Penis Pumps

By using such a cheap device for 20 to 30 minutes you can temporarily achieve a visual increase in size which can last anywhere up to an hour – potentially long enough if you’re looking to get busy between the sheets – however feasibly unless you invest in a quality higher priced product, you’re likely going to struggle with the results.

It’s also worth considering the facts that cheaper pumps are more prone to breaking and due to the inability to be disassembled often can’t be properly or effectively cleaned potentially resulting in health implications from bacteria and germs.

If a penis pump is really your preferred method of enlarging your penis, rather than scrimping on the cheap, breakable pumps I’d recommend seeing if your budget can stretch to the Bathmate Hercules (now called the Bathmate Hydro7) which is the most established and reputable water based penis pump on the market – the most basic and cheapest of hydro penis pumps that is priced around .

Be warned however that if you do opt for a Bathmate there are numerous “fake” products on the likes of eBay so if you see a price that is too good to be true, it probably is – always make sure you purchased from an authorised reseller of authentic Bathmate products just to be on the safe side.

You don’t want to be buying a knockoff product which are generally dangers and susceptible to breaking.

Letter B IconBudget Penis Stretchers & Extenders

Like penis pumps, where penis stretches are concerned (or penis traction devices as they are also known) the more you pay, the better quality you ultimately get.

Unlike penis pumps which you’d generally use for between 20 to 30 minutes once a day, a penis stretcher has to be worn for literally hours every day – on average we’re talking 6 to 8 hours every day!!!

As I’m sure you can appreciate, if you scrimp on price and opted for a really cheap penis stretcher, that lower price is going to come at the cost of quality.

Again like penis pumps, there are really cheap penis extenders on the market however there is (as far as I’m aware) no budget extender that slips under the 3 digit price point. As a couple of examples the cheapest SizeGenetics comes in at , the ProExtender at and the Quick Extender Pro at .

In the world of penis extenders, there are three core penis stretcher brands on the market which are worth considering however only one of these brands has had the foresight to corner the sub $80 market (and that at time of writing this article was only available as part of their 14 year anniversary sale).

Cheap Penis Extenders

SizeGenetics is one of the most established penis extender products on the market however quite honestly, based on value for money, despite having excellent build quality, it did achieve a rather average score of 3.5 out of 5 when assessing it for my SizeGenetics review.

At for their cheapest SizeGenetics version – the value edition – it quite simply isn’t the cheapest on the market and in recent years has slipped behind the likes of ProExtender and Quick Extender Pro.

This is supposed to be the ultimate guide to cheap penis enlargement however that’s about as low as the pricing goes on traction devices of this kind (unless you want to take a risk or opt for a device that isn’t FDA cleared.

As with cheap penis pumps, you can no doubt find knock off, counterfeit versions however as we already know, the quality and durability of these shoddy copies will likely be highly questionable.

Letter S IconSo in Summary…

For those of you on a budget or in fact for those of you that don’t have a budget at all (and by that I mean no money rather than a money is no object mentality), there are some cash friendly, effective and importantly safe ways you can increase the size of your penis within a constrained or non-existent budget.

For those of you who have got this far and are thinking why I haven’t discussed penis pills or penile injections or other methods of potentially possible penis enlargement, the answer is yes some of these methods and products can work for penis enlargement but they don’t offer a permanent solution to the problem and they definitely don’t fit into our “cheap” segmentation of possible solutions to getting a bigger penis.

Where pills, injections, erection gels and the like are concerned, these can enhance your sexual performance however more often than not will only provide you with temporary gains not to mention ultimately not fitting into what I’d deem and categorise as being a “cheap” or “budget” option to increasing the size of your penis. These sort of products need to be taken consistently to maintain results and when you stop taking them, the results stop to!

So there it is – the ultimate guide to cheap penis enlargement. Have you tried any of the above approaches to cheap penis enlargement? How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below…

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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