How To Make Your Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

Make Your Penis Bigger (Featured Image)

How To Make Your Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

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Surgery is not the only option – in this article I cover some of the ways you can increase the length and girth of your penis, using entirely natural methods.

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Last updated Last updated 13 September, 2022

Make Your Penis Bigger (SummaryImage)

The universal question of ‘Does Size Matter?’ remains ambiguous. Still, men with a below-average penis size can use an extra inch for improved confidence. But can you achieve that naturally without an implant or surgical procedures?

Here are some ways you can make your penis thicker and longer naturally:

  1. Perform manual penis stretching.
  2. Use penile traction devices.
  3. Practice jelqing.

According to studies, 8 out of 10 womenexternal link icon are completely satisfied by their partner’s penis size. So, even though it evidently isn’t that big of a deal, an extra inch wouldn’t hurt. Read on to find out all-natural ways to get there.

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Number 1 IconPerform Manual Penis Stretching

Let’s start with one of the most popular natural exercises for increasing penis length — stretching. You can do it manually, but many effective mechanical devices can also assist. While penis stretching is highly popular, the scientific evidence to support it is pretty limited.

Manual stretching of the penis involves massaging its tissues along the shaft’s length from bottom to top. The intent behind this is to inflict micro-tears into the tissues of the penis muscle.

When that happens to any muscle, the body naturally responds with swelling as the micro-tears heal up. This ‘engorged’ appearance can lead to a slightly longer and thicker penis, but the results aren’t permanent.

Even though penile stretching can only provide a temporary boost in penis length and girth, long-term results may be sustained for as long as you keep up the practice consistently.

Steps To Perform Manual Penis Stretching

Follow these steps to stretch your penis manually:

  1. Stand against a wall or sit on a chair and grip the head of your penis.
  2. Stretch your penis out in the up, right, and left directions for 10 seconds each — alternating between each of them.
  3. Every session should be about 5 minutes.

Number 2 IconUse Penile Traction Devices

The above phenomena can also be achieved through specially designed devices (penis extenders) for penis lengthening.

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of innovation in these devices, with some of them providing better results than manual stretching. Besides increasing penis size and girth, they’ve also played a critical role in naturally treating sexual health disorders like Peyronie’s Diseaseexternal link icon involving an abnormal penile curvature.

One category of these innovations is penile traction devices, which can be set up under your clothes and pull the penis in a straight direction for hours to correct its curvature. Regular use can help treat Peyronie’s Disease, and a fixed curvature automatically adds inches to the penis length.

Another example is a penis pump — a cylindrical-shaped air-filled chamber that gets attached to your pelvic area. It can not only provide an immediate erection (hence why it is a popular treatment for those suffering from erectile dysfunction) but also potentially increase your penis length with long-term use.

Effectiveness of Penile Traction Devices

Penile traction devices have a good track record of showing promise in correcting penile curvature, naturally adding inches to the penis size as it straightens.

  • In one studyexternal link icon with 41 male participants, men wore traction devices regularly every day for 12 weeks. Participants with 6+ hours of daily usage of traction devices had a 38 degrees reduction in curvature on average, resulting in increased penis length. Men with under 4 hours of exposure to the traction devices saw a 20 degrees reduction in curvature on average.
  • Another study was performed on 55 individuals with Peyronie’s disease involving regular use of penile traction devices. With 4.6 hours of daily use, participants experienced a 20 degrees reduction in penile curvature on average. Participants also experienced an increase in flaccid penis length and a decrease in pain associated with penile curvature.

Hence, manual and device-assisted penis stretching has shown positive results in correcting penis curvature, indirectly increasing its length.

Stretching has also shown to be somewhat effective at temporarily increasing penis size through micro-tears and an engorged appearance. A temporary increase in length can be maintained for extended periods as long as you consistently perform stretching exercises.

However, more scientific evidence is needed to support any permanent improvements in penis size.

Safety Tips for Penis Stretching

Before you try stretching for the first time, it’s essential to understand that these exercises involve significant risk — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. After all, the penis is one of your body’s most sensitive areas.

Keep these tips in mind while performing stretching exercises to avoid harm and severe injuries.

  • Don’t perform stretching exercises when you have an active erection. Stretching is meant to be performed on a flaccid penis, regardless of whether you do it manually or with devices.
  • Don’t overdo it. Since the intent behind stretching exercises is inflicting micro-tears to the tissues of your penis, doing it too frequently can be harmful. Limit these exercises to no more than once or twice a day.
  • Stretching isn’t supposed to involve any significant discomfort, so stop immediately if it gets painful at any point. Speak to your doctor about it before continuing the practice.

Number 3 IconPractice Jelqing

Jelqing (aka penile exercises) is another natural method that’s used to add length and girth to the penis. It’s a specific exercise that falls under the broad heading of ‘penis stretching’ and aims explicitly to lengthen and thicken your penis.

There’s not enough scientific evidence to back its effectiveness, but since the basic principles are no different than penis stretching, jelqing might be worth a shot.

As it’s a specialized form of penis stretching, jelqing can also be performed both manually and using stretching devices. According to a 2011 studyexternal link icon, jelqing traction devices could increase penis length by an inch (2.54 cm) in 3 months if men wore them for 9 hours a day.

According to another 2011 reviewexternal link icon of the literature around penile lengthening, devices designed for jelqing could produce penile enlargement results comparable to surgical procedures. The review recommended jelqing as a first-line treatment for penile enlargement.

However, you don’t necessarily need devices to start jelqing. Like any other stretching exercise, jelqing can be performed manually. All you need is some lubricant such as Max Out by Bathmateexternal link icon (lotion, oil, lube, etc.), and you’re set. Here’s how you can perform it manually:

  1. Start with a completely flaccid or semi-erect penis, and apply some lotion, oil, or jelqing lubricant on it.
  2. Form a ring using your thumb and index finger, and grip the base of your penis.
  3. Maintain a firm grip with the ring around the penis base, and hold this stretching position for about half a minute.
  4. From there, start slowly stroking the shaft as you pull your thumb-finger ring outward — maintaining a tight grip all along the shaft of the penis.
  5. Continue this exercise with each stroke from the base to the tip lasting about 2 seconds. It should be a milking motion, applying even pressure throughout the shaft and relieving it close to the tip.
  6. Repeat the procedure for 15-20 minutes. You can also cut the session short if you start to experience pain or discomfort or obtain a complete erection.

The tactic might sound and feel a lot like masturbation, but it’s only a massaging technique. Jelqing can temporarily make the penis appear larger by inflicting micro-tears to the tissues, which become engorged as they heal up.

Jelqing exercises can be performed manually but haven’t shown to be as effective as well-designed jelqing devices. So, if you’ve never tried it before, you can start manually and move on to using jelqing devices for more satisfactory results. One of the best jelqing exercise programs is the Jelqing Academyexternal link icon which has more than 30 different exercises designed to help you not only increase the size of your penis, but also correct curvature, improve blood flow to the penis and even help you last longer.

Jelqing Drawbacks

Like any other penis stretching exercise, jelqing also has its risks and downsides. It might help you get a longer- and thicker-looking penis but beware of the potential drawbacks or risks associated with it.

  • Results aren’t instantaneous. Even with the use of jelqing devices, you’ll need at least 3 to 6 months of consistent jelqing practice to add any considerable length to your penis in its flaccid or erect state. The 2011 study I’ve quoted above found that a whopping 9 hours of daily usage of jelqing devices lead to an inch (2.54 cm) of length increase in 3 months — so it’s definitely a long road.
  • It’s pretty inconvenient. Sure, manual jelqing might not be that much of a hassle, with sessions lasting no longer than 20 minutes. However, you need to wear jelqing devices for hours if you need better results. And well, wearing a device that’s pulling on your penis for 9 hours a day isn’t ideal from a comfort standpoint.
  • With manual stretching, applying too much pressure can lead to bruising or long-term injuries to the penis. In some cases, people have inflicted permanent harm to themselves, with worst-case scenarios leading to irreversible erectile dysfunction.

According to Urologist Dr. Seth Cohenexternal link icon from NYU Langone Health, he’s had patients coming to him with post-jelqing neurological tears or overstretched or torn arteries and veins, which could mean permanent erectile dysfunction. He states that tearing the micro-neurological input isn’t a correctable injury in many cases.

Keeping that in mind, it’s essential to practice all safety tips during your jelqing sessions to make sure you don’t compromise your sexual health by damaging your nerve endings or blood vessels.

Having a fully functional penis is way more important than adding an extra inch or two for aesthetic purposes or a boost in confidence. If you choose to practice jelqing, carry out in-depth research and implement all safety tips from urologists in your jelqing practice, and consult your doctor before trying it out.

Number 4 IconGeneral Tips for Penis Enlargement

So far, I’ve covered primary exercises, including stretching and devices specifically designed to enlarge or thicken the penis. However, there are many other helpful ideas or lifestyle changes that can supplement your penis enlargement efforts. Just like the techniques discussed above, the following tips are also going to be all-natural — so let’s get into it.

Trim the Fat

If you’re a bit overweight, you’re not doing yourself any favors regarding penis size. You might measure the penis by what’s visible, but the actual length of your penis isn’t limited to what you see on the outside. In fact, a thick layer of pubic fat hides the real base of your penis on the inside.

Most people don’t know this, but the length of your penis starts from the pubic bone. The fatter you are, the more of your penis base will be covered. Hence, more and more length of your penis gets hidden away as you get fatter. Scientists refer to this phenomenon as ‘adult acquired buried penisexternal link icon’ — where a certain section of the penis gets buried beneath a layer of fat.

Now, you can’t direct fat loss to a specific part of the body. To trim pubic fat, you’ll have to lead a fitter lifestyle overall and lose the extra weight. As an obese man, your penis is bigger than what you see, and the only way to gain back those extra inches is to get in shape and trim the fat that’s hiding it.

Even though this article is about all-natural solutions for penis enlargement, there’s a surgical procedure worth mentioning here. Research suggestsexternal link icon that surgery can produce faster results in countering adult acquired buried penis by removing the thick pad of pubic fat through liposuction.

That’s the easier route, but it shouldn’t keep you from leading a fitter life overall. Exercising regularly and eating healthy can improve blood circulation throughout the body, which also has a significant impact on improving sexual health. An improved blood flow can also strengthen your erection, which ultimately translates into a longer, thicker penis in its erect state.


You might be unfamiliar with that word, but it just means exercises for your pelvic floor muscles. Kegels are relevant for increasing penis size because your pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in determining the strength of your erections.

Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for pumping blood into the penile cavities, which determines the rigidity of your erection. The more you train these muscles, the better they’ll be at hardening the penis — ultimately leading to a naturally thicker and longer erect penis.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles will lead to healthier erections, which means you’ll have a bigger penis whenever you engage in sexual activities. Sure, Kegels won’t do much for your flaccid length, but penis size mainly only matters in the erect state.

The pelvic floor muscles are the same ones that engage when you’re trying to hold your poop as you rush to a restroom. Hence, the simplest form of Kegel exercises is to pretend like you’re trying to avoid passing gas.

For more knowledge on how to perform Kegel exercises, you can read this Harvard Healthexternal link icon step-by-step guide.

Shave Your Pubic Hair

A few extra centimeters added to the length of your penis will likely have no noticeable difference in the pleasurability of sex for your partner. However, making aesthetic changes can help you become less self-conscious about your penis size — and trimming your pubic hair is a great example.

For men with a smaller or average-sized penis, trimming pubic hair can make your penis appear more prominent, even though it doesn’t have any impact on its physical length. Hair can hide away the base of your penis, and shaving it away will visually help your penis size.

Number 5 IconConclusion

Most women are satisfied with the penis length and sexual performance of their partners, which is shown by the study cited at the beginning of this article. However, it’s true that many men with an average or smaller-sized penis feel self-conscious and anxious about themselves.

As humans, we’re all built differently. However, it’s also great to do what you can to boost your self-confidence.

In this article, I’ve described several ways you can use to extend the length of your penis naturally. However, make sure you consult your doctor before starting to perform or use penis stretching exercises or devices.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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