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In this video we’re very lucky to have Dr John Leonardo from Leonardo Medicine who’s going to be telling us about the Priapus Shot – an injectable treatment option for erectile dysfunction that he offers through his clinic in Ontario, Canada. If you’ve tried a restriction ring, topical treatments, OTC supplements or one of my recommended best penis pumps and you’re not getting the results you need, then the P-Shot is likely the best, next, medical step.

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Letter W IconWhat is the Priapus Shot?

So first off, for those that have never heard of P-Shot can you break it down for us… what exactly is it and what does it actually do?

Hi Chris, thanks for having me! So the Priapus Shot or the P Shot is a registered name and procedure invented by Dr Charles Runels. It is a form of PRP therapyplatelet-rich plasma therapy – which is used to address symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

So we love PRP because platelets are rich in growth factors and other chemical markers that help the body to heal and repair itself. So when we collect these platelets in high concentration – PRP platelet-rich plasma – we can do all sorts of magic throughout the body.

We can use it to treat musculoskeletal injuries, we can regrow hair, and in this application we are rejuvenating the penis increasing a blood supply, leading to firmer, thicker, harder erections.

Letter H IconHow Does the Priapus Shot Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

I’ve got to be quite honest, on face value I thought it was just an injection of a medical formula created in a lab, but there is a little more to it than that isn’t there…?

How exactly does it give men back their erections? Does it improve blood flow, does it improve the size of arteries in the penis? Or is there something else at play here?

So it’s not a chemical formula that is created in a lab we’re actually using your own body’s blood and we’re kind of biohacking.

We are stimulating the body to repair – in this instance we’re talking about the penis so the growth factors are going to rejuvenate the penis.

There are all sorts of other chemical markers that are going to signal the body to create new blood vessels in the area where it was injected and also there are other chemical markers that are going to draw stem cells to the area and stem cells can differentiate into any tissue type.

So we have all this ability to rejuvenate the penis in terms of increasing circulation, regenerating new tissue, all this leading to improved erections that are firmer, larger, thicker.

Letter W IconWhat is Platelet Rich Plasma?

You’ve obviously mentioned the aspect of PRPplatelet-rich plasma – however I’ve noticed that you offer a “Standard” Priapus shot but also a more expensive “Magnum” Priapus shot as well.

Can you tell us the difference between the two versions and why a potential patient would choose one over the other?

I see that the Magnum version requires a larger blood draw… is it simply the case that the Magnum version gives the patient a higher volume of platelet-rich plasma or is there something slightly different with the plasma in the Magnum version?

We offer two different size P Shots – there’s the magnum which is a 60cc blood draw and the standard which is a 30cc blood draw, so you’re getting twice the amount of platelets with the magnum compared to the standard. Dr Runels’ original trademark procedure involved a 60cc blood draw and the magnum is pretty much true to his procedure.

The standard it’s just a budget friendly option, of course you’re going to get much better results with more platelets however there are some guys out there who are performing already very well and they may not need the 60 cc’s they may do just fine with the 30 cc’s.

If you repeat the 30cc twice, you’re going to end up paying more than doing the magnum just once. So most of our patients we advise to do the magnum P Shot however, there are certain instances particularly like with Peyronies, with penile curvature, if there’s just one focal spot that we need to dissolve with the PRP then it would be an appropriate choice particularly if they already have great erectile function and we don’t have to rejuvenate the entire penis in terms of function and we just want to target that plaque.

That’s another thing, PRP is anti-scarring so if you do have Peyronies and have like a painful curvature, then PRP or the P Shot can be used to address that – you may need multiple treatments though because sometimes those plaques can be very persistent.

So that’s pretty much what it is in a nutshell, it’s still going to be a 10cc PRP draw that we’re injecting into the penis however the magnum is derived from 60ccs of blood and the standard just 30ccs.

Letter W IconWho Can Have the Priapus Shot?

In terms of the numbers, it’s estimated that roughly 50% of men over the age of 40 experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction – that percentage increases the older we obviously get.

In terms of your demographic of patients that ask for this procedure, is it generally older men in their 40s and beyond that come to you wanting the shot, or are you seeing a younger generation of men that suffer from impotence?

So in terms of our demographic of patients we typically see a lot of 40 year old, 50 year olds or so however we get the full range.

We get some 20 year olds, we have some in their 70s and I say that the sweet spot of the procedure are for guys between 30 and 60 and the reason being is that when you are 30 you’re a little bit old enough so that there’s actually an organic problem to why you’re having erectile dysfunction.

It could be atherosclerosisexternal link icon, it could be hormonal changes etc however when you’re in your 20s typically you don’t suffer from either of those and there’s a large psychological component in terms of ED (erectile dysfunction) for our 20 year old so i will see the 20 year olds and often i discourage them and i’ll explain to them that you know what i mean i don’t take any satisfaction in taking your money knowing that perhaps we can’t fix what’s not broken.

So if they’re physically intact and everything’s functioning but there’s a mental component then they’re not going to do well with the P Shot however if the P Shot is not going to make or break them in terms of their budget, then i welcome them to go ahead and have the procedure done and sometimes luckily i’m wrong and it actually does benefit them.

On the other scale are elderly – if you’re in your 70s and 80s you’re probably so advanced in your ED that P Shot‘s probably not going to help you.

Again i could be wrong because i’ve had 70 year old patients come in and they had great success, sometimes the results don’t last as long as the younger clients.

Typically guys will do this on an annual basis sometimes maybe every year and a half or so and when the patients come in i have them fill out a SHIM score.

A SHIM questionnaireexternal link iconsexual health inventory for men – and a lot of times even when they come back later their SHIM score is a lot better than their initial presentation before any kind of procedure.

So again 30s to 60s that’s our sweet spot because you’re old enough to have a physical problem but you’re not too old that it becomes a challenge.

Letter C IconCan Younger Men Have the Priapus Shot?

If you are seeing a younger generation of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, do you think that’s purely as a result of younger men being more confident and willing to approach a medical expert such as yourself or more because there are more factors likely causing an increase in arousal problems in the younger generations?

So just a little bit more about the younger demographic of 20 year olds.

You know, they’re more likely to have a psychological ideology in terms of their ED – a lot of times they’re not in stable relationships, they’re dating, they have low self-esteem.

They have performance anxiety and then later on in life they kind of figure things out and those problems just kind of resolve on their own such that you know if the physical component is still intact they’re going to perform well but again i try to discourage them but they’re more than welcome to undergo the procedure.

Letter I IconIs the Priapus Shot Suitable For Me?

So, how do you assess a patient to determine whether the Priapus shot is a suitable treatment option? Is there a specific criteria that a patient needs to meet in order to be considered and are there any factors that could result in your deciding that P-Shot really isn’t suitable or safe for someone?

So during consultation we’ll figure out if P Shot is right for you.

I want you to have realistic expectations when you come to my office. If guys are seeking size and they want to be three inches longer, that’s really not going to happen.

What i’ve come to observe in the time that i’ve been doing this, is that you can expect gains of anywhere from about 10% to 20% in your dimensions.

So if you’re starting off with 5 inches erect, you can expect maybe a half inch or an inch gain in your length. So 3 inches is not going to be possible however if you’re starting with a longer length then your dimensions are going to increase proportionally so you’re probably going to have a better result than someone with a smaller length.

In terms of erectile dysfunction i kind of gauge the severity of the ED – i mentioned the SHIM questionnaire; the sexual health index for men questionnaire – a little bit more in depth about it, there are series of questions (5 questions) kind of peering into your sexual function and you answer on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the best performance, 1 being very poor.

So the best you can get is 25 out of 25, the lowest would be 5 out of 25. So if you’re in the upper category of performance meaning maybe 22 out of 25 and above, you’re already performing very well so that might be a reason to actually use the standard P Shot.

A lot of our guys in the moderate to severe range – moderate being maybe SHIM score of 18 down to about 12 – 12 would be a little bit more severe – they would do well with the magnum P Shot.

For the ones that are very severe they’re scoring 5s, you know just 5 out of 25, answering one for each of those categories, i hate to break to you that this is going to be a challenge and you could do P Shot, you may not have a great result but again if your budget allows for it then you’re welcome to do it and again it may take repeated treatment.

I’ve had guys in the past, one in particular had prostatectomyexternal link icon and ED as a result of that and he hadn’t had an erection for about 5 years and i gave him the same speech that this is going to be a challenge but he really stuck with me and he received several P Shots during the course of maybe 2, 3 years and we have other treatments here available at our clinic and finally i got an email from him saying that you know what, i got my first spontaneous erection for the first time in 5 years, and then a few weeks later he finally had his first climax.

So he was a challenge, he knew that his budget allowed for him to have repeated treatments.

So in terms of what you can expect, it’s not an all or nothing phenomenon. It’s not like a light switch where you’ve got great erections or nothing at all.

Sometimes there’s a gray area in terms of you do experience improvement in your erectile function but maybe you need just a low dose Cialis or so, to really get that rigidity so that you perform a lot better, so there’s a group of guys that respond very well to this, they don’t need anything at all, and then there are other guys that may just need a low-dose medication such that they have great erections but they’re not suffering from all those unwanted side effects like congestion and blurry vision etc.

And then unfortunately there are some guys that just don’t respond to it at all for whatever reason maybe it’s just they don’t respond to PRP because it is biostimulation it’s different for different people, or their medical history just has all sorts of challenges – maybe they’re a long time smoker or they’re diabetics that are poorly controlled.

So this is what you can kind of expect and this is what i gauge during consultation.

Letter P IconPriapus Shot Procedure

Can you talk us through the actual procedure itself then; what actually happens, how long does the process take, is the penis numbed and where exactly are the injection sites on the penis?

Quite honestly as a guy, the idea of having an injection into the penis does make me want to cross my legs as it’s obviously an exceptionally sensitive area for us men!

So in terms of the actual procedure expect a 90-minute visit door-to-door.

This will entail filling out paperwork, deciding consent, we’ll take you to the room, you’re going to change into a gown, i’m going to examine you and then i’m going to size you up for a pump and cylinder, you’re going to be using that 10 minutes, twice a day for a period of about 6 weeks, so i just want to make sure that you know how to use it.

After that we are going to numb the penis – we’re going to apply topical numbing cream, i use lidocaine 30% we’ll put cling wrap on it just so that it remains on the skin and not on your gown or your clothing.

After that we do the blood draw – assuming that you’re an easy stick, we can get the blood easily, then it takes about 30 minutes to process the blood. We added a couple steps just to make sure that we get the best result possible.

So as the blood is processing you’re getting numb, nice and numb. So once we have the PRP we’re going to have about 10 cc’s of PRP and we’re going to inject that into the penis.

Now i have a model here to explain the procedure – there are certain areas where you can inject the penis and other areas where it’s not safe.

So if we take a look at the penis, this is the glands and that ridge is the glands corona. This is the dorsum of the penis – if you look at it in cross section where this is 12 o’clock, this is 6 o’clock, and this would be either 3 or 9 o’clock depending on your perspective, and on this side it would also be either 3 or 9 o’clock depending on your perspective.

The top part here – the dorsum – we do not want to inject there. There are certain structures that we want to avoid – the superficial dorsal vein, deep to that there is the deep dorsal vein, and then also deep there are actually two penile arteries and two dorsal penile nerves and we want to avoid that.

So again looking at the clock we’d avoid this area which would be around the 1 or 11 o’clock positions. So the safe areas to inject would be anywhere from 2 or 10 o’clock, again depending on your perspective, maybe even 3 and 9 o’clock so those are the places that we inject to avoid any kind of trauma to those critical structures now we have 10 ccs of PRP and i divide them into two 5cc syringes.

We use a tiny needle. It’s a 30 gauge, half inch so they don’t make too many needles smaller than this and patients are comfortable during the procedure.

Of a pain score from 0 to 10, most patients report discomfort anywhere from 0, 1 or 2, rarely do we have someone that reports pain of 4 out of 10 or greater – it just doesn’t really happen all that often.

A lot of times it’s just the thought of it actually happening but not really severe pain. Patients keep coming back for this so it’s not terrible.

So the first injection. I just have air in here; the first injection would be at the glands corona – again at the patient’s 2 or 10 o’clock position depending on your perspective.

I inject 2ccs of PRP there leaving me with 3 cc’s in my syringe and i will put half of that dose on each side so then it becomes 1.5 cc’s and we’re going about the distal third of the shaft, on both sides at the 2 or 10 o’clock positions, 1.5cc’s each and then I have one syringe with 5cc’s so i’m going to split that volume between the two sides and this time we’re going about a third of the distance from the base and again at the 2 or 10 o’clock positions depending on your perspective and we hold pressure, make sure that we don’t have too much bleeding. It’s usually just spot bleeding you’re not going to be bleeding 10cc’s of PRP out.

So there are a couple of schools of thought in terms of what happens after you inject so traditionally Dr Runels’ the way that he invented the course and the way he teaches it, immediately after the injections he has a patient use the pump and cylinder and he has it at minus 10 inches of water – that’s the units for this pump and he has a patient pump for about 10 minutes.

During that time the platelets are going to release their contents and it’s going to start to congeal etc so his reasoning is that you want to keep this fluid that we just injected into this vascular structure, we want to keep that within the penis so with the negative pressure of the suction or keeping that within the penis however some providers don’t agree with that because you’ve concentrated the platelets and then all of a sudden you have negative pressure to draw blood into the penis.

Yes you’re keeping the platelets there however they’re getting diluted down. So we’ve had success doing that, there have been providers that injected and don’t do any kind of suctioning or anything.

They’ve had success with that as well so something that i do now which kind of gives you the best of both worlds in that we keep the platelets within the penis but we don’t dilute it out, I use a constriction ring. So before I do the injections I place a constriction ring or this rubber lasso at the base of the penis and then i do my injections and then after the injections i just leave that lasso on for about 10 minutes.

So we are keeping the platelets within the penis and there is no dilution because we’re not using any kind of suction. So i think we’re getting much better results because of that and that’s pretty much the procedure.

In terms of how many treatments you need, typically we’re a one and done treatment we’re using a high quality centrifuge dual spin.

Every clinic out there has a cheap single spin device that just doesn’t concentrate the platelets quite so much like a dual spin. We’re using a 60cc blood draw spinning that down to 10 Some of your single spin devices, it’s a 20cc blood draw spinning it down to 10 or it’s an 8cc tube spinning it down to 4. So they typically have to repeat their treatments they usually advertise a series of 3.

Who wants to get injected down there 3 times within a short period of time, so ours is pretty much one and done i don’t repeat the treatment any sooner than two months because your results are going to take time to mature. Anywhere from 4 weeks maybe is even as late as 12 weeks so i typically don’t repeat it any sooner than two months unless your symptoms are just so severe your SHIM score is about 5 out of 25 the worst possible, or maybe you know 9 or 10 out of 25.

We need to be a little bit more aggressive with those patients so during consultation I’ll tell them that you’re probably going to have to undergo this a couple times before you get the results that you want and then we’ll see what happens with maintenance as soon as you kind of see that the benefits of the procedure are kind of petering off – pun intended – then you can come back.

Letter O IconOther Reasons For Having the Priapus Shot Procedure

I think, as far as I’m aware (however do please correct me if I’m wrong), P-Shot is inherently thought of as a treatment for erectile dysfunction however are there any secondary reasons for having the Priapus shot administered – can for example P-Shot be used for penis enlargement?

So in terms of other indications for the P Shot, we’ve already talked about using it to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, I already touched on size enhancement and originally Dr Runels never wanted us to advertise about size gains and he said that your patients may be disappointed however when I started doing this, am also a pain management physician, and some of my pain patients wanted to have the procedure done and since they are regulars I follow them throughout the course of the year and invariably my patients all gain about 10% to 20% in dimensions in length and also in girth.

As I stated earlier, the more length that you have initially the better you’re going to obtain gains. For example if you have a 5 inch erect penis, 10% would be a half inch, 20% would be an inch, however if you’re starting off with 7 or 8 inches, then you’re going to gain a lot more.

There is pumping involved in terms of exercises with Dr Kaplan’s pump and cylinder. 10 minutes, twice a day, for about a period of 6 weeks and patients will report some improvement without pumping.

Patients who pump without the P-Shot also report size gains but when you do both of them together that’s when you really get a good result however if you’re not pumping then chances are you may not attain those added dimensions.

That’s based on my patients that I followed who did the exercises on a regular basis, so if you’re not doing the exercises, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

In terms of other indications, I touched on this already, but it can also address Peyronies Disease – that’s curvature of the penis – which can be pathological in terms of it being painful or it’s bent at an extreme angle that it’s just unenjoyable.

So PRP, the platelet-rich plasma is anti-scarring we can target some of these plaques or scar tissue, dissolve them over time it’s going to take repeated treatments, you have to use your pump and cylinder as well, but we’ve had a lot of success with a with our Peyronies Disease patients.

Letter N IconNegative Side Effects of Having the Priapus Shot

So does having the P-Shot bring with it any negative side effects? Do the injections hurt during the procedure, is there any pain or tenderness afterwards, can the injections cause any additional side effects such as nausea, dizziness or anything like that? Should men with high blood pressure or blood clotting conditions avoid P-Shot?

So in terms of side effects it’s a pretty safe procedure if you know your anatomy and you know where to inject and where not to inject.

Most of the problems come from just the fact that it’s an injection technique. I do aesthetic medicine where I’m injecting Botox and fillers and even with those cases if the patients come dehydrated or hypoglycaemicexternal link icon – meaning that they’re hungry and also dehydrated – they may have what’s called a vasovagal reactionexternal link icon.

It’s just this weird reflex of the body where your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure drops and you feel dizzy and lightheaded.

So we always advise our patients in the morning, if it’s a morning procedure, make sure you don’t skip breakfast. I don’t care if you never eat breakfast, I want you to eat something – avoid coffee that dehydrates – I want you to hydrate well; drink water, drink juice.

The night before you shouldn’t be out drinking because that’s going to dehydrate you and usually when they follow these instructions we’re good. So if it’s an afternoon case make sure that you haven’t skipped lunch, we need you to have a good level of sugar in your blood and also to be hydrated – fill up your vascular tank.

We always carry or stock water and some kind of hard candy in the office in case they did skip lunch or so we just give them a hard candy so that we have glucose on board and then we give them water when they walk in the door just to make sure that they’re hydrated if they if they haven’t and typically we’re good with that.

There’s certain manoeuvres that we can do if the patient does become lightheaded and that’s basically we’re just going to lie down put your head down, you’re going to put your feet up, bend your knees and that’s going to bring the circulation back to your brain and then you perk up and then we make sure that you can tolerate standing afterwards and that you’re not dizzy after the procedure.

So that’s our main concern but that can happen with any injection technique it’s not unique to the PShot.

Other concerns side effects or so it’s not particularly painful you can resume regular activities. If you wanted to have sex later then go ahead if the mood strikes just bear in mind that you have 5 puncture sites, so if you don’t know your your partner’s medical history you could come down with HIV, hepatitis because you have these ports of entry from bodily fluids. So I would wait about 3 days, if you don’t know your partner’s status practice safe sex, and just wait until those wounds close.

Another potential side effect would be just related to the pump and cylinder. There could be discomfort with that but you’re only going to pump to negative 10 inches of water, that’s the units for the the cylinder in the pump but if it’s too painful don’t be so goal oriented that you’re struggling and having all sorts of pain just to get to that minus ten.

You can build up gradually or hover around minus six or minus eight and instead of ten minutes maybe keep it on for about 12 minutes or so.

Another possible side effect from the pump and cylinder is sometimes the skin can chafe. You don’t want it to blister because if you have an open wound you’re going to have to stop pumping and you kind of lose your momentum, you have to wait until that skin heals.

That’s about it – some patients have reported hyperpigmentation of the skin of the penis meaning it’s it gets a little bit dark from the pumping and that’s pretty temporary, sometimes it can last several months.

Most people don’t mind it at all i haven’t really had to prescribe medication to lighten the skin or anything like that but that’s what you can expect. It’s not all that you know dramatic in terms of side effects and potential harm particularly if you know what you’re doing.

Letter H IconHow Long Does It Take for the Priapus Shot to Work?

Obviously the aim of P-Shot is generally to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, however how fast will a patient see results? Is it something that will happen instantly, or more a treatment option that will gradually improve the patients ability to gain an erection?

So how fast will you notice benefits… it varies among patients.

So tissue building doesn’t initiate until week 2, so you may not see any benefits until then and again week 2 is early on, so I tell my patients that you can expect benefits anywhere from week 4 to maybe even week 12, as late as week 12, and i’ll tell that to my patients and a lot of times they only hear “4 weeks” but you know i’ve had some late bloomers where in 3 months, all of a sudden they see that they’re functioning a lot better.

There is however a period of time immediately after the injections where patients may notice an immediate benefit and a lot of that could be a little bit just temporary because we’ve injected the penis, so there’s going to be some kind of trauma, there’s going to be increased blood flow to the penis because of those small tiny needles and also the platelets are vasoactive – they’re going to draw more blood to the area.

So just with that increased perfusion, patients will report that they’ve got immediate benefits from the P Shot. Sometimes during that inflammatory process immediately after, that’s when we hear most of this and then after maybe about three days when everything returns back to normal in terms of inflammation, they’re like “oh no, what happened? What happened to my great erections?” And then you wait and then you obtain that level of function again a few weeks later down the road.

Other clients, they’ve had immediate success from the get-go and they don’t have that lull in terms of their performance, so it could be any of those possibilities.

Letter H IconHow Long Does the P-Shot Last?

So, how long can those results last? Is there a recommended number of treatments based on the severity of symptoms, and are there any ways to prolong results through the use of (for example) a penis pump?

So how long do the results last – I kinda touched on this a little bit but you can expect to have the P-Shot done on an annual basis.

There are some guys who, maybe with less severe ED, they may be good for a year and a half. There are other people who have more severe ED or they’re smokers.

Smokers they don’t get a great robust response compared to the non-smokers and also their results may fade typically around the 7 or 8 month mark.

Do you have to quit smoking to do this? No, but you’re paying a lot of money for the procedure so you might want to put your best foot forward and stop smoking for that reason and a multitude of other reasons in terms of benefit for a smoking cessation but typically about a year and again, it depends on who you are, your medical history severity.

I’ve had guys come to me at a year and a half and they answer the SHIM questionnaire and their numbers are still a lot better than pre-procedure. I’ve had young guys come back every eight months not because they’ve lost all their benefits from the procedure but they just want to keep performing at a heightened level you know and if their budget allows for it then then it works out.

Are there ways to prolong the benefits?

You’re still using the pump and cylinder, your commitment is 6 weeks, some guys have a love-hate relationship with it, no one really likes a cylinder initially because it’s a little bit uncomfortable but then you get acclimated to it and at 6 weeks you can stop using it all together.

Some guys use it maybe once a day instead of twice a day, some people just do it on a weekly basis but it’s exercise for the penis so it’s going to help maintain your benefits. In terms of other things that you could do, you could maybe check your hormone levels – bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a great adjunct to the P Shot in terms of erectile function and your just general state of well-being.

Letter P IconP-Shot and Gainswave

Notably P-Shot is one of a number of treatment options for erectile dysfunction and we’ve already touched on the criteria you use for determining whether P-Shot is indeed suitable for a patient.

Beyond that though, less invasive treatments for impotence such as GAINSWave are available – in fact you offer shockwave treatments through your clinic as well I believe.

So I was the first official P Shop provider trained by Dr Runels’ in the greater Toronto area. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now – I was doing this since 2016 and for the longest time we were having great success with P Shot and we thought you know this is all that we really needed however there are other technologies out there – ultrasound shock wave therapy – in particular we are using a GAINSWave device (a cure medics).

Now GAINSWave is a brand of ultrasound shockwave therapy devices, we have one of them, they put their name on high quality systems. Just like PRP centrifuges, ultrasound shockwave devices are not all created equally. So in order to bear the GAINSWave name you must acquire one of these devices that they put their stamp of approval on.

So again we have the cura medics and we’ve been having great results with that. Completely different technology, we’re using acoustic waves similar to lithotripsy we’re using sound waves to pulverize kidney stones.

We can use these acoustic waves to clear up the vasculature to improve circulation to the penis and it works great in combination with P Shot. They both have their strengths and they also have their weakness.

For example P Shot the focus is primarily on the penis not the surrounding structure. For GAINSWave we are treating the penis but we’re not treating the glands, but we are treating the surrounding area for example the crura – the space kind of in the crook of your thigh by your scrotum, and the bulbous fungiosum that is underneath the testicles, and then the pudendal canal your sit bones that’s that that hard bone that you sit on inwards that’s the pudendal canal.

So GAINSWave is treating all of those areas, so if a patient has very severe ED (again about 5 out of 25 SHIM score) GAINSWaves protocol actually involves the P Shot where you would do 6 GAINSWave treatments and 2 P Shots. You start off with 3 GAINSWaves, on the 3rd treatment you’re performing a P Shot and then you repeat the sequence about 2 to 3 months later.

Some guys aren’t so severe and they’re intrigued by both treatments so i just kind of split that severe protocol in half where they can come in for 3 GAINSWave and 1 P Shot. That way you get the best of both worlds. GAINSWave also utilizes a pump and cylinder and currently they’re recommending Dr Joel Kaplan’s pump and cylinders so it’s beautiful that they all work together in the same kind of system.

Letter B IconBest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

So how do you determine which type of treatment option is best for the patient?

Does it purely come down to price or does the severity of patient symptoms or any underlying conditions play a part in the decision making process?

It depends on your presentation, your severity and also your budget.

Budget’s very important!

If I had unlimited budget then I would do the 6 GAINSWave’s and 2 P Shots. However if budget is an issue, then I would either just stick with GAINSWave or just stick with P Shot. So P Shot we have the magnum and we also have the standard. Go with the magnum just because we’re delivering the most amount of platelets in one session. If you do the standard, if you do that twice, it’s going to be more expensive than doing the magnum just the one time.

Letter H IconHow Much Does the Priapus Shot Cost?

Finally we’re on to likely one of the most important questions that men will want to know, and that’s how much does P-Shot cost and how does that cost compare to the likes of GAINSWave treatments?

So in terms of costs, P Shot is a registered trademark procedure and Dr Charles Runels (the inventor) has set the price at $1,900 so I respect that price – $1,900.

After your initial treatment Dr Runels doesn’t care how much you price it, so we discount it to $1,400 assuming that you retain your pump and cylinder. If you lost it, broke it, tossed it, then you’re gonna have to pay for that pump and cylinder again but the initial P Shot is $1,900 and then any repeats are $1,400.

That’s just how I price it- other providers may price it differently. If you go to the official Priapus shot websiteexternal link icon, you can find official providers of the P-Shot and they should be charging $1,900.

If they are not charging $1,900 you should suspect something.

One; they could be using inferior centrifuges. Maybe a single spin. So those kits, the dual spin kits, are very pricey, so you need to make up that cost. So if they’re doing it on the cheap they’re probably not using high quality centrifuge.

Another reason why they may be under pricing is that they’re just not busy and they want to draw some some traffic with people who are bargain hunting.

So I really would not recommend going to those providers. GAINSWave also sets the price. They have a MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) where 6 GAINSWave treatments is $3,000 – 12 treatments is $5,000 and your 6 GAINSWave and 2 P Shot is priced at $6,000.

That’s what we have to advertise but when you come through our door or if you receive our email information, we’re going to price it differently.

I want this to be more affordable and the prices that we’re offering are discounted by 20% already. In terms of what GAINSWave is pricing, it’s what i’ve just mentioned to you and if a provider is telling you from the get-go on the phone about reduced prices, GAINSWave frowns upon that but however you come to our consultation, we’ll talk to you about prices. It’s also going to be in our information email.

Letter C IconConclusion

On that note, a massive thank you Dr John Leonardo for taking the time to share your thoughts, knowledge and experience using P-Shot as a clinician. It’s been fantastic being able to sit down and cover some of the common questions a lot of men will no doubt have about this treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

Chris, thank you so much for having me it was an absolute pleasure. Hope we can do this again sometime, I’ve got other procedures under my belt that I think your viewers would have an interest in. So until next time, thank you very much!

For more information on this and other medical procedures, make sure you check out Dr John Leonardo websiteexternal link icon and Youtube channelexternal link icon.

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.
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Dr John Leonardo is a clinician from Ontario, Canada who specialises in regenerative medicine. As well as offering numerous cosmetic and medical treatments, he is also a leading provider of the Priapus Shot.

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Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.
Contributing Author | Website
Dr John Leonardo is a clinician from Ontario, Canada who specialises in regenerative medicine. As well as offering numerous cosmetic and medical treatments, he is also a leading provider of the Priapus Shot.

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