Do Penis Pills Work?

Do Penis Pills Work?

Do Penis Pills Work?

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Over the counter or, more often than not, penis pills bought online aren’t going to cure your ailment however they can improve blood flow, libido and arousal levels. Find out how penis pills work and whether they can give you the results you’re hoping for.

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If you’ve landed on this article and you’re hoping for a big headline that shouts “go and buy this penis pill because it’s going to make your penis massive” you’re unfortunately going to be bitterly disappointed.

On a positive note at least I’ve caught you before you get drawn into the corrupt and misleading world of penis pills – pills that make massive claims but ultimately fail to deliver.

Before we delve so deeply into why penis pills simply don’t work (at least where penis enlargement is concerned), we need to understand the different types of pill on the market, who can access them and how, and the clear difference between talking about enhancing as opposed to enlarging.

Before i go any further though, let just be crystal clear for a minute so as to cut through the bullshit and really tell it how it is! The reality is, there is no such thing as a pill that has the ability to increase the size of your penis. Put simply it’s a mathematical impossibility – such a thing simply doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet (and likely never will).

You’ve likely come across a penis pill that claims to increase penis size (the number of misleading adverts I’ve seen on various sites and in numerous email spam is still phenomenal) – a pill that has some amazing claims and apparent proof behind it.

That said however if you ever see such a pill claiming to give you inches in penile growth you seriously need to step back, realise that it truly is too good to be true and ensure you don’t fall into the all too common trap where you open your wallet and part with your cash – essentially buying a product that may well make you feel good and give you stronger erections but is never going to actually give you an increase in size.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at exactly why this is the case…

Letter W IconWhat’s the Difference between Enhancing and Enlarging?

Whenever I talk about a specific topic in the realm of penises, more often than not it’s possible to categorise what we talking about based on whether it enhances or enlarges your manhood.

It’s quite a tricky definition to make however by referencing enhancement I generally view this as not altering, changing or enlarging what you’ve got in a physical “size” sense. It’s more about giving yourself an added boost – gaining a stronger erection, being able to last a little longer, being able to have more intense and fulfilling orgasm and for some, actually being able to gain arousal (yes, erectile dysfunction in varying degrees is all too common these days).

On the flip side in my eyes what we categorise as enlarging by its very nature will invariably mean taking physical action – namely undertaking penile enlargement surgery or using a technique or product to naturally increase the size of the penis (in those sort of cases we’re talking about jelqing, penis pumps and penile traction devices).

It’s very important to understand that although the topic of penis enhancement and enlargement seem very similar on face value, the true reality is that they are ultimately quite different to each other.

By understanding the clear difference between enhancing and enlarging we can better understand how products are pitched and marketed online. This gives us a much clearer and more accurate understanding of what level of results we can achieve or how misleading a specific pill is, hence allowing us to avoid wasting money and time on something that simply is never going to work.

Letter W IconWhy are Penis Enlargement Pills an act of Fiction?

Now that we understand the difference between enhancing and enlarging, we can take a much more analytical view when assessing whether or not a specific penis pill is actually going to help us achieve the results we want.

Where fiction is concerned, if we ever see a penis pill claiming to increase the size of the penis (regardless of who is endorsing it, the ingredients, and whether any fake medical evidence or proof is provided) this is a pill worth avoiding at all costs.

If the focus is on enlargement, then this should be setting off alarm bells in your head!

So, why do people say penis enlargement pills don’t work?

The ultimate answer is down to the way our bodies work.

When we gain an erection the blood vessels in our penis fill with blood and it’s a result of arousal and circulation that we achieve an erection. This spongy erectile tissue is joined to our pelvic bone – the length of which is ultimately defined during the process of puberty.

To physically enlarge the penis the spongy erectile tissue essentially needs to be longer and thicker and, although a penis pill can increase blood flow to the penis, this on its own will not cause the erectile tissue to permanently increase in length or girth, ergo simply popping a pill is not going to physically affect the length of your penis

This is where the concept behind jelqingexternal link icon, penis vacuum pumps and penile extenders comes from… the process of essentially physically stretching the penis – these type of products (unlike pills) physically exert pressure and stress to that spongy erectile tissue over a very prolonged period of time hence why these physical approaches ultimately deliver results over the course of 6 to 12 months or more – it’s by no means “a get big quick” approach but it does actually work.

Whenever I think about justifying this physical approach and showing how it compares to the misleading world of penis enlargement pills, I’m always reminded of men and women in the Congo who wear rigid neck rings which are a form of very stiff ornamental jewellery.

These neck rings are the oldest type of body modification in the world and are used to, over a very prolonged period of time stretch the neck. Why they do this, why they want longer necks is ultimately still a mystery to this day – however some theories behind it suggest it was done originally to deter lions – regardless of the reason it provides unequivocal proof there are parts of our bodies that, when subjected to gradual long term strain can be made bigger (albeit with potential health problems and side effects associated with the process).

In all my years I’ve only ever seen one penis pill that could really honestly say it had the potential to increase penis size and that was a penis pill that was actually paired with a series of penile jelqing exercises – the combination of jelqing exercises and increasing blood flow to the penis essentially allowing the claims of the overall system to be substantiated.

This specific product (or more accurately the combined system that I’m referring to) actually no longer includes the jelqing exercises and as a result, the pill in question has had to vastly pull back on its claims removing any mention of enlargement and instead focusing primarily on the enhancement aspects of its ingredients.

Despite the overall system being pitched as a penis enlargement pill the reality was that the pill on its own still wouldn’t actually physically increase size hence was never truly a penis enlargement pill.

If that wasn’t enough to sway you into understanding how penis enlargement pills are nothing more than a myth, it’s also worth considering that if these magical penis enlargement pills actually worked, why are men across the globe still using penis pumps, traction devices (which I cover in our products section of the site) and undergoing painful surgery to increase the size of their penises? Why wouldn’t they go for the simple option of popping a rather cost effective, all natural pill?

The answer is these fake penis enlargement pills simply don’t work and are marketed to play on men’s insecurities, those looking for a quick easy fix that doesn’t require any effort.

Men that have a fear of missing out combined with denial – denial that what they are about to buy is just simply too good to be true.

It’s this fear that has over the years essentially fuelled the promotion of so many useless and baseless penis pills!

Letter D IconDo Penis Pill ACTUALLY Work?

So now that we’re clear that a pill cannot in isolation increase the size of your penis, what exactly can penis pills do? Is there really any point in actually taking them?

The answer is yes and this is where we come back to the aspect of enhancement rather than enlargement.

Letter W IconWhat are Male Enhancement Pills?

If we now drill down even further into the world of penis pills, we can segment the type of products that are actually available on the market. Male enhancement pills can generally do one or both of two things.

Firstly – resolving symptoms (however minor or severe) that relate to erectile dysfunction

Secondly – increasing the production of seminal fluid or as you and I know it… cum!

It’s worth noting that at the beginning of this article we raised the concept of “who can access them [penis pills] and how” – this is really a signal to where we’re making the definition between pharmaceutical drugs that are essentially only available on prescription having seen a medical professional vs an all-natural over-the-counter supplement.

For the purposes of this article we’re going to focus specifically on the latter – the type of pills that can be bought by anybody as long as you’re over the age of 18 and have some form of online payment method such as a credit or debit card.

It’s these types of readily available male enhancement pills that are plastered across the web and more specifically appeal to those of us that perhaps haven’t got a medical condition but that are looking for methods of penis enhancement as a means of self improvement, better sexual performance and improved libido.

These pills and tablets come without the hassle and cost of going to a medical practitioner however on the flip side lack the strength and clinical evidence (in most cases) to be a medically approved product.

For all intensive purposes, these types of penis pills (whether male enhancement or otherwise) are essentially glorified health supplements. Look at the disclaimer on any website that are selling these sort of penis pills and you’ll usually find a small line of text that (very subtly) says that the pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease whilst not having been evaluated by the food and drug administration (namely the FDA).

This, if nothing else is a massive signal that essentially says these products are nowhere near as effective or strong as the prescription strength equivalents but on the flip side are much easier and cheaper to obtain. So what does go into them…?

Letter W IconWhat does a “natural” male enhancement pill contain?

Interesting we’ve already talked about this in one of our other articles which covers the topic of cheap penis enlargement, and that’s the topic of nutrients – whether it be in food or in this case a more concentrated and condensed combination of nutrients in a pill.

As penis enhancement pills aren’t regulated (and aren’t assessed due to the types of ingredients) this does limit what can actually go into them and the overall strength of those key ingredients.

A pill is also only so big (otherwise we won’t be able to swallow it) and on average contains around 500mg of ingredients depending on the process used to manufacture and produce the pill – in many cases the ingredients are freeze dried into powder which does actually reduce the quality and strength of the ingredients.

The “size” of the pill does therefore leave the manufacturer with a dilemma – do they try and cram as many different ingredients into each individual pill (in which case the milligram dosage of an ingredient might be too low and won’t affect the person taking it in any substantial way) or should they be more selective and focus on a fewer number of ingredients but at a higher milligram dosage with the hope the pill is more effective.

In more recent years, is been the latter approach – a dosage of 2 or 3 pills that have a smaller number of core ingredients with a few added fillers insuring those specific and hopefully effective ingredients are as potent as possible. That said, in the last couple of years pills such as Semenax have equally increased the number of pills per serving meaning they ultimately become more potent and effective where the intended results of taking the supplement are concerned.

This approached paired with an ingredient called Bioperine [linkexternal link icon] further helps to improve the level of absorption of the ingredients into the body, hence any penis pill that features (usually) 5mg of Bioperine (included in the likes of Max Performer) is likely to be overall more effective than a similar pill without.

Every penis pill is different and every ingredient can essentially affect the human body in a slightly different way so we’re not specifically going to go into detail on each and every plausible ingredient (as that is a topic for a completely separate article).

In most cases each ingredient (or at least the core ingredients) are usually listed on the website you’re buying from – it’s these key ingredients and the positive effects they have when taken, that the pill manufacturer is trying to sell to you.

It’s worth noting, that a lot of this information on the specific ingredients are generally one-sided and designed to shout about the positive impact that a specific ingredient has. It’s rare that the negatives of such ingredients are ever mentioned or hinted at, so it’s always worth searching for each individual ingredient on the likes of Google to learn specifically what that ingredient does.

Notably you’ll find that all penis enhancement pills that I review here on the Penis Enlargement Resource website, include the pros and cons, along with medical insight from a contributing author.

Some ingredients will undoubtedly produce negative symptoms such as increasing heart rate and causing palpitations.

On a more amusing note, a guy I used to work with actually tried one such male enhancement pill and, after a couple of days/doses later, began waking his then fiancée in the middle of the night by dry humping her (although sometimes it was his pillow) when he was still asleep.

Proof that the penis pill was working and improving his libido but perhaps to the point where it was a bit of an unwanted side effect.

Whether it was as a result of the pills he’d been taking or the physiological effect of taking the pills (or a combination of the two), something had obviously given him a rather high sexual drive, however an increased sexual drive even when he didn’t need it such as when he was sleeping.

Using this as an example it’s really important that you think about how taking such a supplement is going to affect you.

This is not like Viagra where you pop one pill, it lasts for a couple of hours and then the symptoms wear off.

With these sort of health supplements and male enhancement pills you’re taking a long-term course of pills for weeks and months – pills that are designed to continuously maintain a specific increased level of targeted nutrients within your body to give you the results you want, specifically in the lead up to, and during sexual activity.

These penis pills aren’t generally going to be addictive, there shouldn’t be any withdrawal symptoms if you then decide to stop taking them, however I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are not sure about what is exactly in the pill you’re taking (some have a propitiatory blend) you seriously need to take some time to research, understand and appreciate the effect that such a pill could have on you not just inside the bedroom, but outside it as well.

Letter H IconHow to Choose a Penis Pill – 8 Factors to Consider

To cut through the crap and make sure you’re buying a decent high quality product, follow these 8 key considerations when choosing any male enhancement pill:

  1. If there is any mention of penis enlargement, avoid like the plague
  2. Opt for a pill that has a fewer number of ingredients as this will mean the ingredients are generally more potent
  3. Research each ingredient to determine any unforeseen side effects (especially if you have a pre-existing condition such as a heart problem)
  4. Understand what the penis pill will do – will it increase your libido, the strength of your erections, or amount of semen produced? Does it do what you want it to do?
  5. Think about the long term cost – this isn’t a one off pill, this is something you have to take every day if you want to maintain the results
  6. Don’t base your decision on testimonials found on the official website – these are often edited and manipulated to purely show the specific pill in the best possible light. Check out websites such as Twitter as well as public forums and review sites like TrustPilot for bad reviews from existing customers
  7. Choose a pill based on its merits not by who’s endorsing it – most people will endorse any product for the right price, that doesn’t mean it’s a good product worth buying!
  8. Taking such a pill will NOT resolve any pre-existing conditions – as soon as you stop taking it within a couple of days or a week the effects will wear off. These type of pills cannot and will not treat the underlying cause of a medical problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Ultimately, if you do decided to go down the route of taking a penis pill, if you have the clear understanding that a penis pill is never going to increase your penis size and can only enhance your sexual performance, then you’ll never end up wasting money on a pill with overzealous claims.

Finally, if you do decide to buy a natural penis pill, stop to ask yourself a very simple question…

Is it worth taking a penis pill knowing that when you stop taking it, the effects will wear off?

If it was me, if I had a low libido or wanted more sperm production, then I’d probably look at a male enhancement pill or I’d consult a medical professional (especially given the fact that libido can be more of a psychological issue).

If I was looking to resolve premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or just wanted stronger erections, I would personally invest in a penis pump (like a Bathmate) or traction device (like Male Edge).


Because I’d be safe in the knowledge that although it’s an expensive one off purchase (although in reality is comparable to a mere 4 months worth of pills), such a product won’t mask symptoms like pills do.

Instead it would actually help me to resolve whatever ailment I had, potentially even to the point of curing it completely – and all without a single pill.

Food for thought!

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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So I’m Chris Sabian, the creator and owner of the Penis Enlargement Resource website.

Now I’m going to be honest, I’m actually really happy with the size of my penis – i’ve never had any complaints, and it works exactly how it’s meant to.

That said however, I have worked for various companies and businesses within the men’s sexual health niche – it’s from these years of experience actually working on a number of different products that i have an absolute wealth of knowledge on what does and doesn’t work.

Yes natural penis enlargement IS possible but the amount of bullshit out there is phenomenal.

In some cases, even doctors don’t know what is truly possible, with many (especially in the US) simply prescribing treatment options that are the most profitable for their clinics!

The number of times I’ve seen adverts online for this miracle cure for erectile dysfunction, or a product claiming to give you 3 more inches in less than a month really does play in to the unrealistic and misguided view point of so many and that is why i created Penis Enlargement Resource – to stop the scare mongering and provide a completely unbiased view point on every product that passes my desk.

Yes! Every product i review i actually have possession of – i’m not simply writing reviews based on other generic online content, so if your reading a review and can’t see any unique photos or videos, chances are it’s just an affiliate marketer trying to make a quick buck off your insecurities.

So take a step back, read the articles I’ve written and see which products I’d REALLY recommend, so you can take that first step towards making your penis bigger, stronger or harder.

The journey to natural penis enlargement is not a fast process, it is not an easy process… but if you stick with it, i absolutely promise you, it IS possible.


This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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