Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

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Whether you’re thinking of getting a novelty pump to add a bemusing spark to your bedroom relationship, you’ve heard the stories about how penis pumps can give you stronger erections, help stop premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and make your make bigger, this article answers every penis pump question you want to know!

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Do Penis Pumps Work (Summary Image)

Put simply… YES! Penis pumps really do work BUT if you’re unrealistic and you’re hoping to gain an extra 6+ inches in the next couple of months, as with any natural approaches to penis enlargement, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

Although the quality, variety and price of penis pumps on the market varies massively, the principle behind a penis pump – creating a powerful vacuum of pressure to improve blood flow and increase penis size – is medical proven to be effective. So yes, penis pumps DO work!

One core indicator of this, beyond simply relying on reading online product reviews of various penis pump products, is to look at the medical community.

The fact that doctors recommend penis pumps as a means of resolving impotence (although many haven’t quite cottoned on to the potential of pumps for enlargement) goes a long way to illustrate and clearly answer the question, do penis pumps work!

If you’re ready to buy your first penis pump or you’re looking to upgrade to a pump that offers more features, durability or simply better results, check out my list of best penis pumps – otherwise keep reading to find out exactly what penis pumps are and how they can help your penis!

Letter W IconWhat is a Penile Vacuum Pump?

A penis pump or (as its also known) a vacuum constriction device (VCD), is a plastic cylinder which is placed over the penis and then, as the name suggests “pumped” to create a vacuum of pressure around the penis.

When this vacuum is created, it provides an increase in blood flow to the penis allowing for stronger erections, the treatment of erectile dysfunction and even enlargement of the male member.

Letter W IconWhat is a Penis Pump Made Of?

Penis pumps are usually made from a combination of hard plastic for the cylinder and softer, more pliable rubber or silicone materials for the pump, pump sleeve or as its also known, the silicone cap.

The durability of each of these components and how “skin safe” the materials of the device are, ultimately comes down to the quality and price of the product – generally devices that are more expensive offer better quality, durability and (as a result), better safety especially where long term usage is concerned.

Have a read of this article by Love Honey [linkexternal link icon] that gives a great overview of the variety of different materials used not only in conjunction with penis pumps, but with sex toys in general.

Letter W IconWhat Types of Penis Pump Are There?

  • Air penis pumps – these are the standard, common types of VCD and combine a cylinder with a hand pump. These are very simple and straightforward to use, and generally a single sealed unit and are often the type product suggested or prescribed by doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are cheap, cheerful, lightweight and for the short term effective.
  • Electric penis pumps – these are generally more expensive due to the inclusion of battery operated parts however function in much the same as a standard air pump. Without a hand pump you can sit back and relax as an electric pump automatically creates and maintains the exact pressure you require. For obvious reasons an electric penis pump cannot be used with water unless specifically stated.
  • Water penis pumps – often referred to as “hydro” pumps, these type of vacuum constriction devices use designed to be used with water so are perfect for when you’re in the bath or the shower.

Given water is thicker than air, this provides a better level of support for the penis during pumping whilst also providing more equal pressure over the entire length of the penis.

Types of Penis Pump

Given the devices have to be more durable due to the use of water, they are generally of much higher quality, built using better materials but as a result are more expensive.

Unlike air and electric penis pumps, hydro penis pumps can be used by compressing the gaiter/pump at the base of the device or (where provided) using a connected hand pump.

If you’re not sure which type of penis pump to buy, or you simply have a specific budget you need to stick to, then my list of best penis pumps to buy will provide some insightful advice on the penis pump to choose based on your budget and expectations.

Letter H IconHow Do I Use a Penis Pump?

  1. If possible trim and reduce the amount of pubic hair you have to allow for a better level of suction to be achieved – the better the seal, the less chance of air escaping and the stronger the vacuum
  2. Ideally achieve a semi erect state of between 60 to 80%
  3. Position the penis pump cylinder over the penis and ensure the base of the pump is pressed firmly against the groin
  4. Depending on the type of penis pump you have, physically compress the gaiter, using a hand pump or use an electric vacuum pump to create the vacuum inside the cylinder
  5. Maintain a comfortable pressure for between 5-20 minutes
  6. When finished, slowly release pressure from the cylinder before finally removing the device
How to Use a Penis Pump

Letter H IconHow Long Should I Use a Penis Pump For?

The best results especially if you’re looking to increase the size of your penis are achieved when using the device for between 15 to 20 minutes per day. You should always start initially with 5-minute sessions and gradually increasing the duration over the course of the initial 3 to 4 weeks of use.

It is also important that you take rest days – these are days when you simply don’t use the penis pump and give your body time to rest, relax and recover. It’s recommended that you take 2-3 rest days per week especially if you’re new to using a penis pump.

Long term the amount of time you use your pump for, will depend on why you’re using the device in the first place. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction you may find a few weeks to a few months, followed by occasional use is more than ample. For others that are looking for permanent gains from pumping, your realistically looking at 3-12+ months of use to see a notably, permanent increase in size – notably in terms of length, but also girth as well especially if you’re using a water based, hydro penis pump such as Bathmate.

Letter H IconHow is Pressure Created Inside a Penis Pump?

Depending on the type of penis pump you have will determine how that vacuum of pressure is created within the pump cylinder – generally there are 3 approaches based on the specific VCD you’ve chosen.

  1. Hand pumps – all air specific pumps include some form of hand pump usually in the form of a ball pump (that you squeeze) or a trigger pump that you pull. The type of hand pump you opt for is really a case of personal preference – you may find that if you have smaller hands a ball pump is easier to compress in your hand, or if you have larger hands a trigger pump is easier to grip and squeeze.
  2. Physical pumping – more common in hydro penis pumps (pumps that use water), this type of pumping involves compressing and pushing the VCD down onto your groin region. As you pump more pressure and suction is created within the cylinder and excess air and water is expelled from a release valve at the other end of the device.The level of comfort can vary based on the stiffness of the pump/gaiter (the stiffer the pump/gaiter the harder it is to pump but the more pressure is generally created), the sensitivity of your skin and the type of material used for the pump element of the device – whether is rubber, silicone or some other pliable material.
  3. Electric pumps – unlike the other types of pump, electric pumps take all the effort out of creating a vacuum of pressure. Containing replacement batteries or in some cases charged via a USB cable, once positioned over the penis the device works generates pressure within the cylinder via a electric vacuum pump.
Penis Pump Pressure Methods

Each electric vacuum pump varies however generally they include an on/off switch, plus/minus buttons to increase/decrease pressure and a digital display that shows the amount of pressure generated within the cylinder.

Some electric penis pumps are also self regulating hence when pressure drops below a certain point, the device will kick into action and maintain the pressure setting you’ve specified.

Letter C IconCan a Penis Pump Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes! The key principle of any penis pump is to create a vacuum within a cylinder and it’s that vacuum that allows blood to be encouraged and drawn into the penis hence resulting in an erection being achieved.

It’s this process of using a penis pump that doctors recommend as a treatment for erectile dysfunction as this over time and with repeated use will increase the size of the corpora cavernosa (blood vessels that are responsible for holding 90% of the blood in the penis) which with repeated use of the vacuum constriction device increases blood flow to the penis – hence bigger, harder, stronger erections are attained.

For those with erectile dysfunction, the lack of arousal is down to a physical or psychological issue. A penis pump cannot help resolve ED that is caused by an underlying condition (such as diabetes) or a physiological issue (such as depression or low self esteem) however if the underlying cause of your ED has been resolved, then if recommended by a medical professional, curing impotence using a penis pump has a very good chance of success.

Letter S IconShould I Use a Constriction Ring With a Penis Pump?

Yes you can, but you don’t have to. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference as to whether you use a constriction ring (also known and referred to as a cock ring) or not.

Those that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or simply have a weaker state of erection, may find that a constriction ring is especially beneficial as once an erection is attained, applying a restriction ring means that an erect state can be maintained for a much longer period of time.

    Using a Constriction Ring with a Penis Pump (Illustration)

    In some cases devices designed specifically for ED sufferers (such as the Vaxaid penis pump) will include a constriction ring however for devices (especially the hydro pumps) that are primarily designed for increasing the length and girth of the penis, a constriction ring is less important and not always provided as standard.

    Obviously you can always opt to buy a constriction/cock ring separately.

    Letter C IconCan a Penis Pump Increase Penis Size?

    Yes! Increases in both length and girth can be achieved using long term usage of a penis pump.

    When we say “long term” we’re talking about 1-2 months for temporary gains (gains that disappear after a couple of hours) and anywhere from 3-12+ months for permanent gains depending on the amount of size increase you’re looking to achieve.

    In the initial stages of using a penis pump the vacuum of pressure helps to draw blood into the penis which helped resolve medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction whilst also offering the user stronger, harder erections.

    With long term use this process allows the two corpora cavernosa veins in the penis to slowly and gradually expand to hold more blood – Is this process that over a prolonged period of time allows the penis to increase in both length and girth size.

    Essentially the biggest factor that affects the ability to enlarge the penis using a penis pump is time. If you haven’t got the patience or dedication to use a penis pump five times a week, over the course of 3-12+ months, then this approach to natural penis enlargement probably isn’t right for you.

    Letter H IconHow Many Inches Can I Gain Using a Penis Pump?

    There is honestly no correct or accurate answer to this question simply because every penis pump and indeed every penis is a little bit different.

    As a ballpark figure it’s feasibly possible to gain around half an inch in the space of 1-4 months with a further 1-2 inches in a 6-12 month period.

    To further improve your chances of obtaining permanent gains it’s also worth combining other natural male enhancement techniques such as jelqing or stretching exercises.

      Penis Pump Size Gains

      Importantly you need to understand that if you’re looking to gain 1, 2, 3 or even 4 inches of extra length (not to mention gains in girth), the entire process is not a sprint but a marathon – slow and steady wins the race!

      You’re not going to get permanent results overnight however if you have focus, dedication and consistency, penis pumps can provide you with a natural and effective approach to increasing the length and girth of your penis.

      Letter W IconWhat is a Penis Pump Sleeve?

      A penis pump sleeve is made from latex, silicone or rubber and is located at the base of the pump where you hold the device against your skin.

      These sleeves or gaskets as they are also known, are essentially a form of accessory for your device offering an upgrade or replacement to enhance the comfort or results the pump provides.

      By upgrading to a better quality sleeve you can improve comfort (as some are more skin safe than others), whilst also improving the fit around the penis whilst providing a better seal resulting in less potentially leakage of pressure.

      Due to the price and flexibility of pump sleeves, many men trim or taper the pump sleeve to provide a fit that better suits the specific contours of their groin region hence also resulting in not just better comfort but improved suction as well.

      Letter W IconWhat is a Penis Pump Gaiter/Bellow?

      A gaiter or bellow is simply another word for the rubber or silicone element of the penis pump located at the base of the device and is generally used in hydro pumps when the pump gaiter is compressed to created the required vacuum within the cylinder.

        Penis Pump Gaiters/Bellow

        Unlike a penis pump sleeve which simply provides some comfort and improves the seal between the base of the penis pump and the skin, a gaiter is much bigger and is designed to be compressed – an approach to producing suction and a vacuum without the need for a hand pump.

        Letter A IconAre Penis Pumps Dangerous?

        Warning IconYes. As with any type of product, if used incorrectly a penis pump can be dangerous and cause irreversible damage to your penis if not used properly.

        By using too much pressure, by using a penis pump for too long, for releasing pressure from the cylinder to quickly… all of these things have the potential to damage your penis and in some cases cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

        It’s very important that you read all of the safety information that comes with your penis pump, do some research online so you understand and learn how things can go wrong when you pump and if you do start to experience pain, discomfort or discolouration of the penis immediately stop using the device until your symptoms have subsided or you consulted with a medical practitioner.

        For more information on how dangerous a penis pump can potentially be, have a read of our article on the dangers of penis pumps. The article covers 7 of the most popular (and most dangerous) mistakes you can make when using a penis pump.

        Letter D IconDo Doctors Recommend the Use of Penis Pumps?

        Yes! Although there are currently no medically endorsed penis pumps on the market, numerous medical institutions across the globe recommend the use of penis pumps for those that suffer from impotence related issues.

        Taking the United States as an example, Medicaid has covered over $100 million worth of penis pumps for those patients whose insurance cover this type of medical condition.

        Obviously each private insurance company will have its own rules as to whether or not a candidate qualifies, not to mention the fact that patients would have to undergo an assessment and diagnosis by a medical professional.

          Doctor Recommended Penis Pumps

          Across the pond in the UK, the publicly funded Health Service – the NHS – have a page dedicated to erection problems and erectile dysfunction. They go onto very briefly talk about the use of penis pumps as a treatment for erectile dysfunction however such a treatment and actually getting a penis pump on the NHS is not always available so it’s purely a case of talking to your doctor to determine where to get such a device and whether or not it is covered by the NHS.

          Letter C IconCan I Cure Peyronie’s Disease With a Penis Pump?

          Yes, but due to the dimensions of a penis pump, curing Peyronie’s Disease using such a device is generally only effective when the level of penile curvature is less than 20 degrees. Where curvature is greater than 20 degrees this can make using and applying the penis pump difficult or, simply impossible.

          Peyronise’s Disease is a curvature of the penis caused not by a congenital disease (as we discuss below) but more a physical trauma to the penis. As a result of damaging or hurting the penis, scar tissue is created as your body heals and it’s this build up of scar tissue that, over time causes a bend in the penis to occur.

            Cure Peyronies Disease with a Penis Pump

            Where a penis pump helps correct this issue is through the use of pressure created by the vacuum inside the cylinder. Over time this pressure allows the scar tissue that causes Peyronie’s Disease to break down and dissolve which then leads to the curvature in the penis gradually reducing.

            Of course if you do suffer from what you believe to be Peyronise’s Disease, it’s always best to discuss your treatment options with a medical professional so they can assess the degree of your condition and advise on the best course of treatment.

            Letter C IconCan I Cure Congenital Penile Curvature Using a Penis Pump?

            Unfortunately, unlike Peyronie’s Disease which is a medical condition that gradually gets worse over a prolonged period of time if left untreated due to the buildup of scar tissue and plaque on the penis, congenital curvature of the penis is a genetic medical condition and one that you will have had since birth.

            Given the curvature of the penis is caused by genetics and not the buildup of scar tissue, using a penis pump will still aid blood flow to the penis and help with symptoms such as erectile dysfunction or increasing your penile size, however does not have the ability to actually correct or cure the underlying cause of your penile curvature.

              Congenital Penile Curvature & Penis Pumps

              If you suffer from congenital penile curvature, we’d recommend discussing your symptoms and degree of curvature with a medical practitioner to determine the best course of treatment that is not only safe, but also effective given the degree of curvature you experience.

              Letter H IconHow Much Does a Penis Pump Cost?

              Buy Now IconAs with any type of product, quality does come at a cost so pricing does vary considerably depending on what type of penis pump (air, water or electric) you’re looking to purchase.

              Novelty penis pumps that are made from poor quality materials (and are less likely to stand the test of time) can be purchased for under with electric penis pumps being generally more expensive due to the additional working parts.

              Hydropumps on the other hand are at the top end of the price list due to the use of more durable materials – these can again vary in price depending on the type of product you purchase and the number of additional accessories/features the product costs but expect to budget anywhere between and for a good quality penis pump that can be used in water and will invariably offer feasible results over the long term (we’re talking 6-12+ months).

              If you’re ready to buy a penis pump, then you’ll definitely want to read my article on the best penis pumps worth considering.

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              Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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              1. Can there be burning and discomfort from using a pump I seem to be experiencing that from a one time use

                • Yes is the answer. You can get bruising or blistering, as well as small red dots or a red rash. Ultimately pumping for too long, pumping too hard or releasing pressure too quickly are generally the usual culprits of discomfort following the use of a penis pump.

              2. Can a penis pump be used if you have no issues with ED? can it be used as a sort of foreplay? can a pump cause issues if you don’t already have penis issues?

                • Penis pumps are way more than just a treatment for erectile dysfunction. They can be used for foreplay, with a lot of men simply liking the feel of a pump (in a similar way that guys enjoy the sensation from the likes of masturbators). Pumps can also be used to improve blood flow and erection strength, and ward off symptoms of premature ejaculation (making you last longer) whilst a lot of men also use pumps to increase both their length and girth.

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