How Small Is Too Small of a Penis Size? Facts Explained

Small Penis Size (Featured Image)

How Small Is Too Small of a Penis Size? Facts Explained!

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If you’re worried about the size of your penis, this article covers everything you need to know about penis size and how you measure up to the competition. I’ve also detailed why having a bigger penis doesn’t automatically mean “better sex” as well as steps you can take to increasing your flaccid and erect penile size.

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Small Penis Size (Summary Image)

Is my size too small — it’s a question most men ask at some point. If you’re reading this, you’re likely concerned about your penis size and whether or not it can affect your performance in the bedroom.

So, what’s considered a small penis size?

A penis is too small if it can’t perform penile tasks well, like a micropenis. A small penis has an average flaccid length below stretched penile length (SPL), lower than 2.5 standard deviations below a man’s age mean. If a penis is 3 ⅔ inches (9.31 cm) or smaller when erect, it’s a micropenis.

Though there are many ways to increase penile size, some methods don’t do much and may lead to further complications. This article discusses penile size, what causes a small penis, and what you need to do if your size is an issue.

Letter T IconThe Statistics

According to a 1996 Pubmed studyexternal link icon, the average size of an erect penis was between 4.7 and 6.3 inches (12 to 16 cm). The average length of a flaccid penis was between 2.8 and 3.9 inches (7 to 10 cm). The flaccid girth was between 3.5 and 3.9 inches (9 to 10 cm).

A more recent 2014 studyexternal link icon supports these findings with a mean erectile penile length of 5.7 inches (14.5 cm). However, almost half of men believe that they have a small penis.

Letter H IconHow To Measure Your Penis

The best way to measure your penis is when it’s erect. Measurement is done on both the length and girth (circumference).

Use a Ruler To Measure Your Penis Length

First, ensure you have achieved an erection. Then, place the end of the ruler where the calibration begins on your pelvic bone. Hold the shaft against the calibrations. Measure the length of your penis from your pelvic bone to the end of the glans.

Measure the Girth Using a Measuring Tape or a Ruler

Identify the location on the shaft of your penis where thickness seems most even. Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference around the shaft. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a string or paper, wrap it around the shaft, and measure the distance on a ruler.

Letter I IconIs My Penis Too Small?

Your penis is too small if it’s a micropenis. The size of a micropenis is 1.6 inches (4 cm) or less when flaccid or 3 ⅔ inches (9.31 cm) or less when erect. You may want to consult a doctor about the possibility of surgery, especially if the size also bothers you mentally and emotionally.

Surgical procedures include those for increasing penile length and increasing girth.

If you miss the mark but still fall on the shorter side, don’t fret. Studies showexternal link icon women prefer men who offer them an overall abundant sexual satisfaction as opposed to those with a large penis. Hence, your sexual satisfaction abilities are highly valued in the mating market.

Knowing your penis size is also crucial when purchasing condoms. Buying fitting condoms will increase their effectiveness and keep you and your partner safer.

Letter C IconCauses of a Small Penis

Scientists don’t fully know what causes a small penis in children. However, a combination of genetic and hormonal factors is believed to generate a small penis. It can also be caused by any of several congenital conditions, as discussed below.


Micropenisexternal link icon is a rare condition where the penis is abnormally small, albeit structured usually. The testicles and other internal parts of the male genitals aren’t malformed despite the minimal size of the penis. Micropenis is generally discovered during the examination of a newborn. The following can help you to determine if you have a micropenis:

  • Diagnosis: A physical examination to measure the length of your penis is made to diagnose micropenis. The doctor will need to see or measure the penis to assess the size that fits a micropenis description. Doctors can also do blood tests and imaging scans to view the genital structure and surrounding area.
  • Symptoms: Positive micropenis diagnosis is made if you have a stretched penile length (SPL) lower than 2.5 standard deviations below your age mean. Adult males’ average SPL is 5.25 inches (13 cm), with an SPL of 3 ⅔ inches (9.31 cm) or more down, indicating you have a micropenis.
  • Causes: Low testosterone levels in a fetus can cause a micropenis. It can result from hypogonadotropic hypogonadismexternal link icon or gonad deficiency, a low sex hormone condition that causes low libido.
  • Treatment: You can’t cure micropenis. It can, however, be used to stimulate penile growth in children. Doctors can do surgery if hormonal treatments don’t work. They involve inserting an implant into the penis, making it appear longer.

Webbed Penis

A webbed penisexternal link icon is a condition whereby skin from the scrotum attaches atypically high beneath the shaft, making the penis appear much smaller. It’s usually confused with micropenis due to the small size of the penis. The following help you to know if you have a webbed penis:

  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis of a webbed penis is made through physical examination. If the skin of the scrotum is found to attach abnormally on the penis shaft, then a positive diagnosis is made. Doctors are also keen on distinguishing the condition from related conditions as symptoms may be similar.
  • Symptoms: In a webbed penis, penile skin looks like a web covering all or part of the penis. A webbed penis can also cause psychological pressure on parents whose children have the illness and social stress on the children from peers. Sever cases in adults make it difficult to have sex as one may not wear a condom correctly.
  • Causes: A simple webbed penis occurs from a fusion between the scrotum and the lower skin of the penis. It can also be congenital, with a boy born having the penis partly or wholly covered by the scrotal skin. Webbed penis can also acquire the condition through excessive removal of skin below the penis during circumcision.
  • Treatment: Webbed penis can be corrected through surgery using the foreskin used in the reconstructive process. Hence, the pediatric urologist will defer any plans of circumcision to a later date. Surgery aims to free the glans and create a normal penis-scrotum angle.

Buried Penis

A buried penis occurs when fat or skin from the abdomen, scrotum, or thighs block the penis and make it look small. This is despite the penis being normal-sized. The ailment is often confused with other conditions, and proper diagnosis is needed to ascertain its occurrence.

  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis is made through a physical examination and visual inspection. Though a buried penis may occur at birth, it can also happen during adulthood, with a high likelihood of being diagnosed while younger.
  • Symptoms: The glans and shaft won’t be visible, making urination difficult, increasing the likelihood of having urinary tract infections. If left untreated for long, it can lead to anxiety and depression or pain during intercourse.
  • Causes: A buried penis can result from congenital conditions like excess scrotal skin attaching to the glans or excess fat in the pubic area. Traumatic events and unsuccessful circumcisions can also cause a buried penis.
  • Treatment: Treatment for a buried penis varies depending on the cause or health of the penis. Mild cases in children may resolve on their own. Surgery offers the best methodexternal link icon of treatment as penile reconstruction will give lasting results.

Letter E IconEffects of Having a Small Penis

A Small Penis Can Cause Low Self-Esteem

Perceiving your penis size as inadequate will have you constantly comparing your penis size with those of others. It can lead to anxiety and Penile Dysmorphic Disorderexternal link icon, as you may not be confident with your capacity to fulfil your partner, effectively reducing your libido sexually.

People With Small Penises May Have Low Sex drive

A result of having low self-esteem and self-confidence you’ll likely suffer from a low libido. Sex is affected by how we think about ourselves, others, and our general state of mind at the moment. Low sex drive can therefore lead to erectile dysfunction.

A Small Penis May Cause Erectile Dysfunction and Relationship Distress

Seeing yourself as inadequate will lower your self-esteem, in turn making it hard for you to get and maintain an erection. Not being able to sexually fulfil your partner and lack of communication due to low self-esteem may lead to disquiet (a feeling of unease or worry) in your relationship.

Dissatisfaction From a Small Penis May Trigger Anxiety and Depression

It can be frustrating thinking of oneself as lacking in terms of sexual performance. Anxiety can increase erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. This causes a cycle of low sex drive, relationship distress, and depression if a qualified medical practitioner doesn’t address it.

Letter I IconIs My Penis Size Too Small or Too Big?

Unless your penis struggles to perform penile tasks, your penis is normal and shouldn’t be considered too small. Also, a penis isn’t necessarily too big. Genital size preferences vary with an individual’s sexual needs, culture, and even the type of sexual acts, after all.

According to a 2016 studyexternal link icon, women don’t view penis size as the key to their sexual satisfaction. This finding dates back to early civilization, where people didn’t prioritize sexual pleasure. Arguably, women at the time didn’t have much say in their choice of mate – something that gender equality has addressed in more recent centuries.

Female choice in sexual preference is reinforced today, with an equally high emphasis on individual sexual satisfaction. This has led to increased concerns, more specifically over the ‘ideal’ size of a penis.

Below are factors that can determine whether a penis is perceived as too big or too small.


Your partner’s perception of how small or big a penis should be can play a huge role in determining whether or not they like the experience. If they have a particular liking for a certain size, they can make you uncomfortable about your penis size.


If your penis is too big for your partner, penetration may be painful for them, more so if you don’t use lubrication. Anal sex may as well be even more painful for them. Therefore, your partner may consider you to have an excessively large penis if it makes him or her uncomfortable during sex.


Length and girth may affect how your partner is stimulated during sex. A longer-than-average penis will reach deeper areas of the vagina. However, a short and wide penis will give notable stimulation in areas just inside the vagina or anus. You’re likely to believe you have a small penis if your partner complains about dissatisfaction.

Letter H IconHow Anxiety Affects Sexual Performance

Men often worry about their penile size, hardness, and duration of sex. Thoughts of not measuring up during sex can cause low self-esteem and anxiety, further reducing your sexual performance, which continues in a cycle.

Stress can lead to premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED), which, when coupled with anxiety, can reduce your sexual performance.

Below is a brief explanation of both conditions.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is when ejaculation occurs too early during sex. Though there are different causes of PE, most men will experience it at some point. Premature ejaculation can have an impact on a man’s self-confidence and relationships.

1 out of 3 menexternal link icon said that they experienced it at some point in their lives.


Premature ejaculation can have an impact not only on a man but on his partner as well. Fortunately, there are ways to treat the condition. Treatment for premature ejaculation includes counselling, condoms containing an anaesthetic, anaesthetic creams or gels (like Bathmate Control), over the counter supplements (like ProSolution Plus) and stronger prescription medicine.

Note that the success of treatments usually varies from person to person, hence the need to consult with your doctor before using any form of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (also referred to as ED or, less frequently, impotence) occurs when you can’t get or maintain an erection that is capable of penetration. Causes of ED include;

  • Obesity
  • Hypertension or hypotension
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve damage
  • Heart disease
  • Low testosterone


Erectile dysfunction is treated using prescription medicine such as Viagra and Cialis. The drugs enhance nitric acid effects on the body, which increases blood flow and gives an erection.

Notably prescription medications can be expensive and due to their strength cause unwanted side effects. I’ve notably tested and reviewed a number of male enhancement penis pills which are a good starting point before resorting to prescription medications.

However, your doctor will prescribe the best medicine after assessing your particular situation.
Pelvic floor exercises have also been foundexternal link icon to treat ED and improve low erections significantly.

Letter W IconWhat Can You Do To Improve Your Penis Size

You can improve your penis size through penile stretching exercises (jelqing), using soft tissue fillers, vacuum pumps, and surgery. However, some of these approaches to penis enlargement will have little to no results, often causing more complications for the most part. The following explains this in more detail:

  • Soft Tissue Fillers: In penile enlargement, soft tissue fillers add mass to the penis and increase its girth. They’re also known as dermal fillers or lips and facial fillers. Soft tissue fillers are medical implants injected under the skin to create a fuller appearance.
  • Penile Girth Surgery: Girth enhancement surgery is a procedure aimed to increase the girth or length of the penis. The process is recommended for people diagnosed with micropenis and may involve silicone implants or fat transfer from one part of the body to the penis. There have been conflicting results, with some reporting increases in penile sizes while others don’t.
  • Penile Length Surgery: Penile length surgery involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pubic bone and a skin graft at the penis’s base. It allows extra length to be added, increasing the flaccid penis length but won’t increase the erectile penis length.
  • Lotions and Pills: Topical penile products (creams, gels, oils) and pills can contain hormones, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that in some cases claim to increase penile size. However, no evidence supports these claims, with some containing traces of harmful substances such as lead and pesticides – if you ever spot a consumable product claiming to increase your penile size, chances are it’s a scam. What gels, creams and pills are good for is improving blood flow to the penis and increasing your libido. Pair a product like this with a vacuum device or a penis extender and this will maximise your potential for gains in penile size. You’ll find a variety of different products that I’ve reviewed here which I’ve categorized by type.
  • Jelqing: Stretching exercises/jelqing repeatedly involves your flaccid penis and using your thumb and index finger to increase blood flow and increase erection size. Although there is no scientific evidence shows jelqing increases penile length, its a rather hands on technique that has been used by thousands of men to increase size. Look on any male enhancement or improvement forum and you’ll find stories of success however notably it is a rather budget approach to penis enlargement. If you’re interested in jelqing, then the Jelqing Academyexternal link icon is a great place to start.
  • Corporoplasty Phalloplasty: Phalloplasty is a reconstructive surgery where a penis-like structure is recreated. It’s a set of procedures that can be mixed and altered depending on the patient’s needs. Corporoplasty phalloplasty can increase girth while the penis is erect.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is a surgical technique that involves removing body fat below your abdomen. The process can be done on men with significant tummy fat as the excess fat around the pubic area buries your penis. Liposuction can, therefore, make your penis more prominent and appear larger.
  • Vacuum Devices: Also known as penis pumps, these devices involve using a tube over your penis to pump out air, creating a vacuum, making the penis swell by bringing blood to it. Though somewhat effective, overusing them can damage penile tissues and weaken your erections – you’ll definately want to have a read of my article that covers the many dangers of penis pumps.
  • Extenders: The use of penile extenders involves putting a small weight or a traction device on your flaccid penis to stretch it. There’s no scientific evidence to support weights, though traction devices have shown promising results and numerous penis extenders have recieved backing and endorsements from medical professionals. Extenders are also a very good choice for correcting medical conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease and chordee.
  • Hygiene: No, this isn’t about taking a bath, though you should probably do that, too. Trimming your pubic hair will make your penis more visible and more prominent. You can find tips on how to manscape your downstairs along with other tips and suggestions in my article that covers cheap penis enlargement options.
  • Lose Weight and Get Fit: Excess body weight in your abdomen covers up your pubic area, swallowing up your penis and making it look smaller. Regular exercise and getting fit will make you look and feel attractive and improve your sexual performance. Fitness increases your self-esteem, eliminating anxiety and the need to seek other costly, time-consuming, and disappointing remedies.

Letter H IconHow To Improve Genital Compatibility

Genital size incompatibility can be frustrating for couples’ sexual satisfaction. However, open and honest communication goes a long way in helping with incompatibility issues. With touch, you’ll find that incompatibility doesn’t always mean dissatisfaction and may help you find other ways of stimulation that your partner might enjoy more.

Some tips for improving compatibility include:

  • Increasing foreplay time
  • Experimenting with different sex positions
  • Including oral sex that may give more stimulation
  • Giving extra stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation
  • Slightly raising your partner’s pelvis using throw pillows, allowing for deeper penetration and may be helpful if your penis is narrow or short
  • Using more lubrication

Letter W IconWrapping Up

Ultimately everyone has a different penis size and unless you suffer from a medical condition that is hormonal or genetic that impacts the size of the penis, in the majority of cases, penile size and how big you are, usually isn’t the primarily factor or consideration where your partners sexual pleasure is concerned.

No specific size can be described as a perfect fit as individual preferences, comfort, and perceptions vary however for those looking to self improve and gain a bigger or stronger penis, there are numerous options available to help increase your penile size.

Personally my recommendation if you’re not happy with your size, is to first consider a penis pump or penis extender, whilst perhaps using or combining a penis pill to improve your libido and ward off any potential symptoms of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Simply improving your sexual performance and reducing any anxiety during sex could be just the thing that’s holding your relationship back and are worth considering or exploring before considering more extreme surgical options to address the size of your penis and the decision to make it bigger.

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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This Content Was Written By...

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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