Penile Conditions

Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation or any of the wide variety of penile conditions associated with the health or appearance of your penis, we’ve got some lengthy, in-depth articles to give you all the answers you want to know but were too afraid to ask your doctor.

The Ultimate Guide to the Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot (or P-Shot as it's also known) is a great treatment option for resolving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). I managed to get on a call with Dr John Leonardo to ask him some of the key questions about this type of medical procedure. [...]

The Ultimate Guide to: Chordee

My guide to Chordee covers everything you need to know about this congenital penile condition. From what it is, how it's caused, the symptoms and means of diagnosis as well as the all important treatment options. [...]

Testosterone & Erectile Dysfunction

Worried that low testosterone might be causing your erectile dysfunction? Fear not! My in-depth article on testosterone and male health covers all you need to know! [...]

Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction

Can yoga really help you overcome erectile dysfunction? Find out how yoga can benefit you and your penis and how to improve your testosterone levels. [...]

5 Most Popular Types of Male Enhancement Surgery

Ever considered going under the knife for some penile enhancement surgery? If you’re hoping for a quick fix, and you’ve already tried other natural methods to enhance or enlarge your penis but simply aren’t happy with the results or time and dedication required to achieve [...]

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