Curing Peyronie’s Disease

Another detailed and informative article about the causes and solutions to peyronies disease. This article delves into more detail surrounding this medical condition whilst offering advice for those that suffer from bent penis syndrome.

If you were to ask most men if they were happy with their penises, most would say no.

Many would like to be able to increase the length and girth of their penis, and a few would love to have a straight shaft. Believe it or not, many men suffer from abnormal penis angulation and this disorder is known as Peryonies’s disease.

Whilst most men believe that they are stuck with the disease, there are actually techniques that can help improve this condition, and straighten the penis shaft out.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Men are commonly affected by Peyronie’s Disease in three different ways –

  1. A bent penis shaft
  2. Pain in the penis
  3. Lumps in the penis

In most cases, the first thing men notice is a painful lump in the penis shaft. Next, it’s common for the penis to then curve which is only noticeable when the penis if fully erect. In some of the most severe cases the penis can bend to extreme angles and can become extremely uncomfortable for the sufferer.

When the penis bends significantly, it can often cause problems during sexual performance.

The condition is caused by tough plaques that develop inside the penis shaft. The lumps can be extremely painful, and are what causes the penis to bend. The penis will naturally bend around the internal lumps, which creates a curving shaft.

The condition is most commonly known as Peyronie’s Disease, but the disease is also known as either Induratio penis plastica or, (CITA) Chronic Inflammation of Tunica Albuginea. Believe it or now, a whopping 1 in 3 men suffer from this condition or curvature of the penis.

Researches are not certain why this condition effects some men and not others, but believe the disease my be genetically passed on.

Curing Peyronie’s Disease with surgery

Those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease are often desperate to fix the condition, and one way you can do this is to have a surgical procedure. But, there is a problem. Not only is this kind of surgery extremely expensive, but there is no guarantee that it will be effective.

This dangerous procedure can produce disappointing results and the penis curve may still exist even after the surgery. But, it’s not just the low success rate that is the problem. Some patients have found that they have developed erectile dysfunction and severe penile numbness after the operation.

Both of these are a common risk of the surgery, and the negatives often outweigh the positives when it comes to this corrective procedure.

Using penis enlargement devices to cure Peyronie’s Disease

Don’t worry, if you have Peyronie’s Disease there is still hope. It was recently discovered that many of the top selling penis enlargement traction devices were not only able to boost the size of the penis, but these devices were also helping those with penis curvature.

Many of the top products such as the SizeGenetics have now been medically approved, and are now being recommended as a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Wearing a penis enlargement extender, will help to stretch out the penis, as well as reducing any bends in the penis.

Many penis enlargement devices allow you to add more traction to one side of the penis shaft, allowing you to gradually correct any noticeable curvature. This not only helps to improve the look of the penis, but these devices can also boost blood flow which will improve erections.

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