Erectile Dysfunction and Herbal Remedies: Do They Work?

The potential problems, pitfalls and risks associated with the usage of prescription medication for the treatment and alleviation of erectile dysfunction. Consideration is given to the usage of herbal remedies, with particular reference and consideration given to Ginkgo and Vitamin C.

The treatment of any disorder with the usage of medication is a contentious and controversial subject. There are concerns about the risks associated with such a course of action, including but not limited to:

  1. The development of tolerance and addiction to the medication in question
  2. The possibility that the medication prescribed may have adverse consequences and or side effects for the user
  3. The medication that is ingested may interact harmfully or even toxically with other medication
  4. The cost versus limited benefits

Therefore, even a condition such as erectile dysfunction which is considered a non-urgent medical matter, can prove to be an incredibly difficult challenge to overcome.

One of the typical medicines prescribed to combat erectile dysfunction is Viagra. The “little blue pill” as it has become more widely known, poses significant risks to the health and wellbeing of the user, especially in those who suffer from underlying cardiovascular and pulmonary pathologies. This in turn, significantly reduces the efficacy of the medicine.

Because of these concerns and issues, there has been a trend towards the reliance upon and usage of, herbal medication and supplements to combat the condition. Before we consider the issue of herbal supplements to treat erectile dysfunction directly, it is important to be aware of a very significant caveat relating to the issue which is as follows. Erectile dysfunction is a condition which is not solely caused by physiological problems, and can also be attributed to mental and emotional difficulties as well.

The reason that this distinction must be made is so that the reader is better enabled to understand how exactly particular supplements work. In doing so, it is hoped that the reader will then come to appreciate the objective truth about specific herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction rather than casually dismissing them out of hand as new age quackery.

Ginkgo is a herbal supplement that has proven itself to be especially popular among erectile dysfunction sufferers and the reason for this is due to the fact that it is especially effective in countering erectile dysfunction caused as a side effect of anti-depressant medication. Furthermore, there have been reports and studies commissioned that would suggest a tentative link between the consumption of Gingko and an elevation of mood.

This in turn would mean that the male would be able to rely upon the Ginkgo rather than anti-depressants to bolster low mood (which itself has been identified as a leading cause of erectile dysfunction).

Vitamin C herbal supplements have also been reported as having a very effective result for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and this attributable to the fact that Vitamin C bolsters and stimulates the circulation of blood around the body. Although there are dedicated Vitamin C supplements which contain nothing but this component, Vitamin C can also be found in an extremely wide variety of different fresh fruits, especially those of the citrus family.

Saw Palmetto is another natural supplement which is commonly recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One of the most beneficial properties that Saw Palmetto has to offer is that not only does it aid with the erectile dysfunction, but furthermore, it also serves to bolster and protect the prostate gland.

Before consuming any herbal supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, please ensure that you confide in your physician.