How to Overcome Retrograde Ejaculation

An overview of retrograde ejaculation, including its roots causes, its potential effects along with the remedies for combating it.

Suffering from retrograde ejaculation is not the easiest of things to contend with, and for many men, their misplaced and grossly exaggerated sense of machismo and male pride effectively limits and impedes their ability to confidentially seek help.

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Whenever the physiological process of male ejaculation occurs, semen which has been produced within the testicles will be expelled from the tip of the penis (the urethra) into the external environment. However, when retrograde ejaculation occurs, this means that the process is actually reversed and so the semen that is produced will be directed towards to the bladder chamber of the penis rather than the urethra.

What are the potential complications that can arise from retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation has been sometimes referred to as a “dry orgasm syndrome” and the reason for this is due to the fact that the sufferer will find that they will experience the sensation of ejaculation, without the pleasure associated with it. The absence of both the expulsion from the penis as well as pleasure will render the process redundant and potentially; this may also mean that in time, the libido of the sufferer will also diminish.

Clinical studies that have been conducted into the issue of retrograde ejaculation have also identified that there is the possibility of the condition affecting the risk of infertility arising within the male sufferer. The reason for this is due to the fact that the production and subsequent secretion and expulsion of the semen within the body is not achieved; thereby significantly reducing the odds of the fertilisation process from occurring.

Another potential complication that can arise as a consequence of the presence of retrograde ejaculation is the risk of unwanted pregnancy as well as the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The reason for this is that although retrograde ejaculation is primarily perceived to be a condition which inhibits and impairs the transmission of sperm from the penis; this does not mean to say that no sperm is released at all.

As such, the reliance upon the presence of retrograde ejaculation as a primary means of contraception in lieu of a condom or latex barrier cannot be condoned or advocated in any sense. Given that condoms are one of the most primarily effective means of ensuring and preventing the transmission of numerous sexually transmitted diseases; where such diseases are typically conveyed through the transmission of bodily fluids, their non-usage is of significant concern.

What are the causes of retrograde ejaculation?

There have been numerous studies conducted into the very issue of retrograde ejaculation and the studies have clearly identified a clear correlation between males who suffer from diabetes mellitus, and the development of the condition. This has been attributed to the fact that diabetics suffer from impairment of the cardiovascular system, thereby impairing the efficiency with which the blood is transported around the body and to the penis.

It would seem that certain types of antidepressants have also played a significant role in the development of the condition. Therefore, it is advised that males who are experiencing such symptoms report the issue to their physician who may benefit from alternate medication from their physician.

How to overcome retrograde ejaculation?

Decongestants and antihistamines have been identified as suitable for the treatment of the condition.

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