Avoid Permanent Injury When Jelqing

Jelqing is the hands on approach to increasing the size of the penis. We discuss options such as clamping and stretching the penis and how jelqing ultimately provides the safest route for enlarging the penis without the need for a device. Be warned however, jelqing takes time and if done incorrectly can either damage the penis or result in no increase what-so-ever.

After hearing horror stories of the repercussions of penis enlargement surgery, which include erectile dysfunction, inability to reach erection, intense pain and a 70% dissatisfaction rate, many men look for a more natural solution. We can build up the strengths of our muscles of our bodies by working out, but can we extend the length of the penis through simple stretching techniques?

The answer is yes – but bear in mind it is not a particularly easy process. This is going to take many months of exercise.

What we are talking about here is ‘jelqing’, the popular term given to manual exercises designed to extend the length of the penis. Performing these techniques is easy; performing them correctly and avoiding irreversible damage to the penis is the tough part.

There are a few techniques designed to extend the length of penis that have been performed for many hundreds of years, to various levels of success. ‘Clamping’ involves the use of a constricting device like a cock ring, over extended periods of light masturbation. This is designed to increase the girth of the penis, but is risky in that trapped blood in the penis can make the clamping device impossible to remove without emergency intervention. It is therefore strongly discouraged by medical practitioners.

‘Hanging’ is perhaps the oldest method utilized, where a weight is hung on the penis for 5-10 minutes. The weight of the device is slowly increased in size, and this process is designed to lengthen the penis over time. It too, comes with a high risk of injury, most commonly due to users increasing the weights on the device too quickly. This can cause irreparable damage to the penis.

The safest of these techniques is ‘jelqing’. The basic process is one of maintaining a semi-erect penis, and repeatedly drawing the head of the penis away from the body using the index finger and thumb. This, repeatedly done, promoted vascularity in the penis tissue.

Although noted here to be the safest of the manual stimulation techniques, jelqing should perhaps be regarded as the best of a bad bunch. The technique must be accurately performed for any effect, and without performing jelqing correctly you will be spending months pulling on your penis for no benefit.

Even worse, with the incorrect technique many men find themselves with a disfigured penis, where the head of the penis appears somewhat like a mushroom. The hand movements performed must be in the correct location, at the right pressure, performed at the correct times, and with adequate warm-up to the penis for correct effect.

Many men get frustrated at the slow results they are getting from jelqing, and this leads to pushing their body too far, causing long-lasting or permanent injury.

The proliferation of jelqing information on the web has led to misinformation, and ultimately injury. Whilst we do not wish to say jelqing is ineffective, it must be performed with correct prior research. It is too difficult to ascertain how to perform jelqing correctly simply from an internet forum; a product which contains video examples is important. Moreover, some of the best products on the market now are made to aid in the correct application of jelqing. Using these will greatly reduce the chance of injury, and greatly increase the actual benefits one gets from the jelqing process.

Jelqing is best combined by using a supporting extension product, with accurate instructions with safety measures in place. It can be combined with the use of penis enlargement pills to maximize the benefits of the technique. Above all, getting accurate information and performing the techniques correctly from the beginning, preferably from a video tutorial, will ensure that you do not damage your penis irreversibly.