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Nobody wants to go through the pain or expense of surgery, especially if the procedure might not work! In this article we look at a number of natural and safe methods you can use to increase the size of the penis whilst helping you to achieve permanent results.

If you’re looking for ways to naturally increase the size of your penis, then you’re in luck. These days there are tons of amazing natural penis products and techniques you can now use to not only improve the length of your penis, but also your penis girth.

Below we will be discussing the best natural penis enlargement techniques around at the moment, and how they could naturally increase the size of your penis with just minutes of daily practice…

Why you should choose natural penis enlargement…

Enlarging the size of your penis naturally is one of the quickest, safest and most cost effective ways to improve upon your current penis size.

Choosing the non-natural enlargement route (sure as surgery) will not only cost you a ton of cash, but these kinds of procedures can not guarantee that you’ll experience any improvement on your penis size, plus there is always the risk that something could go wrong during your surgery.

The high cost and the dangers involved with penis surgery are causing more and more men to try natural penis enlargement techniques instead.

Here are the most common types of natural penis enlargement products you’ll find around at the moment –

  • Natural patches and penis pills
  • Penis enlargement exercises
  • Penis pumps and vacuum systems
  • Weight based stretching systems

Natural enlargement patches and penis pills explained…

Using penis patches and penis pills is a great way to help boost the size of your penis. But, the only problem with these kind of penis enlargement products is that you will need to use a penis enlargement exercise program along side both the penis enlargement patches and natural penis enlargement pills.

Combining these approaches will help you see the very best gains, and the specialist penis enlargement techniques will compliment your chosen patch or pill perfectly. The carefully blended ingredients will increase blood flow to the penis, and encourage new and important tissue growth, improving both the length and girth of your penis.

Using your penis enlargement patches or natural penis enlargement pills alone will provide disappointing results, as many of these products have been specifically designed to work alongside a penis exercise program.Penis enlargement exercises explained…

As we have just mentioned using a natural penis product alongside a safe penis enlargement exercise program will help you to achieve great results. But, you can also use a penis enlargement exercise program alone. These specially designed penis exercises have helped many man improve their penis size by a number of inches.

These kinds of programs will usually come in a video based format to help you the user to perfectly recreate the exercises at home, ensuring that you get the very best results possible.

Penis pumps explained…

Penis pumps have been around for years now, and men all over the world have been using these kinds of vacuum based devices to help improve their penis size. The problem with penis pumps is that not only do you have to use them for hours on end to see the most disappointing of results, but these penis devices can often be quite dangerous to use.

Huge numbers of men have in fact caused damage to both their penis and testicles after prolonged penis pump use. These devices will soon start to damage the delicate penis tissue, and can eventually lead to both permanent ligament and blood cell damage.

Weight systems explained…

As you have probably already gathered, penis weights are designed to hung from your penis to try and increase the length of you penis. Again, with this techniques it can take many months of use to see even a slight improvement, but this type of penis enlargement equipment can again be dangerous to use.

Not only will it damage those delicate penile ligaments, but the stretching can also cause painful tissue damage. Sure, you penis may be a little a little longer after prolonged use, but you may find that the girth measurement of your penis may reduce as a result.

Natural penis enlargement, as rated by us…

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