Phalloplasty Surgery – Not Yet the Answer

Phalloplasty surgery is an aggressive method of increasing the size and girth of the penis. Not only is it an expensive method of penile enlargement but the results can often be very disappointing whilst post phalloplasty surgery can be extremely painful potentially leaving long term damage and dysfunction to the penis.

Phalloplasty surgery is the use of surgery on a penis, or to create an artificial penis for those born as women. However, we will focus on the use of phalloplasty as a means to change the size of the penis. Many men are dissatisfied by the length or girth of their penis, and can see phalloplasty surgery as a method to increase their penis size.

The penis is more than simply a sexual organ; it is intrinsically linked in a man’s mind to his own self worth, his manhood. Having a larger penis will allow men to lead a more fulfilling life, with boosted self-confidence and a better sex life, being able to better satisfy women in bed.

As plastic surgery has been with us for a number of decades now, it has become more and more accepted, and more prevalent. It seems it is simple to spend an afternoon in a plastic surgeon’s office to get yourself a new nose, instant weight loss, or change anything you want about your physical appearance.

Money is the only object, is it not? One would think that surgery on the penis, the most important organ to the male, would now be simple and straightforward. Sadly, phalloplasty surgery still has a long way to go before being anything but a last resort for men.

The penis is a complicated organ – and this has made it very difficult for surgeons to perform surgery to increase its size without causing disastrous irreversible side effects. There are two main forms of phalloplasty surgery available for penis enlargementlengthening the penis and widening the penis.

Girth Enhancement Surgery

Let us look at the options available for girth enhancement first. These are arguably the most successful of the penis enlargement phalloplasty options, and men who have undergone the procedures for increased girth of the penis report a much higher success rate than men who increase the length of their penis through surgery.

To increase the girth of the penis, the most common form of phalloplasty in use today involves pumping silicone, PMMA or a similar material directly into the penis. Much of this material is absorbed, but can leave the patient with a penis with a wider girth. Studies have shown men can expect to see an increase in girth of between 0.7-1.0 inches.

The downside to this surgery is that it comes with a high risk of complications – inability to gain erection, inability to perform sexual intercourse, scarring, deformation and a drop in sensation. For these reasons, doctors will only suggest a surgical solution to increase the girth of a man’s penis if he has an extremely small penis that is causing pronounced emotional distress.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

Penis lengthening surgery is more sought after, as a cosmetic change. The most common surgery for penis lengthening to date involves extending the third of the penis that is naturally held within the body. This third of the penis is attached to the pubic bone, and the lengthening procedure involved detaching the ligament. This allows the penis to hang outside the body more, effectively increasing its length.

After surgery, the patient must perform stretching exercises which stops the ligament from re-attaching in the original position. This process will generally result in a 2-3 cm lengthening of the penis, but once again comes with a high chance of negative side effects. Performing stretching exercises will be painful. Over 70% of patients who undergo the procedure have reported they were dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied with the procedure.

In summary, phalloplasty for cosmetic reasons has far to come before it is a viable option for men looking to increase their penis size. It will only be prescribed by a doctor as an extreme last option, due to the pain, possible complications, and unsatisfactory results.

The best approach for penis enlargement at this point in time is either a penis enlargement device which stretches the penis or a penis enlargement exercise program (which combines the use of pills to increase blood flow). Both of these methods have been medically and clinicially proven to increase size whilst remaining completely safe and pain free whilst costing a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for surgery.

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