The Dangers of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is an expensive, dangerous and painful method of enlarging the penis. Many people think surgery can give them the size they’ve always dreamed of, however the size can be minimal when compared to the physical and emotional drain penis enlargement surgery can have on the body.

More and more men are concerned about the size of their penis. If you were to ask the majority of men, they would happily add an inch more to their penis length or size. Luckily, you no longer have to put up with your god given size, as there are a variety of penis enhancing procedures and products that can boost the size of your manhood.

A lot of men dream about surgical penile enlargement, but for most this type of procedure is way too expensive. But, it’s not just the cost that ends up putting guys off. It’s also the fact that this kind of medical penile enlargement can be very dangerous, and comes with a ton of risks.

So, would you really take the huge risks involved with surgery to add just a few inches to your penis?

Surgical penile enlargements and the risks involved

As with any form of surgery, there are plenty of risks involved. Even the aesthetic itself can be dangerous, and there are no guarantees that the surgery will be complication free. But, when it comes to cosmetic alterations such as penis enlargement surgery, this is a risk that many are willing to take.

The biggest problem with this kind of surgery is that the surgeon has to cut certain tendons in order to improve the shaft size. As a result the penis will no longer be able to stand erect, and will instead hang. Yes, the penis will still be able to become fully erect, but this can cause some problems during intercourse.

The next issue that you have to deal with is the pain associated with the procedure. For many, they only suffer mild pain and discomfort after the surgery, but for some they encounter sever pain that can last for weeks if not months after the procedure.

In some cases, patients have experienced deformations in the penis, and an overall lack of sensitivity. Both of these are fairly common side effects, and can reduce the pleasure of intercourse.
Another common effect from the surgery is that blood circulation is often reduced. This may have an effect on the erection, and in some rarer cases it can lead to erectile problems or dysfunction.

Medical penile enlargement success

Many men assume that penis surgery can increase the size of their penis by many inches, but in fact the penis size may only increase by a small percentage. It’s important that you have a realistic outcome in mind.

Even the most successful of procedures are only able to boost penis size by a very small amount (between 0.5cm 1.6cm in length), and men are often disappointed by the results.

If you are considering this kind of procedure, make sure that you discuss the end results with a doctor before you get your hopes up.

Two main types of penis surgery available

  1. Penile lengthening surgery
  2. Surgery to increase penile girth / thickness: These include –
    • Injection of liposuction fat
    • Skin grafts
    • Inflatable implants

Penile enlargement cons

  • High penile enlargement surgery cost
  • Disappointing results
  • Common side effects

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