The Evolution of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is older than you think. The fascination with increasing the size of the penis is not a recent revelation – oh no, men have been looking to get a bigger penis since ancient times when weights, stretching and even more gruesome methods of enlargement the male genitalia were used. Find out how penis enlargement has evolved and how various safe, natural and pain-free methods can be used to help you gain those extra inches quickly and easily.

Believe it or not, it’s not just modern man who wanted to increase the size of his penis. In fact, men have been trying to boost the penis size for thousands of years.

Most folks assume that its only recently that men have started to be concerned with their penis size, but history shows us that even early cave men were trying to come up with ways to increase the size of their genitals.

It seems that men have always been fascinated with their penis size, and have forever been looking for ways to make their genitals bigger.

Penis enlargement, it’s been around longer than you’d think

History has recently revealed that men were trying to improve the size of their penis thousands of years ago. We can be sure that devices and various techniques were used to help boost penis size, but we can not know for sure if any of these techniques were at all successful.

One thing is for sure… the ancient techniques that men used would certainly have been painful, and many may have caused serious injury to their genitals. One techniques that has been used time and time again is a weight or hanging system. This penis enlargement practice has been around for centuries, and remarkably this is still a popular choice among men today.

This outdated technique is not only very dangerous, but the results it achieves are usually very disappointing. The heavy weight systems need to be worn for long periods of time, and the constant strain on the penis can cause a wide variety of problems including permanent ligament damage.

This technique is primarily used to add length to the penis, but any improvement in size is often only temporary. The stretching of the penis can also reduce the girth of the penis in the process, and more often than not the base of the penis remains thick, whilst the end of the penis tapers off, creating an unattractive uneven look.

Penis enlargement techniques: The next generation

Thankfully things have moved on in the world of penis enlargement, and techniques have come on in leaps and bounds. There are more penis enlargement products on the market than ever before, and plenty of techniques for you to choose from.

Some of the most successful penis enlargement devices are able to add anything up to 3 whole inches to the length/girth of your penis. Specialist devices like the SizeGenetics enlargement extender use traction to help boost penis size.

Along with these penis devices there are also exercise programs and supplements that can be used in combination to increase your overall penis size.

These daily exercises have proven to be very popular, and if they are used in conjunction with the right supplements you can expect some impressive gains.

The most popular penis enlargement techniques around

  • Weight / Hanging Systems
  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis Exercises
  • Penis Pills and Penis Patches
  • Traction Based Enlargement Devices

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