Fastsize Review (Discontinued)


Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of Fastsize, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We’d recommend checking out SizeGenetics as a suitable alternative.

With a guarantee to increase the size of your penis by at least 25 to 35% in both length and girth (the measurement of thickness), FastSize pins its reputation and effectiveness on the fact that if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!

Being the only FDA registered penile traction device we’ve come across [assets of Fastsize have since been confiscated by the U.S. Marshalls service on the request of the FDA who found the Fastsize product unsuitable and unsafe for use], whilst also having been proven to be 100% effective in an IRB reviewed clinical trial, FastSize offers a clear contender to the likes of SizeGenetics whilst claiming to be the number one penis extender for 10 years running – bold claims indeed.

Device wise, FastSize follows the same formula as other enlargement devices using smooth durable plastic supports and metal bar extension rods. The FastSize device does employ the use of the noose design (which you’ll find on the majority of half decent enlargement devices to aid support and comfort) and with the use of additional pads the device can be worn with relative comfort for prolonged periods.

Despite the ease of use and generally good comfort we still feel that SizeGenetics provides better comfort overall thanks to its unique comfort strap however this doesn’t mean the FastSize penis enlarger should be dismissed as this product has a lot going for it!

The FastSize website is very well presented and highly informative – what we really liked was the fact that the site is very clinical, focusing on results and effectiveness rather than incorporating aggressive sales copy (a trait that you’ll find on the majority of competitor website’s).

You will find the usual informative pages such as product information, user testimonials and doctors approval, however to find a lot of further information you need to have a good search around the site as a lot of content is not directly accessible via the primary navigation.

Two key features of the site we really liked were the size calculator (found on the main page of the site) that allows you to use your current size to work out how much gain you expect over a period of 3-12 months and the Videos & Media tab (located on the main page also) that provides a more interactive way of learning what FastSize is and How it Works.

As FastSize also incorporates an informative and highly active forum, the number of satisfied customers is clear to see – you’ll find 18 testimonials on the main FastSize website, however delve into their forum and you’ll even more testimonials and discussion threads on the subject of achievable results.

As well as their own online presence, FastSize has also been featured on WebMD (the leading source for health and medical news) and Men’s Health (a focused magazine available in both print and online).

Price wise FastSize costs $249.99 for the Extender Basic package or $299.99 for the Extender Advanced package. An additional package, specially targeted towards those with Peyronie’s disease which consists of the basic package plus the inclusion of the FastSize Peyronie’s Protocol and information booklet is available for $269.99.

Additional parts, accessories and literature can be purchased alongside your device or separately. By default all packages come with the FastSize device, spare parts, user manual, instructional DVD, tape measure and carrying bag.


Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of Fastsize, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable penis extender, we’d suggest reading our SizeGenetics review.

All orders include a full 6 month money back guarantee [owing to the seizure of Fastsize assets – namely the penis enlargement device – totalling nearly $367,000, a money back guarantee for existing customers is extremely unlikely] whereby if you don’t see any gains within the period you get purchase full refunded. All deliveries are shipping unmarked, plain white boxes whilst the FastSize extender warranty covers all metal components for a period of 1 year. Plastic parts however are not covered by the warranty.

As with many online businesses ordering can be made directly online by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Paypal, Bank wire and money order. The order process is split into 5 clearly marked stages however the for those who don’t like to order things online, you can phone FastSize support team directly and place your order over the telephone. Support are also well versed in the usage of the FastSize device so if you have any presale questions, these are the guys to talk to [further enquiries into the Fastsize brand were met with highly abusive language by Fastsize customer support].

For those that don’t want to contact customer support yet want some further information that the Fastsize website doesn’t offer, FastSize also offers a number of free brochures and, although only available to individuals located in the USA or Canada, do offer some insightful information and advice on FastSize, Erectile Quality Monitoring and Peyronie’s treatment.


Since writing our initial review of FastSize (above) there have been a number of developments in regards to the FastSize penis enlargement device. Due to these changes and pending legal action we strongly recommend AGAINST the purchase of FastSize.

Issue 1: FastSize closed their affiliate network promotions leaving thousands of online marketers financially out of pocket – an indication that the company is in severe financial difficulties. This clear sign of financial difficulties may also potentially result in FastSize’s inability to honor any guarantees pertaining to the return or refund of orders placed.

Issue 2: On attempting to contact Fastsize in regards to issue #1 (above) their customer support team was verbally and aggressively abuse as to our enquiries and was unwilling to provide any appropriate response.

Issue 3: US Marshalls, acting on the requests of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have seized nearly $367,000 worth of product stock due to the manufacturing facilities for FastSize, not meeting the cGMP regulation standards resulting in an inadequate quality of device. Full details if the seizure of FastSize assets can be found here.

Conclusion: Due to the financial and quality issues of FastSize combined with the highly abusive communication given by their customer support team we strongly recommend NOT purchasing Fastsize. If you do or have order a FastSize device and have yet to receive your order, it is very unlikely that your purchase will be honored.

We have therefore not rated or included voting options for this product and strongly suggest you consider buying an alternative yet similar product via the ‘view similar products’ button below.


Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of Fastsize, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We’d highly recommend checking out SizeGenetics – a high quality, very effective and established alternate penis extender.

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