Penis Enhancement Patches

Penis Enlargement Patches are a simple and convenient way of giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to maximise your erection strength, size and power along with your sexual performance between the sheets.

A penis patch is simply a sticky plaster (Band aid) that has been infused with a blend of natural erection enhancing ingredients that are delivered directly through the skin by the method of transdermal delivery.

This method of delivering nutrients is thought to be a very effective method of getting ingredients into your body. Instead of travelling through your digestive system (as with penis enhancement pills) where they can lose some of their effectiveness, the nutrients are passed through your skin and directly into your blood stream.

Once here it travels around the body and gets to work, quickly and effectively.

Penis patches are nothing new, as an example many smokers use patches infused with nicotine to try and help stop their cravings while they give up smoking.

Penis enhancement patches usually last for 3-4 days before they need replacing.

Many men consider them to be far more convenient method instead of having to remember to take pills up to 4 times a day.

Containing natural ingredients, one of their key purposes is to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the body. This is crucial to blood flow, and to get a solid and long lasting erection we need good blood flow.

“Good Blood Flow = Strong Erections”

Manufacturers of these products are actually few and far between.

Over the years there have been a number of penile patches released (such as Maxipatch and Opitpatch which have since been discontinued), whilst these days the choice of male enhancement patches is somewhat limited with the likes of Proenhance as one of the most popular, recognised brands.

Although the range of penis patches is limited, I personally feel these type of product are a great means of male enhancement, especially for those that struggle to remember or consume tablet based products.

ProEnhance Review

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Vimax Patch Review

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Optipatch Review (Discontinued)

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Discontinued Product Since writing our review of MaxiPatch, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We’d recommend that you purchase ProEnhance penis patches instead. Unfortunately since writing our initial review MaxiPatch has been discontin [...]

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