MaxiPatch Review (Discontinued)

Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of MaxiPatch, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We’d recommend that you purchase ProEnhance penis patches instead.

Unfortunately since writing our initial review MaxiPatch has been discontinued hence is no longer available for purchase.

From the manufacturer who brought us the hugely popular Performer5 volume pill comes Maxipatch, a new and unique penis enhancement and enlargement patch. As with penis pills, patches alone do not increase the size of the penis so Maxipatch have put great emphasis on their dual male enhancement patch system.

By combining Maxipatch with the hugely successful PenisHealth exercise program, Maxipatch have developed a product that not only produces stronger erections and increases blood flow to the penis but also provides the ability to increase the length and girth of the penis.

Unlike pills or drinks which are absorbed orally and can lose up to 90% of their nutrients through your digestive system before they actually reached the sales were nutrients needed, Maxipatch uses transdermal technology allowing the ingredients to be absorbed directly through the skin in exactly the same way as a nicotine patch (for example).

  • Totally unique, highly potent ingredient formula
  • Includes top rated penis exercise program – PenisHealth (now discontinued also)
  • Massive array of bonuses on larger orders
  • Free shipping – no hidden costs
  • 6 month money back guarantee

In terms of ingredients, Maxipatch contains a unique and proven selection of natural ingredients that you will not find in any other penis enlargement patch on the market – Tongkat Alli (dubbed Asian Viagra is known for its ability to boost your libido, increase sexual desire and treat erectile dysfunction), Pomegranate (a super fruit that has been referred to as nature’s natural Viagra which not only improves erections and increases the production of sperm there has also been proven to fight heart disease and boost men’s sexual drive), Guarana (a fruit are known to improve sexual stamina whilst acting as a potent stimulant) and Horny Goat Weed (also referred to as Epimedium, an ingredient that dates back to ancient Chinese medicine an axe as a powerful and time-tested aphrodisiac that results in an increase in the libido).

All these natural ingredients combine to provide a penis enhancement patch that can start working in as little as 30 minutes helping to increase your sex drive and achieve stronger harder erections.

Maxipatch is priced at $68.95 for a one-month (10 patch) supply (that’s around $2.30 per day) up to $358.95 for a full 12 month package. The large order you purchase, the more money you can expect to save – the daily cost dropping to as low as $0.98 on those bigger packages.

Smaller order values might seem rather expensive however you mustn’t forget that you’re buying a dual system, the price of which also includes the online version of PenisHealth which is priced at $49.95 – ultimately a one-month supply of Maxipatch technically only costs $19 which results in a daily cost of $0.63 which is very very competitive.

This means that for $0.63 per day you’ve not only got the potential to increase the strength of your penis and your libido, but you’ve also got the leading penis exercise program (PenisHealth) that will enable you to increase this length and girth of your penis. Whether you wish to use one or both parts of the dual system is entirely up to you – either way is excellent value for money.

Large orders attract additional bonuses such as the physical version of PenisHealth, the LoveCentria DVD sex guide as well as three bottles of Maximum Pills and boxes of MaleExtra.

MaxiPatch Product Photos

The product might be discontinued and unavailable for purchase, however you can still checkout the photos we took when we had chance to test and review MaxiPatch.

Purchase can be made online using a credit card, over the phone via the Maxipatch 24 hour customer support team or by mail order (however using the mail order option can be rather slow for obvious reasons). The Maxipatch website has a very professional design and clearly reflects the distinct package branding of the Maxipatch product box.

The site also contains concise information on the ingredients used, the key reasons for choosing a patch as well as customer testimonials, information on their six month money back guarantee and customer care information.

All order values come with free, discreet shipping however if you require tracked and guaranteed shipping within 2 to 3 days a premium paid shipping service is available.

In conclusion, on face value Maxipatch looks quite an expensive product however when you realize that each order of Maxipatch comes with the hugely popular PenisHealth exercise program this product becomes a very competitively priced penis enhancement and enlargement patch.

With a selection of powerful natural and proven ingredients and a delivery system that effectively works in under 30 minutes Maxipatch provides the best value and best results of any penis enhancement/enlargement patch on market. Its also worth noting that Maxipatch has not followed the very similar ingredient list of other enlargement patches so this is a truly unique penis enlargement patch and way ahead of the competition.

A well-deserved five-star rating!

Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of MaxiPatch, this product has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We’d recommend that you purchase ProEnhance penis patches instead.

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