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The ProEnhance penis enlargement patch is, to all intense purposes a better branded and packaged version of Vimax Patch (which in our review achieved an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5).

Although its pricing is around $10 more expensive you get a lot more for you money and the ability to achieve much better results so given the choice we’d definitely choose ProEnhance over the Vimax Patch.

With a 100% natural list of ingredients, ProEnhance pitches itself as the hassle free and effective method of increasing the size of the penis – why worry about remembering to take a penis enlargement pill when you can simply slap on a patch and forget about it for 3 days whilst it works its magic!

ProEnhance Website Screenshot
ProEnhance Website Screenshot

Ingredients wise ProEnhance offers the exact list of ingredients as Vimax patch. Ginseng for improved fertility and sexual performance, Fo-Ti (or He Shou Wu as its also known) which increases erection strength as well as improving general health, Gotu Kola (also known as Centella Asiatica) for increased erection strength and stamina, Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) which although helping with impotence has been linked to causing issues when diagnosing prostate cancer, Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca Ward) which aids blood flow, energy ad sexual response and Menthol which helps the patch technology to work and be absorbed via the skin a lot, lot easier.

Patch for patch Proenhance vs Vimax Patch is an identical product however ProEnhance does offer a better, more rounded product hence is higher, 4 star rating in our review.

The Key Pros and Cons of ProEnhance

  • Identical ingredients to Vimax Patch
  • Professional website with attractive bonuses
  • 10 patches per months supply
  • Exercise program offered on 2+ month orders
  • Free shipping

Despite offering the same ingredients as other patches such as Vimax Patch, ProEnhance has been continuously updated and improved to meet the needs of it’s customers. A modern website, free shipping, bonuses and importantly a decent jelqing exercise program that will actually yield results means ProEnhance gets a thumbs up from me and as a result is our recommended penile enhancement and enlargement patch. It’d definitely worth buying!

The first thing to note is the inclusion of the online Erection System Membership that comes with ProEnhance and is included for free with all orders of 2 months or more. Penis patches alone do not allow the penis to be enlarged (a misconception that a lot of consumers have) however the Erection System Membership provides unlimited access to a large selection of penis enlargement exercises which effectively promote the enlargement process – for best results you’ll want to utilize this exercise program.

ProEnhance also offers a superior month back guarantee compared to its near identical counterpart (Vimax patch only offers a 2 month money back guarantee) whilst the details of the guarantee are a lot more concise and easier to understand – for your full refund you’ll need to try the product for a minimum of 90 days (hence you’ll need to purchase a 3 month order supply) and if you’re not 100% satisfied you need to return the empty and remaining contains with 180 days of your purchase date (6 months).

ProEnhance Product Photos

We’ve bought it, it’s been delivered – take a look at our amateur photos of the ProEnhance product box and what exactly you get with a 1 month purchase.

ProEnhance costs between $68.95 for a 1 month (10 patch) supply up to $358.95 for a full years supply and comes in a thin, sleek blue and white product box – the larger order values see savings of up to $468 as well as numerous bonuses such as free month supplies of VolumePills and ProSolution pills. Annoyingly payment is taken via a 3rd party off-site provider which really breaks up the flow and consistency of the user experience.

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Although the website states that free shipping is only available on larger orders to US customers we found that all order values (regardless of location) come with a free, none tracked shipping option. This information definitely needs updating on the main website!

Website wise the ProEnhance website has recently undergone an overhaul – the site is very professional and provides a wealth of information about the product and how the patch technology works. You’ll also find full details of the ingredients formulation, doctor endorsements as well as 3 real customer testimonials. It would be really good to see more testimonials though!

In conclusion ProEnhance offers a penis enlargement patch with average ingredients – since its original formulation, better ingredient alternatives have arisen however this isn’t to say that ProEnhance isn’t effective! What makes ProEnhance really stand out for its identical ingredient competitor Vimax Patch is the level of support, more advanced exercise program, free shipping on all order values and superior money back guarantee.


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