Air Pumps vs Water Pumps

Penis pumps; already a controversial subject within both the sex industry and the medical profession have came under even more scrutiny in recent times thanks to the launch of the new water-based penis pumps. With opinions polarised and the average consumer baffled by the science and statistics that is being cited; just what is the truth of the matter?

The usage of penis pumps was one upon a time, considered to be the sole domain of the medical field, with penis pump devices utilised for therapeutic purposes to treat and combat the issues of premature ejaculation and other vascular related pathologies which interfered with the healthy functioning of the penis.

There has been a growing trend for these items to be utilised within the mainstream population, with males looking to either enhance the length of their erection, or its duration. However, with progress comes teething problems and in the context of penis pumps, this serves as no exception.

One major issue that has arisen in recent times has been the efficacy and reliability of air based pumps versus the usage of water based pumps.

It is worth noting that there is a significant degree of overlap between air penis pumps and water penis pumps in that both seek to increase the length of the penis via the usage of a differentiation of pressure between the pump and the penis tissue.  Water based penis pumps and air based ones also share another common trait: the results that they provide are intended solely for short-term usage and are therefore only temporary.

However, there have been increasing concerns as to the number of unscrupulous traders who have attempted to rely upon a combination of pseudo-science combined with a very hefty dose of persuasive sales pitching to convince consumers that they will be able to achieve and sustain a dramatic improvement in the length and girth of their penis.  This has been especially problematic within the niche of water-based penis pumps, where outlandish claims that a man will be able to add an approximate 30% to the size of their penis is justified and rationalised on the basis that the usage of water makes for a more potent suction and vacuum effect.

A common misconception that people have regarding water-based penis pumps is that they will actually engorge the penile tissue with the Corpus Chamber with water to achieve the desired effect. Nothing could be further from the truth and indeed, were this genuinely true, then the male who was using the pump would find his health in jeopardy!

Water pumps instead achieve the acquired result by being filled with water and then providing a suction effect as the water is then slowly drained out from the internal chamber within the pump.

One argument that can be made with regards to water based penis pumps is that they provide the male with the advantage of convenience. The reason for this is that when the male is showering or is in the bath tub, he will already be alone and be ensured a certain degree of privacy. Filling up the pump with water and then proceeding to apply it to the penis itself can be done with total discretion and without the dreaded tell-tale sign that the penis air pumps are now notorious the world over for!

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