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The Bathmate Hydromax series of penis pumps positions itself as the mid-priced and mid-feature hydropump in the Bathmate range.

It’s more expensive than the Hydro7 devices (the original and most basic Bathmate pump) however offers more pressure and comfort. On the flipside, its cheaper and considerably less accessory rich compared to the top of the line HydroXtreme series of pumps.

The Hydromax series (which replaces the previous Hydromax X20, X30, X40 and X50 range) ultimately offers a more varied selection of sizes and benefits that a more serious user would want and expect providing more progressive results without having to break the bank cost wise.

Given its middle of the road features and pricing, it’s no wonder this is the most popular and best-selling penis pump from the overall Bathmate range.

Bathmate Hydromax7 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax7 Penis Pump

In this review we’ve got a clear Bathmate Hydromax7 (previously known as the Hydromax X30) – there is no major notable change to the device itself since renaming it back at the beginning of 2019, just subtle tweaks to the retail packaging and logos on the measurement scale.

The Hydromax7 is a midsized device (the same size as the HydroXtreme7) and provides the perfect fit for those over 3” in erect length wanting to reach between 5 to 7”.

The full lineup of Hydromax penis pumps consists of 4 devices, each available in clear, blue or red and tailored to the users specific length or girth requirements.

If you’re not sure which Bathmate is worth buying, or how to measure yourself correctly so you buy the correct Bathmate hydro pump, make sure you check out my insightful article which answers the question Which Bathmate Should I Get?


Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying a Bathmate device or learning more from the official website?

Simply click here to browse the full range of Hydromax series devices – if you do decide to buy I’ll then get a small commission which helps me keep this site running (not to mention giving you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Bathmate Hydromax Unboxing

Arriving in a non-branded plain white shipping box, the packaging is as discreet as you would hope given the potentially embarrassing nature of its contents.

Other than the mention of DX Products as the sender (the parent company behind Bathmate) and the contents quoted as being a “water pump” the delivery by DHL was, as you’d expect and hope, very discreet.

Having removed the shipping container, you’re presented with the Hydromax7 retail box – a black, streamlined cardboard box with high quality print and imagery that would look very presentable on the shelf in an offline sex toy shop.

Bathmate Hydromax7 Retail Box
Bathmate Hydromax7 Retail Box

There are subtle differences between the Bathmate X30 and the newly updated Hydromax7 retail boxes, the use of the Hydromax7 logo and some additional splashes of colour, but that’s about it.

Size wise the box is considerably smaller than the whopping HydroXtreme version; it measures just 30cm x 9cm x 9cm, weighing in at 368g with the packaging and pump device combined.

Opening up the top of the retail box, there is a simple plastic insert that holds the pump in place during transit and other than the device itself, that’s pretty much it.

Bathmate Hydromax Pump

Out of the box and at first glance the Hydromax7 looks and feels like a quality penis pump – the build quality and overall design reflects the long standing reputation of this mass produced hydrotherapy pump.

It’s not too heavy weighing in at 305g with the included comfort insert pad attached, 257g without however with water added this weight does obviously increase, so it’s worth ensuring you purchase the right size and don’t simply opt for the biggest Hydromax9 version.

One big negative that I’ve identified that is specific to the Bathmate devices (and something that Penomet doesn’t seem to suffer from perhaps due to the greater width of cylinder) is water retention.

Essentially water retention is where the penis absorbs water during the pumping process which can result in a donut type ring on the penis.

By not pumping too hard, and taking your sessions slowly (as we’d suggest for any penis pump – hydro or otherwise) you can aim to avoid this rather unsightly and marginally uncomfortable build up of fluid however ensuring you have the correct sized penis pump can further help to reduce the side effects and occurance of the “donut effect”.

At the top of the Bathmate Hydromax you’ll find a rounded release valve mechanism, identical to the one found on the rather basic Hydro7 device.

It’s simple enough to use, setting the black pip in the centre to a central “open” position which allows free flow of water and pressure release through the valve whilst clicking the pip left/right into the closed position equally stops the flow of water.

As we made apparent in our HydroXtreme review, the release valve mechanism on the Bathmate does lag behind the ergonomic design of the easy to use release valve on the Penomet.

It’s quite hard to move between the open/closed position and rather fiddly if you end up over pumping and need to release pressure (something that can be additionally difficult under wet circumstances).

That said the valve is more sturdy and compact compared to the Penomet, whilst Bathmate offers a replacement release valve mechanism which you can quite easily swap out and replace in the event you drop your Hydromax and the valve becomes defective or broken.

There is a slight bubble of plastic as we progress down the cylinder of the penis pump – this is where you can affix a shower strap which can be purchased as a separate accessory – following which the cylinder opens up to its full width; an internal diameter of 6cm without the comfort pad and just over 5cm with it inserted.

On the side of the cylinder you’ll find a sticker that features a simple centimetre and inches measurement scale – the sticker also includes various logos and the all-important PID number.

The PID uniquely identifies your device and can be used to register your Bathmate penis pump on the official website.

Not only does this allow you to verify that you’ve purchased a legitimate and authentic Bathmate, it also activates your 2-year manufacturing warranty (which we’d recommend you activate via the following link as soon as you take receipt of your purchase).

Moving further down the pump is where we see the big noticeable difference compared to the cheaper (original) Hydro series penis pump.

The bellow (which is the same on the HydroXtreme series) has been redesigned both in terms of material and size; what this means is better comfort and stronger attainable pressure when pumping and using the Bathmate Hydromax device.

So what has specifically changed in regards to the Bathmate bellow and how has it resulted in a leap forward in terms of the effectiveness of the Hydromax and its ability to achieve the stated 35% more power?

Hydromax7 Silicone Bellow
Hydromax7 Silicone Bellow

Well it comes down to two factors.

Firstly the material of the bellow – both are made from rubber, but the Hydromax uses silicone rather than latex rubber.

The silicone version is man made, more durable, retains its shape better, not to mention being better for your skin and harbouring considerably less bacteria (although regardless, you should always give your Bathmate a good wash after every use).

These improvements from the use of silicone don’t increase the power the bellow can produce though and that is where the Shore rating of the bellow (a scale by which we measure the hardness of a material) comes into play.

Compared to the Hercules/Hydro7 pump, the Hydromax bellow has a higher Shore rating – it feels more rigid and a little harder to pump – but equally generates more pressure and thanks to improved durability and retaining its shape, silicone is a much better rubber (when compared to latex) especially for higher Shore ratings.

You only need to look at the Penomet and its unique interchangeable gaiters to understand that an identical sized bellow with higher, harder silicone can result in more pressure and suction, or as Bathmate calls it – power!

Secondly the length and design of the bellow has been changed and this ties in with the change from latex to silicone.

Due to the Shore rating increasing to generate considerably more power, the length of the bellow can be greatly reduced – the shorter bellow, with a stronger Shore rating (or resistance) still results in far superior pressure being produced when you pump compared to that of the previous Hercules/Hydro7 version.

Comfort Pad Insert

Given the improvements to the bellow pump of the Hydromax, the positives of increasing pressure by roughly 35% can mean that pumping down onto the groin region (especially if being used on a daily basis or if you suffer from quite soft, sensitive skin) can not only be uncomfortable, but even potentially leave a physical indent mark on your skin (basically a ring around the base of your penis).

The addition of the Hydromax Long Insert (which notably does NOT fit the Hydro7 series of Bathmate pumps), bridges the gap providing a spongy but firm layer of padding for your pumping sessions.

Bathmate Comfort Pad Insert
Bathmate Comfort Pad Insert

There are 4 different sizes of Long Insert Comfort Pad, each specific to the size of device you own (so if you need a replacement, ensure you purchase the version that fits your specific Hydromax version).

As already highlighted earlier in my review, with the Hydromax7 you lose around 1cm diameter with the comfort pad inserted so the internal diameter drops from 6cm to 5cm overall.

Something to take note of if you’re a little more girthy than most.


Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying a Bathmate device or learning more from the official website? Simply click here to view the full range of devices from the Bathmate Hydromax series – if you do decide to buy I’ll then get a small commission which helps me keep this site running (not to mention giving you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Additional Recommended Accessories

Unlike the HydroXtreme which comes with a wealth of accessories as standard, with the Hydromax series you literally get the hydro pump and the comfort insert.

Bathmate have, over the last year seriously grown the number of optional extras that you can purchase in addition to the main Bathmate pump you purchase.

There are currently 21 different accessories and 4 warranty upgrades you can purchase beyond the main penis pump device however i personally and honestly feel that just 2 accessories are truly crucial and really worth buying (beyond the inclusion of the long insert comfort pad) especially if your on a really tight budget.

Shower Strap

Priced at a relatively reasonable $30, if your sessions are going to be primarily “shower” rather than “bath” based, a Bathmate Shower Strap is a pretty essential piece of kit.

Bathmate Shower Strap
Bathmate Shower Strap

Sure you could simply hold the device for the duration of your pumping session, but for those using the device for a full 5 day week with 2 rest days thrown in, especially if you’ve worked yourself fully up to a 20 (or even 30) minute sessions, the weight of that water filled cylinder is very quickly cause quite a strain on your arm as you hold it in place!

Capsule Case

For a carry case at almost $50 it might seem like a rather expensive indulgence!

If however you travel regularly or plan on discarding the retail box that came with your purchase, the Bathmate Capsule Case is an absolute must have in my opinion.

It’s black and made from a rather flexible and robust plastic, with no logos or identifying marks to indicate the contents.

Bathmate Capsule Case
Bathmate Capsule Case

On the rear of the case you’ll find a hand strap which can also be used to hang the case up on a peg, whilst the metal finish silvery grey zip features two zippers each with a loophole allowing you to secure you penis pump away from prying eyes (albeit with no padlock included or available via the accessory store).

The case provides a very snug fit for your Hydromax penis pump, but there is just about enough room for a shower strap and a couple of other smaller accessories such as a replacement valve pack, ruler, cushion ring or one of the power rings.

It’s a bit of an investment for the price however the Bathmate capsule carry case really will provide your Bathmate with some additional protection, padding and ultimately peace of mind whilst reducing the risk of your devices getting accidentally damaged, broken or discovered.

Bathmate Hydromax7 Product Photos

Prior to starting my testing of the Hydromax7 (previously known as the Bathmate X30), I’ve taken a number of photos to illustrate what you get for your money. Unlike many fake review sites which have never actually “touched” a Bathmate product, let alone actually used it, all my reviews are based on having products right in front of me.

Bathmate Hydromax Sizes & Pricing

The Hydromax series comes in 4 different sizes, with the Hydromax7 Wide Boy and Hydromax9 versions offering not just greater length potential but also a wider cylinder allowing those with a larger girth (up to 7.6″ or 19cms) to use the device.

When selecting your device you should always choose the size that best suits your starting size, as although all devices can technically be used with a minimum penile length of 3 inches, having a cylinder that is too large can increase the potential of fluid retention whilst also making the device unnecessarily heavy due to the increased amount of water required to fill the Bathmate device.

Notably Bathmate provide this really useful size calculator to help you find the right pump version based on your current length and girth, whilst their measurement guide ensures you’re measuring yourself correctly.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of each model in the Hydromax series, along with the minimum/maximum length, maximum girth and pricing information based on your location.

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Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying a Bathmate device or learning more from the official website? Simply click here and take a look at the full range of Hydromax devices – if you do decide to buy I’ll then get a small commission which helps me keep this site running (not to mention giving you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Bathmate Hydromax Questions & Answers

If you’re considering buying a Bathmate Hydromax, then chances are you likely have a few more questions about this hydro penis pump despite how in-depth my review is.

Whatever your question, simply add it below and I’ll do my best to provide you with the information you need in order to make an informed decision about buying a Bathmate Hydromax for yourself.

If you’ve read this review, and you’ve also taken a look at my review of the Bathmate HydroXtreme devices and you’re still not sure which Bathmate to get, make sure you watch my video that details which Bathmate device you should buy and how to accurately measure the size of your penis.

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