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The HydroXtreme series of penis pumps by the market leading brand Bathmate is quite simply the Rolls-Royce of water based vacuum pump devices and it’s not surprise it’s the #1 vacuum device in my best penis pump guide.

A step up from the hugely popular Hydromax series, the HydroXtreme offers the most power, comfort and accessories of any other penis enlargement pump in the world, not only does the Bathmate HydroXtreme range offer the most complete package for size gains, it also attracts the biggest price tag by far.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Penis Pump Package

As a big advocate for the competitor brand Penomet, which i personally believe is a great penis pump for progressive long term gains (especially for those that struggle to physically pump), the Bathmate HydroXtreme Series goes above and beyond making the Penomet feel really rather dwarfed and inadequate by comparison (albeit without the ability to change the strength of gaiter, or bellow as Bathmate refer to it as).

In this review i’ve got my hands on a HydroXtreme7; a midsized device designed for those looking to achieve between 5 to 7” in erect penile length.

Each pump in the HydroXtreme Series essentially includes exactly the same design of device and accessories and varies only in terms of size and price (which we’ll come onto a little later).


Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying the Bathmate HydroXtreme or learning more about Bathmate’s broader range of pumps and accessories? Why not visit the official website and ensure you purchase a legitimate, authentic Bathmate product.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Unboxing

Delivered by DHL in a white shipping box, the HydroXtreme7 was (like all products I’ve received) shipped very discreetly.

There is mention of DX Products (the company behind Bathmate) as well as reference to the contents being a “water pump” but other than that, nothing specific that could really identify the contents as something adult or sexual in nature.

Inside the shipping box you’ll find a rather large retail box (even for the HydroXtreme7 version) measuring 18cm x 16cm x 38cm which weighs in at a rather heavy 1,330g – obviously the bigger cylinder versions have even bigger, heavier boxes!

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Retail Box
Bathmate Hydroxtreme Retail Box

The retail box is black with vivid product images and logos, sports a 2 year manufacturing warranty badge and on the back provides a brief summary of the product and contents in 10 different languages – a nod to the fact that Bathmate is truly a global, internationally available brand.

Once inside and with the retail box discarded, you’ll find the Bathmate carry case which is zip closed and contains the main Bathmate HydroXtreme pump and accessories.

So what do you get in the carry case?

Bathmate HydroXtreme Pump

The first impressions of the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 pump is that of a premium, streamlined and rather compact (especially when compared to the size of the Penomet) hydro penis pump.

The level of quality is hardly unexpected – Bathmate are regarded as the most established hydro penis pump brand in the world having manufactured and sold millions of pumps across their entire range since launching more than 15 years ago back in 2004.

The HydroXtreme range of penis pumps is by far their flagship product however you’d be forgiven for thinking (at least at a glance) that the HydroXtreme7 is identical to the Hydromax Series of devices.

To be perfectly honest I (incorrectly) presumed that the only difference between the HydroXtreme series and the Hydromax series of pumps was the fact that you get a bundle of accessories including the exclusive hand ball pump (which you can only get when you purchase a pump from this specific range).

On closer inspection the big difference (as you’ll see in the below photo – HydroXtreme on the left, Hydromax on the right) lies in the quick release valve mechanism.

To accommodate the inclusion of the handball pump and associated hose connector, the HydroXtreme has a less rounded release valve with a slightly pitted grove that contains a small rubber seal.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Release Valve
Bathmate Hydroxtreme Release Valve

This groove allows the end of the hose connector to be securely inserted into the top of the penis pump, whilst the rubber seal ensures a firm and airtight connection.

The improvements and alterations to the valve cap and mechanism doesn’t stop there though.

At the top of the release valve a black pip in the centre of the valve cap (as you’ll find on all other versions of Bathmate) allows you to set the valve in an open or closed position (no change there) however the valve itself can be rotated from a locked to unlocked position.

Regardless of the position of the pip, when in the unlocked position, the quick release valve mechanism can be used – this allows you to push the valve cap downwards giving quick, easy release of pressure.

I’m going to be completely honest, the release valve mechanism on the Bathmate is probably my most disliked feature.

After just a couple of minutes moving the black pip from the open to closed position (which in some instances was rather difficult – the pip didn’t always want to easily click into position), my thumb was starting to hurt.

In some instances (due to the small amount of travel the pip makes when you open and close it), despite the Bathmate pointing downwards in the default position, it was also a little difficult to get the pip to lock into the closed position.

When you compare the Bathmate release valve to the Penomet, without a doubt the Penomet has a much easier to use, ergonomic design – a design so simple, it just works! It’s quite frustrating to have such a seemingly fiddly (and rather complex) approach on the Bathmate.

It’s a small gripe and ultimately doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the HydroXtreme pump; i’m sure with more practice I’d get used to the two different mechanisms used to lock and unlock the release valve however having being spoilt by the simplicity of the Penomet release valve it’s really rather difficult to overlook.

It’s also worth noting that (unlike the Penomet) in the unlikely event that you drop and break the release valve on the HydroXtreme, you can get a replacement valve which is quick and easy to swap out. A much better solution than having to replace the entire cylinder which is the case with a Penomet valve breakage.

Moving further down the HydroXtreme device past the release valve, the cylinder width increases and we find pretty much exactly the same cylinder and bellow design as you get on the Hydromax series of Bathmate pumps.

You’ll find a sticker applied to the outside of the cylinder which features not just a measurement scale but also the Bathmate and HydroXtreme7 logo, some instructional pointers and your unique PID number (used to register your Bathmate penis pump to ensure it’s genuine).

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Bellow
Bathmate Hydroxtreme Bellow

Where the cylinder ends and the bellow pump beings, there is a distinct grey plastic ring that overlays the top edge of the bellow and securely connects the cylinder and bellow together whilst also allowing the bellow to be rotated a full 360 degrees.

The top of the bellow (which has as similar resistance when squeezed when compared to the blue gaiter from the Penomet device) has a few additional notches allowing you to easily identify the default position, a raised pip to line up the comfort insert pad and a curved base to match the contours of your groin region – this in the default position allows the Bathmate device to point at a slightly downward angle.

All in all its a high quality pump that will clearly stand the test of time and a step up in terms of features when compared to the Hydro or Hydromax series of Bathmate pumps.


Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Want to buy a Bathmate HydroXtreme? Simply click here – if you do decide to buy I’ll then get a small commission which helps me keep this site running (not to mention giving you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Bathmate HydroXtreme Accessories

There are 9 accessories that come with each Bathmate HydroXtreme – some are cheap little extras, whilst others really help you take your sessions with the Bathmate to the next level!

Below you’ll find a summary of each accessory, ranked from most to least useful (well at least in my eyes).

Hand Ball Pump

Without a doubt, one of, if not the biggest reason for choosing the HydroXtreme over any other penis pump in the Bathmate range is the inclusion of the hand ball pump.

Out of all the accessories that Bathmate offers, this is the ONLY accessory that cannot be purchased individually – you literally only get this if you buy a HydroXtreme.

The ball element of the pump combines an oval shaped hard grey rubber that weighs in at 110g. This is pretty heavy in my view, more so when you add that to the weight of the Bathmate device filled with water. This is less of an issue if you use your Bathmate in the bath, however for regular or exclusive shower usage especially for longer pumping sessions this added weight can and does become quite notable (especially when attached using the included hose).

The ball can be held against the Bathmate release valve directly (although won’t properly insert or attach to the valve) or can be attached via the provided red hose attachment. The hose notably inserts fully into the valve cap over the pip and is easily well fitting enough to leave the hand pump dangling from the device when not in use.

Bathmate Hand Ball Pump
Bathmate Hand Ball Pump

As you compress the ball pump (which i might add is rather stiff and ridge making my hand hurt after barely 5 or so compressions – and i’ve not got particular small or weak hands), this takes over the action of having to compress the Bathmate pump down onto your groin region essentially making the action redundant for session other than the initial few pumps to gain suction at the beginning of a session.

As the pressure builds, water is then expelled from the end of the hand pump having travelled along the hose.

The quality of the assembled hand ball pump cannot be faulted and it offers a much needed pumping alternative that is normally found as standard on air only penis pumps however the ball pump is stiff and hard to compress (even for someone with a good, strong grip) whilst inherently ball pumps simply don’t have the capacity or ability to produce the same level of pressure that a trigger based pump can achieve by comparison.

The Bathmate hand ball pump is a great addition and selling point of the HydroXtreme range however with long-term usage you could easily find its too stiff or difficult to compress.

In that situation you’d likely be left wondering why you didn’t simply opt for one of the cheaper Hydromax models and select a couple of accessories separately based on what you felt you actually need.

For example a Hydromax7 with a (smaller) carry case, shower strap and comfort insert (all purchased as individual accessories) works out at roughly $253 (around $46 cheaper).

Comfort Insert Pad

The Bathmate Comfort Insert Pad (as the name suggests) adds more comfort when using the Bathmate pump.

Inserted into the bellow/gaiter of the HydroXtreme (although it does also fit both the Hydro and Hydromax series of pumps as well), provides more cushioning against your skin.

Not only does it improve the comfort from the downward action of compressing the bellow onto your groin region which at the very least you’ll be doing at the beginning of every pumping session, the comfort insert pad also (due to its rubberised texture) improves the seal between the device and your skin resulting in improved suction.

Bathmate Comfort Pad
Bathmate Comfort Pad

For ease of use and alignment, you’ll find a small pip on one edge of the comfort pad – this can be lined up with the equivalent pip indicator on the Bathmate pump to ensure you have the pad inserted and positioned correctly.

One drawback of using the comfort insert pad is the reduction in overall girth – you lose approximately 1cm in diameter with the pad inserted.

Without a pad the diameter of the Hydromax7 measures roughly 6cms (2.36 inches), whilst inserted this drops to 5cms (1.96 inches).

If girth is a consideration or you feel there isn’t enough “growing” room, then I’d definitely recommend opting for the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy version which offers a fit perfect for those with up to 6.5 inches of girth.


As an added precaution (especially if your circumcised) just be a little weary when removing your erect penis from the device as if you’re not careful the head of your penis does have the potential to catch on the inside hard plastic insert edge of the comfort pad.

Carry Case

With a premium feeling black hard shell, the Bathmate carry case features a carry strap, an additional metal loop and a grey double zip which the provided number coded padlock can be locked through.

Inside lid has some convenient netting to hold some items in place in an attempt to keep things a little more organised; perfect for storing the ruler, shower strap and even the disassembled hand pump and hose.

It’s discreet, there is no logo or branding, and at a glance could quite easily be overlooked as a padded photography case or something similar.

Bathmate Carry Case
Bathmate Carry Case

It’s got a bit of flex to it and hasn’t got any real padding on the inside (hence when all the plastic packaging is removed, things do move around a little) however does and will provide more than adequate protection even when you’re travelling.

Compared to the standard carry case which can be purchased individual via the accessories store, the HydroXtreme version is bigger and taller and more than able to contain all your existing accessories and any additional ones you opt to purchase in the future.

Shower Strap

For those that are planning on using any water based penis pump in the shower (rather than the bath) a shower strap is an absolute must.

Not only are penis pumps a little weighty to start with but when you add water, they can easily triple in weight which, for a 15-20 minute or more pumping session can be quite the strain.

Bathmate Shower Strap
Bathmate Shower Strap

The Bathmate shower strap is, i’ve got to be honest just a bit… basic.

One end has a plastic ring grip that you place over the end of the Bathmate release valve (and notably fits all Bathmate versions), whilst the other has a plastic clip that allows you to increase or decrease the length of the strap that goes around your neck.

It’s made from durable material which is absolutely fine if it gets wet although given the weight of what it will invariably be holding, does lack any additional comfort padding for your neck.

It’s functional, effective but ultimately just a little basic.

Security Lock

It’s not going to stop somebody with bolt cutters, but the security lock included with the HydroXtreme does offer some added privacy from potentially prying eyes.

Bathmate Padlock
Bathmate Padlock

The security lock is made from metal, making it highly durable and for ease of use, instead of including a key (which could potentially be rather easily lost) there is a combination lock which consists of 3 dials. Plenty of choice where setting your 3 digit, numerical access code is concerned.

The zip on the carry case features holes that the padlock can then be easily threaded through, locking your contents away until your next session.

Measuring Gauge

For something so simple, I actually absolutely love this accessory!

Instead of including some cheap plastic ruler, the Bathmate measuring gauge feels premium and high quality.

It’s made from silicone rubber (making it easy to grip when wet) and also features a slap band design – this means that as a ruler it is straight and rigid for measuring, however with a quick bend will essential curl or roll up on itself make it much smaller for storage.

Bathmate Measuring Gauge
Bathmate Measuring Gauge

On one side you’ll find the Bathmate logo and slogan – Just Add Water – whilst on the reverse it features measurement scales in both centimetres and inches.

Cleaning Sponge

The cleaning sponge consists of a black plastic rod (which comes in two parts and clips together) with a two-pronged grip at one end to hold a grey (and slightly sparkly) sponge.

Fully assembled the Cleaning Sponge and bident can reach the full internal length of the HydroXtreme7 and would be more than long enough for the larger, longer Bathmate versions from any series.

Bathmate Cleaning Sponge
Bathmate Cleaning Sponge

It’s a nice added extra of an accessory, although to be perfectly honest, if you give your Bathmate penis pump a good wash with hot, soapy water, there really isn’t any need or reason to buy this as a separate accessory.

It’s good to have, but hardly essential!

12ml Clean

A small spray bottle of the cleaning solution – at just 12ml’s it’s not going to clean your device many times and whilst you can purchase a larger 100ml bottle for around $16, personally i’d just stick with hot soapy water which, if done after every pumping session should be more than adequate in keeping your Bathmate device in pristine condition.

Bathmate Cleaning Solution
Bathmate Cleaning Solution

Bathmate Towel

It’s soft, white and fluffy and features the Bathmate logo. Great for a quick wipe down of your device just to ensure its dry or alternatively for use as a warmup cloth for those looking to warm up or down when jelqing before or after a Bathmate pumping workout.

Bathmate Towel
Bathmate Towel

Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 or learning more about Bathmate’s broader range of pumps and accessories? Why not visit the official website ensuring you purchase a legitimate, authentic Bathmate product.

Bathmate Fake Products

Since 2004 Bathmate have grown substantially as a brand.

Across the Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme series, Bathmate offers 10 different devices, 5 of which are offered in multiple colour options (clear, blue or red).

The Bathmate brand is sold across the globe and, given its mass popularity there are numerous fake and counterfeit Bathmate products on the market.

These illegitimate copies in many cases look almost identical to an official Bathmate penis pump but are produced using cheaper, weaker, inferior materials.

If you’ve not already our article on the dangers of penis pumps, scrimping on price and choosing a poor quality, fake or counterfeit product can have dire consequences.

Wherever your based and whatever your budget, i’d highly recommend purchasing an authentic Bathmate penis pump directly from the manufacturer website – – the only official online store run by Bathmate themselves.

For further information take a look at the counterfeit education page where you can check a database of authorised online retailers as well as submit suspicious website selling potentially counterfeit Bathmate products.

Every legitimate Bathmate includes a PID number which is included on the measurement scale found on the cylinder – this PID number is used to prove your Bathmate purchase is authentic and to activate your 2 year warranty.

To register and confirm you have a genuine Bathmate product complete the registration form on this page and follow the instructions.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Product Photos

Thanks to the generous team over at Bathmate, we’ve got our hands on a top of the range HydroXtreme7.

Be warned, there are lots of fake product review sites on the internet, so if your reading a Bathmate review and can’t see any unique photos or videos, chances are the person writing the review has never even seen, let alone used a Bathmate product.

For authenticity you’ll find a set of photos that I’ve taken of the actual Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump that i received for review.

Unlike so many other reviews on the web, my review is legitimate and based on having the product right in front of me, on my desk!

Bathmate HydroXtreme Sizes & Pricing

The Bathmate HydroXtreme Series offers 5 different devices – each offering exactly the same pump features and accessories, varying only in terms of cylinder size and product price.

Unlike the Bathmate Hydro Series and Bathmate Hydromax Series which come in 3 different cylinder colours, the HydroXtreme range of pumps are only offered in clear cylinder plastic.

Although all versions of the Xtreme series can be used with a starting minimum length of 3″ it’s recommended that you choose a device size based on (or close to) your starting size.

As an example, there is really no point in purchasing the HydroXtreme11 if your starting size is 6″ – you’d be better off with the HydroXtreme7 or HydroXtreme9.

The following table details the suggest minimum and maximum length, maximum girth and pricing based on your location.

If you’re still not entirely sure how to measure the size of your penis or you simply don’t know which Bathmate version or size you need to buy, make sure you take a look at my Which Bathmate to Get article which includes video that contains all the information you need to know when buying your Bathmate device.

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Visit the Official Bathmate Website

Interested in buying the Bathmate HydroXtreme or learning more about Bathmate’s broader range of pumps and accessories? Why not visit the official website and ensure you purchase a legitimate, authentic Bathmate product.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Questions & Answers

Considering buying the Hydromax Xtreme but need a few questions answered first? I’m here to help! Simply enter your question or thoughts about the Hydromax Xtreme below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have.

I try my best to respond to every single comment and question we get on the Penis Enlargement Resource website.

If you’ve decided that the Bathmate HydroXtreme is perhaps a little too expensive or not quite right for you, make sure you have a read of my Bathmate Hydromax7 review which is a more affordable Bathmate penis pump.


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  1. Thank you for your extensive review and input I really appreciate the time you took to review this top to bottom. I read all your reviews on pumps and I was definitely considering purchasing this product.

    I stay at home with family and share a bathroom to shower. I’m trying to be as discreet and private as I can with it if I were to purchase it without them noticing. This would be hard to do carrying a pump back and forth to the bathroom or keeping in there someone would definitely see.

    My question is, Does this have to be used strictly with/in water or could I use it with just air? As I would have 10 times more privacy using in my bedroom. Or would you have a workaround that you can suggest?

    1. You can potentially use Bathmate as an air only pump (although I believe the manufacturer doesn’t specifically recommend it) however the build quality of the device has been specifically designed for use with water. Water notably offers more equal pressure over the entire length of the penis compared to air pumps (where pressure is very variable). You could potentially use a bucket of water in your bedroom as water is expelled from the device when you pump the device to build up pressure – that said, if this is the first time using such a device, you’d be best of using it in the shower as it does take some practice and getting used to, to find the perfect position and fit (hence there could be additional water leakage). There is no denying the Bathmate HydroXtreme is the best penis pump on the market at the moment however if usability and privacy is an issue then you might want to consider something like the Fleshpump which is an electric air pump and can be found mentioned in my list of best penis pumps.

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