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Penis pumps have long been viewed as a subset of the sex toy market and with pricing as low as $15, it’s easy to see how the penis pump market is awash with poor quality and potentially harmful pumps – the ineffectiveness and potential dangers of such devices have been illustrated numerous times via our articles so it’s no surprise that we have a rather negative view of such products.

In recent years only the likes of Bathmate have really stood out as a quality, viable penis pump, backed by scientific results, exceptionally good build quality as well as realistic, achievable results that can help you increase the size of your penis permanently whilst also helping you alleviate conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Penomet Website Screenshot
Penomet Website Screenshot

Despite all its positives (not to mention being a fantastic product that we’d highly recommend), Bathmate does have its flaws and this is where the introduction of Penomet offers something new and unique to the market.

Penomet works uses the same principles as other penis pumps – using pressure to increase blood flow to the penis via a pressure vacuum – however thanks to its design it can be used in the bath, in the shower or as a standalone device.

Despite its clear versatility, it’s the two part design of the Penomet that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

All other penis pumps are a single unit – a gaiter (used to create a seal around the base of the penis and ‘pump’ the device to generate pressure) and a durable plastic cylinder, and although this is a good format it does mean the penis pump can be limiting.

What Penomet have done is allow the ability to easily detach the gaiter from the plastic cylinder allowing you to use different pressure gaiters (allowing for a more varied exercise routine and greater results) or (as we’re lead to believe) different sized cylinders for those that are smaller or larger in either the length or girth department.

This ability to mix and match aspects of the device ultimately mean that you’ll never outgrow Penomet – put simply, for versatility, this is the first and last penis pump you’ll ever need to purchase!

Despite being a two part device, the build quality is truly exceptional!

The Penomet cylinder (available in clear or blue) is made from the strongest of man-made plastics yet remains relatively light weight whilst at the end is a valve which can be pressed or pushed in any direction to release pressure. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the entire device and it’s the inclusion of a measurement scale imprinted directly into the plastic allowing you to easily and conveniently measure your length (in either Centimetres or Inches) that illustrates the time, thought and attention to detail that has gone into developing this product.

The gaiters themselves (6 in total) come in different colours and pressure settings and are very flexible, durable and are covered by a 365 day money back guarantee – the guys who developed Penomet are obviously confident of the quality and durability of their device and having inspected and used the device ourselves, it’s definitely the highest quality penis pump we’ve ever come across!

The process of using the Penomet penis pump is very, very simple:

  • Step 1: Choose a detachable pressure gaiter – we’d suggest starting with the purple 60 gaiter or the one you have with the lowest setting
  • Step 2: Attach the gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder – in our tests we found it incredibly easy to put on a gaiter by simply slipping one edge onto the cylinder and then using two fingers to gently
  • Step 3: Apply the Penomet over you penis (either in the bath, shower or on its own) and gently pump the Penomet a few times until a vacuum seal is created
  • Step 4: Relax and re-pump every few minutes as needed, for a period of 15-20 minutes
  • Step 5: To remove the Penomet or to release pressure, gently press the valve at the end of the Penomet cylinder to the side.
  • Step 6: As you gain more experience, use the stronger gaiters for increased pressure

Of course using a device is one thing, getting results is a completely different matter but, like its build quality, it doesn’t disappoint in this respect either.

The key advantages of using the Penomet are that it can give you a visible (non-permanent) increase in penis size within just 15 minutes use. Over time and regularly use you can achieve a permanent increase in both length and girth; realistically you’re looking at an increase of 1-3 inches (potentially more) with a 30% increase in girth within a 1-3 month period.

Beyond the increase in size you’ll also be able to resolve any impotence issues, put a stop to premature ejaculation, cure Peyronies Disease (also known as bent penis) whilst also increasing your erection strength, stamina, confidence and preventing the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Penomet Product Photos (version 2)

Yes, i do actually have a Penomet device unlike the many hundreds of fake reviews on the web. No airbrushing, no effect, no expensive photography studio – just raw, real photos of the Penomet device as it looks on my desk!

In terms of price, Penomet offers 3 packages ranging from $127 through to $297. Each package comes with a 365 day money back guarantee on gaiters (you get one, three and five gaiters of varying force values), a warranty of between one and three years, access to customer support, access to My Penomet and on the recommended Premium model (which was used in our review and also is the most popular with customers) 3 bottles of GunOil SHINE (an alcohol free, foaming anti-bacterial, anti-fungal cleaner with Triclosan) for cleaning your Penomet as well as free delivery. All outer packaging is completely plain and our order arrived in just 3 working days via courier service.

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To put this into perspective the cheapest Penomet Standard is marginally cheaper than the new Bathmate Goliath however is of similar size and despite lacking a carry case, still provides better value owing to the fact you can purchase additional gaiters if you so wish.

In summary Penomet is a well round, high quality product that offers a unique two part device system that allows you to customise and undergo a proven exercise routine that will allow you to increase the size of your penis. With proven usage results and the inclusion of small, thoughtful details such as the integrated measurement scale, the top end, premium Penomet is expensive however thanks to its outstanding 365 day guarantee and build quality, there is no doubt that if you buy a Penomet, you’ll never need to buy another penis pump ever again!


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