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The beginning of 2019 sees the official launch of the latest iteration of the Penomet device – version 4.0. A great opportunity to sit down, test and write an updated Penomet review to see what’s changed and whether Penomet is truly worth buying.

Despite the changes to the new 4.0 version being quite subtle, they pave the way for improved durability of the overall device whilst also offering a bonus accessory (in the form of a carry case) for all new Penonet 4.0 orders.

For those of you who have perhaps not come across Penomet before, this device is a direct competitor to the Bathmate brand of hydro penis pumps however does come with a number of advantages (and disadvantages) when compared against the direct competition.

Penomet (the first version launching way back in 1999) is a penis pump that has been designed specifically for use with water hence making it, by definition what we call a hydro penis pump.

The use of water provides better overall results (despite being potentially more wet and messy than air counterparts) but also means the device is safer due to the fact that water generates equal, more supportive pressure across the entire length of the penis.

With this requirement and focus on water (although Penomet can also be used as a traditional air pump albeit in our opinion providing reduced comfort and effectiveness) unlike cheap air based penis pumps, Penomet is made from medical grade, highly durable materials.

The high cost (despite being comparable to the Bathmate product range) goes some way towards highlighting why you’ll be spending anywhere from $127 for the base model, all the way up to $297 for the top end Premium package.

The quality and durability of this product is of obvious importance and you can seriously feel it in the build quality.

The comparison between Penomet vs Bathmate essentially ends there – they are both water-based hydro penis pumps however each has their own unique approach to the release valves, the pump bellows/gaiters, the packaging and the available associated accessories.


Visit the Official Penomet Website

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The Penomet Cylinder

In all honesty, the Penomet 4.0 cylinder looks at first glance to be identical to the 3.0 version that’s been in circulation for the last couple of years.

At the top of the cylinder you’ll find the unique Penomet release valve that allows you to gradually reduce the amount of pressure in the device (great for when you’ve over pumped or have finished a session).

The valve opening is circular and sleek in a shiny black plastic (it doesn’t feel as durable as the cylinder itself) with an approximate 1cm hole in the middle that houses the release valve pin (although we have seen it referred to as a “nipple” as well).

Penomet Release Valve Closeup
Penomet Release Valve Closeup

Unlike Bathmate which has a switch for a release valve which can be rather fiddly especially when you have wet hands, the Penomet has taken an approach that is quite honestly ingenious despite being entirely simplistic.

The release valve pin can be pushed or nudged in any direction – it has a full 360 degree motion – allowing you to quickly and easily release pressure using just the tip of your finger or thumb.

When you release your finger from the release valve pin, it simply snaps back into the centre position stopping any further loss of pressure.

It’s so simple, it works so easily and seamlessly and you don’t end up fumbling around and panicking whilst you attempt to release pressure (something that can’t be said of the Bathmate devices)!

With the positive however does come the negative – in making such a simple and easy-to-use solution for releasing pressure, the release pin protrudes approximately 1cm from the end of the device.

Despite the Penomet cylinder being made from highly durable plastic, there is a high chance that if you drop the device and it lands release valve first, the release valve surround or at least the pin will likely get damaged or snapped.

Frustratingly the release valve cannot simply be replaced (one big benefit of the Bathmate devices) so in the case of Penomet if you do end up dropping and breaking it, the only option is a brand new replacement cylinder from the manufacturer.

Penomet have taken the step of introducing accidental damage cover (which can be purchased after you’ve placed your order), however we really hope that they have a more productive solution to protect the release valve pin in the pipeline for the next iteration of this device.

Moving down to the cylinder itself – notably with the advent of 4.0 version, Penomet will only be offering clear cylinders; gone is the blue, green, violet, red, orange and pink colour options – sleek frosted plastic displays a clear and accurate measurement imprint in both imperial and metric measurements.

There are no sticker measurement scales or the like that will with time and water eventually peel off (like on the Bathmate) – the fact the measurements are imprinted into the cylinder itself is a great feature – whilst you can actually wash the Penomet cylinder not only with soap and water but also in the dishwasher.

Penomet Imprinted Measurement Scale
Penomet Imprinted Measurement Scale

Although the cylinder can accommodate up to 9 inches length, the imprinted measurement scale only goes up to 8 inches on one side and 20cm on the other – I guess if you outgrow the device, then you know you’ve attained a little over 9 inches in length.

When we compare the Penomet 3.0 cylinder to the newer 4.0 version, the only discernible difference it seems is the introduction of the Penomet 4.0 logo on both sides of the cylinder under the release valve in the frosted region.

Penomet Etching Logo Closeup
Penomet Etching Logo Closeup

Visually this is the only change to the Penomet 4.0 cylinder – the big change is what you can’t see and that’s what’s going on inside the release valve.

The release valve has stuck to its simple, straightforward, easy to use origins however housed inside the release valve is a new spring. This new spring boasts better durability and longevity – it’s been meticulously tested to ensure it doesn’t stretch over time or lose it’s compression regardless of the moisture and heat exerted on it when used with water.

Given the improved spring and how it’s been specifically designed, despite being under stress during testing, the predictive life of the spring (and this is purely theoretical) is a whopping 1 million cycles.

To put that into perspective you should be able to use the device for the next 100 years without the release valve spring weakening or causing reduction or loss of pressure.

As far as the overall cylinder is concerned, the edition of the Penomet logo on both sides of the device is a nice reference to the latest version and whilst nothing major has changed,  making the device that little bit more durable is only ever going to make customers happy (especially for those serious, long term PE users).

The only niggling issue is that release valve pin – they need to find some way to protect it from damage for those of us that are somewhat accident prone.

Penomet Product Photos (Version 4.0 – 2018/2019 Edition)

Yes, i do actually have a Penomet device unlike the many hundreds of fake reviews on the web. No airbrushing, no effect, no expensive photography studio – just raw, real photos of the Penomet device on my branded back drop!

This photo set (taken in October 2018) is of Penomet 4.0 device and associated accessories.

Penomet Interchangeable Gaiters

Unlike competitor products like Bathmate which has a fixed rubber bellow/gaiter, Penomet has been uniquely designed with a range of different silicone pump gaiters that offer varying degrees of pressure and vacuum inside the cylinder when compressed.

This approach is unique and patented to the Penomet brand however the big question is why would I want to change the gaiters? Why wouldn’t I simply use the strongest pump gaiter available?

The simple answer is training!

As Penomet highlight in their printed user guide (which is also available in digital form for download), you’re not going to gain results overnight – results come with time (well permanent results that is) and it’s by taking things slow, steady and gradually building up that the best results are attained.

Realistically for any hydro penis pump whether we’re talking about Penomet, Bathmate or some other brand, you can start seeing temporary results (which last up to around an hour) from the very first usage, although for some these temporary results can take a couple of weeks to appear.

More permanent results in both length and girth though are really what you’re aiming for – if you’re seeing other online reviews that are claiming a penis pump can give you an inch or more of gains in the space of a month, than these sort of reviews are pure bullshit.

Feasibly you can gain around half an inch in length in the space of 3 to 6 months; results depend on your own physiology, the frequency that you’re using the device and also the strength of the gator that you using during your sessions.

If you’re focused and dedicated, there’s really no reason why you can’t gain around 1 inch (perhaps even a little more) in the space of 6 to 12 months.

Of course this level of growth is based on you using just a penis pump – you can quite easily vary routines, combine a penis pump such as Penomet with a penis traction device and jelqing exercises to really maximize the level of results you achieve within the time scales that you set yourself.

A direct comparison can be made between penis enlargement using a penis pump and  doing weight lifting (no we’re not talking about hanging weights).

You wouldn’t go to the gym and attempt to pick up the heaviest weight you could find – simply using the heaviest weight isn’t going to give you the results you’re looking for and more than likely is actually going to cause you injury.

The same principle works with pumping and this is where the multi-gaiter system concept has originated from.

Each gaiter has a different Shore rating – a value that reflects how rigid the silicone gaiter is.

The higher the Shore rating, the harder the gaiter will be to compress hence you’ll need more strength in your arm the stronger the gaiter is.

Shore Hardness Scale
Shore Hardness Scale

What that does mean is that the higher the Shore rating, the more pressure will be generated when you pump but at the same time, especially if you’re not used to pumping such a device by hand (one of the current pitfalls of opting for the Penomet currently – no handball pump), the more downward pressure is exerted onto your groin region which can become painful if you’re inexperienced (another good reason to start with the lower pressure gaiters).

There are 6 gaiters available depending on which package and accessories you buy. These vary from a single black (force 70) gaiter with the Penomet Standard, all the way up to five gaiters – purple (force 60), blue (force 65), black (force 70), grey (force 75) and red (force 80) – on the Penomet Premium package (which also includes a comfort strap).

Beyond that you can also purchase the X85 green monster gaiter (force 85) although this is generally a separate purchase accessory with a whopping $75 price point; fully compressed (if you have the strength to manage it) this provides some truly phenomenal pressure – check out our guide on how to make your own hand pump to seriously take your pumping sessions to an entirely different level.

In our view if you’re starting out and you’ve never used a penis pump before then we definitely recommend either starting with the Penomet Standard and then eventually upgrading or going all out and buying the Penomet Premium package.

Penomet do offer a Penomet Extra package with 3 gaiters however in our opinion you’re best off either trying the Penomet Standard or going all in and getting the Premium package – i’m honestly not sure why Penomet offer the Extra package other than to fill the void between a $127 and $297 price point and from talking to Penomet, their Extra package is by far the least popular overall accounting for around 20% of sales.

If you’re already a seasoned penis pump user – perhaps you’ve already used Bathmate or another competitor product and you’re well versed in using such a pump – then we’d possibly suggest going for a Penomet Standard and then simply buying the green X85 monster gator to give you the higher pressure levels that you’re likely looking for.

Whatever package and gaiter set you opt for, applying the gaiter to the cylinder does take a little bit of practice – the softer lower strength gaiters are slightly more flexible so easier to fit to the cylinder whilst the stronger ones can be a bit of a struggle.

It is quite noticeable, the difference between the rubber gaiter on the Bathmate product range verses the silicone used on the Penomet – the Penomet gaiters definitely have the edge where skin comfort is concerned however on the flipside Bathmate do offer a comfort pad as well as a number of comfort ring accessories to improve your comfort experience so there isn’t much difference between the two although I have been told a Penomet comfort pad is due for launch doing 2019 which will offer a truly unique approach to their own brand of this type of accessory.

You also noticed that if you look closely at our product photos of the gators the base of the gator isn’t actually flat like the Bathmate’s. The curve of the base of the gator has been designed to better fit the contours of the groin region.

Penomet Blue Gaiter Closeup
Penomet Blue Gaiter Closeup

The default position is to have the Penomet device pointing at a slightly downward angle – in this position you can then rotate the device fractionally left or right to find a good fit for your body type.

Of course if this isn’t comfortable or you’re not finding you’re getting a good seal against your skin you can try rotating the device a full 180° so it points at a slightly upward angle to see if this provides better comfort and suction.

For the best results we definitely recommend trimming or shaving your pubic hair completely as even small hairs do have the potential to create little air pockets under the gaiter hence reducing the ability to gain good suction.

You can also apply a very thin amount of Vaseline to the base of the Penomet gaiter as this not only helps to create a good seal (improving pressure) but allows provides smooth and easy rotation of the device allowing you to find that sweet spot where the best possible comfort and suction are achieved.

That is ultimately the core thing to master with the Penomet – once you have found the perfect position, that “sweet spot” that is comfortable and allows the gaiter to fit the contours of your body just right (and it does and can take quite a few sessions to find that perfect position), then the most difficult aspect of using the device is learned – then you just focus on your pumping sessions.

Using Penomet for the First Time

Getting your technique correct is the key to getting Penomet to work effectively and give you results.

A lot of people (especially those that have never used a penis pump before) give up all too easily purely because they can’t gain suction – ultimately this is a failing of not the device but the users ability to find the “sweet spot” that we highlighted previously so practicing over the first few sessions is key to finding the best position and generating the best, strongest vacuum.

  1. Choose a gaiter (i’d suggest starting with the weakest) and apply it to the Penomet cylinder – the weaker gaiters are notably slightly easier to apply to the cylinder given they have a lower Shore rating and are more flexible/pliable.
  2. Attach the gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder – in our tests we found it incredibly easy to put on a gaiter by simply slipping one edge onto the cylinder and then using two fingers to gently
  3. If you have one and you’re doing a pumping session in the shower, apply the Penomet Comfort Strap to the end of the device – one end goes around the Penomet cylinder, whilst the other material end over your head around your neck to support the weight of the device.
  4. Fill the device with water and apply over the penis so that the device points at a slightly downward angle; compress the base of the Penomet gaiter against your skin and pump 2-5 times to achieve suction.
  5. Relax and re-pump every few minutes as needed, for a period of 15-20 minutes; the better the seal you create between the base of the gaiter and your skin, the less you’ll likely need to pump as the overall vacuum will be stronger and longer lasting.
  6. To remove the Penomet or to release pressure, gently press the valve at the end of the Penomet cylinder to the side. To get the most from your device, you’ll eventually work up to alternating different strength gaiters during the same week or even the same session to maximise your gains and better train your penis to permanently “enlarge”.

Beyond the basics’ I’d highly recommend you check out my in depth article on the dangers of penis pumps as this will help you avoid some of the common mistakes – this dangers can be applied to any air or water based penis pump, not just the Penomet so well worth a read.

Penomet Accessories

This is where the Penomet currently really falls down against the competition.

Where competitor products have handball pumps, comfort pads, lubes and cleaning kits and even arousal gels and supplements, the offering from Penomet is very, very sparse which is highly frustrating.

Currently Penomet really only offer three accessories;

  1. The Penomet Comfort Strap – this comes with the Penomet Premium and is great for use in the shower to avoid those potential release valve purchases and also to take the weight of the water filled cylinder (can be purchased separately).
  2. The X85 Monster Gaiter – an additional addon beyond the Premium package which has a high price point of $75 but provides amazing suction (order yours here).
  3. The Penomet Carry Case – a new addition and included with all Penomet 4.0 devices as standard, but also available for purchase (click here to purchase) for anyone that has an earlier version of the Penomet device (it notably fits all models).

That’s it!

Although there are plans to introduce a rather clever and unique comfort pad, as well as a handball pump (both of which will be retrofittable for all current, previous and future versions of the Penomet device), the Penomet offerings where accessories are concerned are highly limited which is rather disappointing.

It’s the lack of the comfort pad and handball pump specifically that will be stopping quite a lot of consumers from purchasing and might ultimately swing the tide and make you opt for a competitor brand that has such accessories as part of an overall package.

Don’t get me wrong, the Penomet device is ground breaking, the build quality is fantastic, but for many that want the convenience of a hand pump and don’t understand the value and benefit of interchangeable gaiters, the lacking accessories could put customers off from buying.

Make Your Own Penomet Hand Pump

As I’ve already said, it’s really frustrating that Penomet don’t have their own hand pump – although you can easily manually pump the device, this isn’t always best for those that perhaps have sensitive skin in the groin region (as you do need quite a lot downward pressure when pumping) or simply for men that don’t like the physical action and strength of arm required to pump the device (the stronger the gaiter, the more pressure is generated however the harder the gaiter is to compress).

From what we understand, Penomet are already working on both a comfort pad and a hand ball pump (something their existing customer base have been crying out for, for quite some years).

In the meantime however here are our top 2 recommended approaches that will allow you to implement a hand pump solution to your Penomet device whether it be the new 4.0 device or any previous version of this brand of penis pump.

Solution 1: Vacuvin Wine Vac Mod

This is a really easy, cheap way to essentially add a rather a highly effective hand pump to your Penomet device. All you need is a Vacuvin wine saver which cost around $15 from the likes of Amazon – I’d suggest opting for one which has at least 2 bottle stoppers of varying sizes purely so you can find the best fit.

When testing this approach i found one of the bottle stoppers was a slightly different size and seemed to better fit against the release valve.

The big issue with this approach is that you really need 3 hands to make it work (especially if you don’t have a comfort strap – notably not included with the Penomet Standard) as it’s rather fiddly to achieve however with some practice it really is amazingly effective and allows you to full compress the Penomet gaiter creating some truly awesome pressure.

  1. Apply the Penomet comfort strap to the Penomet device
  2. Fill your Penomet with warm water and apply as you would normally, pumping to gain suction
  3. Using the vacuum bottle stopper from the Vacuvin, place it firmly over the release valve pin – notably you’ll have to hold the stopper
  4. Apply the wine saver pump onto the stopper
  5. Slowly pull the wine saver pump – this will draw both air and water out of the Penomet device and vastly increase the pressure in the cylinder
  6. When ready, simply slip the bottle stopper and wine saver off the end of the Penomet device and use the release valve as needed to reduce pressure, prior to removing the device at the end of your session.

As you’ll see from this video I’ve made, you can see the process of using the Vacuvin Wine Vac Mod and beyond that how amazingly compressed the gaiter becomes once water and air is sucked out of the cylinder using this method.


Solution 2: Dual Cylinder Mod

This method is more expensive but offers considerably more control whilst still giving you the ability to use a hand pump with the Penomet device.

By using a pump sleeve and secondary penis pump, you can essentially create a dual cylinder setup that is even more powerful than the Vacuvin Wine Vac Mod whilst offering greater control via the use of an easy to grip hand pump (whether that be a bulb or trigger setup).

When testing with the strongest Penomet gaiter – the X85 – using the Duel Cylinder Mod approach I was able to completely compress the gaiter despite it being rather rigid and lacking flexibility.

In all honesty, Bathmate is great with a handball pump but this approach for the Penomet completely outclasses the pressure that Bathmate has to offer and allowed me to completely collapse the Penomet gaiters fully without any form of discomfort.

To achieve the Penomet Dual Cylinder Mod, you’ll need your Penomet device and then a pump sleeve and a secondary cylinder with integrated hand pump.

  1. Apply the Penomet comfort strap to the Penomet device
  2. Fill your Penomet with warm water and apply as you would normally, pumping to gain suction
  3. Fit a pump sleeve to the bottom of your secondary pump
  4. Apply the secondary pump in a nearly dry condition over the top of the Penomet release valve
  5. Using the bulb or trigger on the secondary pump, slowly and gradually hand pump the secondary device which will cause pressure in the primary Penomet device to increase
  6. To finish, simply remove the secondary pump and then slowly using the release valve on the Penomet device reduce the pressure to safely finish your session and remove the pump.

In my testing, i tried two different secondary pumps – both from Calexotics – a Hose & Bulb version and a Big Man’s version which has a larger, wider cylinder and a trigger hand pump.

The Hose & Bulb option was easy to grip when wet whilst the length of hose was really helpful given your essentially doubling the length of the overall device by putting two cylinders together.

Depending on which Calexotics device you opt for (they vary from around $20 up to $50), will depend on the number of common rubber sleeves that are provided (some i believe don’t come with any sleeves) – in our testing the sleeves from Calexotics were a perfect fit and provided an excellent seal over the top of the primary Penomet pump.

Whether it was the size of the secondary cylinder or (more likely) the fact we were using a trigger rather than bulb hand pump, I’d definitely recommend going for a slightly larger secondary cylinder and opting for a trigger rather than bulb as this mechanism is much better and develops much more suction than the bulb.

Put simply, if you’re looking to get the most phenomenal pressure out of your Penomet device, pressure that is literally on a different, higher level than anything you can seemingly achieve using a Bathmate, one of these mods will give you amazing pressure but, as ever, be careful!

Should I Buy a Penomet?

If you’ve got this far, you know Penomet is a high quality, durable product and its unique approach to penis enlargement by using multiple, varied gaiters offers something no other penis pump on the market offers.

In my view there is really only two reasons why you might not opt for Penomet.

Firstly, cost – I’d recommend the Standard ($127) or Premium ($297) package which isn’t cheap; if the price of Penomet is beyond your limits, then your really going to have to scale back and look at an air only pump which although can be effective, as we’ve highlighted lack quality not to mention water is more comfortable and generates better results than air.

Secondly, Bathmate – let’s be honest, if your considering buying a hydro pump you’d be stupid not to look at Bathmate. The big issue with Penomet is lack of accessories (Bathmate has loads to choose from) so unless you’re willing to wait for Penomet to bring some new accessories to market or you’re happy to opt for 3rd partly solutions (such as the wine vac mod), Bathmate is always going to win the “addon” war.

Honestly i prefer the build quality of Penomet, the customer support is generally better, the warranty is longer, whilst water retention is pretty much non-existent and you really can get results comfortably whilst you gradually work up the gaiter sets increasing the pressure.

If you’ve tried it, bought it, had great or awful results, we want to hear from you, so leave a review and rating below for all our other website visitors; if you’ve got a specific question we’ll also do our best to answer that too!

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Visit the Official Penomet Website

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