Proper Usage of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps; the much misunderstood and deeply controversial male sex aid has managed to achieve major progress in recent years thanks to a wider degree of acceptance as to its usage and benefits it has to offer its users. This article considers some of the safety concerns as well as the manner in which a penis pump will actually work.

One of the more unfortunate aspects of human nature is that people will tend to stigmatise and demonise those things that they are not familiar with or do not understand; rather than trying to getting to know how that thing happens to function. Penis pumps are no exception to this rather sad rule although there has been a steady increase in the usage of such devices in recent times.

In essence, penis pumps make use of suction and a localised vacuum which is strategically situated at the base of the penis in order to stimulate vascular activity and circulation to the area. This is significant because the erection process of the penis cannot and indeed will not, occur unless there happens to be a sufficient supply of blood at hand. As the blood passes through the various cells of the penile chamber and more specifically, Corpus Cavernosa through the process of osmosis, this results in the erection and elongation of the penis.

As the blood drains away from the Corpus Cavernosa, this will result in a reversal effect, with the erection losing its potency and consequently, the penis reverting to its original, flaccid state. A common misconception associated with the usage of penis pump devices (both in the short and long term) is that the pump achieves results by means of creating an increase in pressure. In actual fact, penis pumps will reduce the degree of pressure that is present within the region of the Corpus Cavernosa, forcing the body to then provide additional fluid to the affected area to compensate.

Another common erroneous belief about penis pumps is that they will cause only blood to flow to the penile chamber. This is not entirely true, because there is also lymph fluid that is also passed to the area as well thereby causing the same localised effects achieved had blood been used.

It is essential that strict adherence to safety guidelines and recommendations for both the maintenance and safe usage of the penis pump is carefully followed without deviation to prevent the risk of permanent and irreversible damage being sustained by either the penis or the pump itself.

Given the somewhat costly nature of the more sophisticated types of penis pump, it is worth noting that many users of them have actively sought to reduce their overheads and running costs by making use of different types of lubricants; in some instances, making use of cooking and vegetable oil as a sort of makeshift solution.

It is crucial that only the recommended list of lubricant agents specified and ratified by the manufacturer is used. Other types of oils or other lubricating agents may cause corrosion of the specialised plastics which are contained within the pump. Furthermore, some industrial based oils are not suitable for contact with human skin and run the risk of causing an infection or allergic reaction in the male foolish enough to experiment with them. Males with dermatological conditions including eczema or a thinning of the skin should be especially cautious.

Therefore, you may very well save yourself a few pennies at the beginning, only to then find yourself losing out on dollars as you are left replacing the same device you had bought only a few days/weeks ago.

Don’t become a victim of this easily avoidable false economy!

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