The 7 Dangers of Penis Pumps You Need to Know

Dangers of Penis Pumps

In the world of penile devices, you’re essentially limited to two specific types of product – penis traction devices and penis pumps. There are varying versions of both types of product from a variety of manufacturers, whilst both types of product have there dangers if not used correctly.

In the case of penis pumps, not only does the wide variety and quality of products have an impact on how safe these type of devices are, given a penis pump uses a vacuum of pressure with the aim of increasing blood flow to the penis, this in itself opens up a whole new avenue of associated dangers and risks when using a penis pump.

Below you’ll find my list of the top 7 dangers and risks of using penis pumps – dangers that you can watch out for and avoid to ensure you don’t get injured when using such a device.

Beyond the dangers of using a penis pump, I’ve also created this penis pump guide that covers everything you need to know about penis pumps (including whether or not they work), whilst my list of best penis pumps is an absolute must read if you’re planning on buying a vacuum pump!

Infographic: Dangers of Penis Pumps

Not got time to read the full article? Check out our dangers of penis pumps infographic which gives a brief overview of the 7 important dangers you serious need to know about before you start using any sort of penis pump

Dangers of Penis Pumps Infographic
Dangers of Penis Pumps Infographic

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Cost & Quality of a Penis Pump

For any savvy consumer, price is always a factor when buying any type of product. The same goes for penis pumps; you don’t want to buy the most expensive product on the market if you can get the same quality and same results from something a little cheaper.

Unfortunately where penis pumps are concerned if you start cutting corners on cost, you could start running into problems especially if you’re serious about using your penis pump for the long term.

You can easily pick up a penis pump for $20-$30 via a sex toy shop or online through larger retailers such as eBay and Amazon. By paying more than this though, you can expect to get a much higher quality product – by scrimping on price this is where you fall into one of the first dangers of penis pumps.

Namely by not investing in a high quality durable product (given the fact we’re talking about creating a vacuum of pressure within a cylinder), if the components of a penis pump aren’t durable enough over prolonged periods of time and use, this lacking quality can potentially cause the cheaper, lower quality penis pump devices to crack and even break when used for even short periods of time.

Needless to say you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that if you’ve got your penis in a penis pump, there are going to be associated risks if the plastic cylinder starts to crack or even breaks when you’re using it.

Cost and Quality of Penis Pumps

By increasing your budget and going for a slightly more expensive penis pump especially those that use water rather than air (which we’ll come onto in a minute), you can expect the quality of the penis pump cylinder to be of a much higher quality insuring your device literally doesn’t break under the pressure.

In our experience, penis pumps that have a higher price point also generally attract and benefit from manufacturing certificates and standards and are in some cases even classified as medical grade products given they’ve undergone suitable testing and checks to ascertain their level of safety. If you’re serious about using a penis pump for the long term, it’s these classification of penis pumps that you really need to focus on, as they will provide a level of safety and quality that the cheap, novelty type pumps simply can’t match.

On a final note where price is concerned, with the cheaper products they are generally a single sealed unit which cannot be dismantled or disassembled, bear in mind these types of products could potentially be harder to clean and as a result could carry a higher risk of containing germs and bacteria.

Think about not only how the price of a product can affect how you use the device and its associated durability and effectiveness, but also how it impacts the aftercare and cleaning of the device after use.

Air Penis Pumps vs Hydropumps

In the landscape of penis pumps there are two different types. The large majority of penis pumps and those types of pumps that generally have a much lower price point are vacuum pumps that rely solely on air pressure.

These are usually cheap, low quality products (although there are some higher quality, battery operated devices) that are more of a novelty item than a serious penis enhancement pump. They are generally mass produced at very low cost and are made from a variety of different plastic materials which vary in quality and durability. The main pump cylinder is then connected to a hand pump which allows pressure to be created within the cylinder.

At the other end of the spectrum you have what are called hydro penis pumps which essentially use water rather than air. The concept behind a hydro pump is that water is thicker than air and as a result can provide a more supportive and comfortable experience compared to the air only vacuum type pumps.

Air Penis Pumps vs Hydro Penis Pumps

In the context of dangers and risks where penis pumps are concerned, although both types of air and water pump are effective in producing results, to reduce the potential dangers, a hydro pump is always going to be safer than an air only penis pump simply as a result of the quality of the product and the fact that water provides a much more supportive and comfortable environment for your penis inside the cylinder.

By using water rather than air, not only is the penis better supported in the cylinder but the pressure exerted on the penis is considerably more equal. This combined with the level of comfort that water provides in the vacuum means that your penis is a lot less susceptible to bruising and other injuries when in comparison to an air only penis pump.

It’s also worth noting that when using a water-based hydro penis pump the water you’ll be using will be warm – as a result these warm water will also help to improve blood flow to the penis and your circulation resulting in better overall results from using the device.

If you’re interested in learning even more about the technical side of air pumps vs water pumps, the following article on the physics of water pumping provides a fantastic level of detail on this specific topic and is a great read on the theory behind why water pumping is the recommended approach where penis pump devices are concerned.

Penis Pumps & Penile Health

Some of us are lucky enough to be fit and healthy however others of us haven’t been quite so fortunate. In the context of health conditions and how these can affect whether or not you should or shouldn’t use a penis pump, we need to consider three specific factors.

Firstly medical conditions – if you have a blood disorder or you’ve been diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia, these types of conditions can increase the risk of bleeding and blood clots.

Medical Reasons Not to Use a Penis Pump

As a result if you suffer from either of these conditions, you should definitely take expert advice from your own medical practitioner before attempting to use a penis pump. The reality is you likely shouldn’t and won’t be able to use a penis pump purely because of the dangers associated with your condition.

Secondly medications – if you are on blood thinning medications you are at an increased risk of bleeding. Although using a penis pump should never cause you physical damage if used correctly, remember that by using a vacuum pump you’re essentially forcing blood through the penis and as a result of being on blood thinners this could cause some unforeseen problems.

Blood thinners such as Dabigatran (Pradaxa), Heparin, Warfarin (Coumadin) and Apixaban (Eliquis) are just a couple of examples of medications you probably don’t want to be taking when using a penis pump. Again the advice is pretty clear – ask a medical professional before you start using a penis pump if you are on any such type of medication.

Third and finally, penile surgery – there are numerous reasons to have penile surgery, from increasing the size of your penis, resolving erectile dysfunction to simply making a cosmetic change. Other than having had a circumcision, if you’ve had penile surgery or in fact any surgery relating to the penis, testicles or surrounding area it is highly recommended that as with all health considerations that we’ve discussed, that you check first with a medical professional.

Penis Pumps and Penile Health

At the end of the day if any of the above applies to you, or you’re simply just not quite sure whether its safe to use a penis pump, you should always consult a medical professional or consultant to better understand if your health concerns could potentially be aggravated by the use of a penis pump.

Penis Pump Pressure

Like any product that you use that relates to your penis, you need to be careful and use it in moderation – this not only goes for the amount of time that you actually use the device for but also the amount of pressure that you achieve whilst pumping.

A penis pump should be used and approached with care and regardless of the type of penis pump you have (whether it uses air or water as it’s main means of generating a vacuum) ultimately using too much pressure can lead to some serious injuries.

There is the perception that if you push yourself and you try increasing the pressure in the cylinder as much as possible this will ultimately lead to better, faster results. Wrong!

Penis Pump Pressure

Many users of penis pumps especially those that have never used such a device before, are often so eager to get results that they throw caution to the wind and end up pumping too hard in the early stages of using the device.

Like many forms of penis enlargement the route to achieving results is about long-term consistent use – as well as potential discomfort from over pumping or having attained too higher pressure when using the device, two clear indications that too much pressure is being used are signs of bruising and the appearance of red spots on the penis.

If you experience any discomfort whilst pumping, get bruises or red spots on the penis you definitely need to step away from the device and taking good for you rest days until you properly recover.

Simply continuing what you doing, pushing through the pain and discomfort, is not the answer as this can lead to long-term numbness, tissue damage, ejaculation problems and other negative symptoms.

Penis Pump Pressure Release

On the flip side of putting too much pressure into the pump cylinder, at the other end of the spectrum releasing pressure too quickly from your penis pump can also have a very negative effect on your member.

If you’re continually noticing your penis is becoming bruised after a session using your penis pump, consider the speed at which you release pressure from the release valve.

Think of your penis as a deep sea diver – when diving to very deep depths in water, the deeper you get, the stronger the pressure becomes. When you rise too fast from deep water, you essentially suffer from decompression sickness (also known as DCS or, “The Bends”). In the same context releasing pressure too quickly from a penis pump although not fatal, due to the sudden and extreme change in pressure can and will cause bruising even to the point of causing permanent damage to your penis. Something you obviously want to avoid!

Penis Pump Pressure Release Valve

When researching and selecting a suitable penis pump for your specific needs, always take into consideration what sort of release valve mechanism the product has in order to allow you to release pressure safely and effectively.

On another level also consider how easy the release valve button is to use – if it’s small or fiddly and you have large fingers, you may struggle to release pressure when you seriously need to. You don’t want to be fumbling around trying to work a small release valve as this will prolong your discomfort not to mention causing you to potentially panic and again release the pressure too quickly (which we’re trying to avoid).

You ideally need to look for a product that has a release valve that can be gradually released so you can control the amount of pressure that dissipates so as to provide the best level of comfort for your penis.

Psychological ED & Penis Pump Usage

We’ve spoken about penis pumps and the physical nature of using this sort of device, however your mental health, and your psychological viewpoint can also in itself be a danger.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical factors such as an injury however psychological causes in this case specifically from the use of a penis pump can also result in erectile dysfunction.

It might not be that you’ve had any pain or discomfort or bruising from using a penis pump however if you’re not seeing the results you were expecting or you’re simply not seeing any results at all perhaps because it’s simply too early in the process this can have a very detrimental and negative effect on your mental health.

Over the years I’ve heard of quite a number of people that have suffered from erectile dysfunction having used a penis pump or another penile enhancement product.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction and Penis Pump Usage

Although there are many reasons why erectile dysfunction can occur, it is understood and completely conceivable that on a subconscious level if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for or expecting, that added pressure and stress (perhaps even combined with your day to day life, commitments and stress) can and has been seen at least in part to be potentially responsible for causing erectile dysfunction.

In many cases if this happens, it’s something that is essentially completely outside of your control – you can’t directly influence or control how you think or feel on a subconscious level. That said, if you do start to suffer from erectile dysfunction or feel that your going backwards in your results rather than forwards,the best piece of advice we can give is to step away from the penis pump.

Put the penis pump away, in the back of a cupboard and give you mind, body and penis a well rested break. Give yourself time and come back in a couple of weeks and simply try again.

Going Too Fast & Not Taking Breaks

Penis enlargement is by its nature a long, slow drawn out process (although some of you will obviously be buying your penis pump for the likes of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction).

If you’ve ever seen banners or adverts relating to any means of penis enlargement where the claim is to give you 3 inches of gains in the space of a matter of weeks or a single month, then you’re set to be bitterly disappointed and likely severely out of pocket.

Unless you opt for invasive and painful surgery, natural penis enlargement techniques – and that is essentially what penis pumps are – provide a natural, safe but long-term solution to resolving conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation whilst boasting the ability to increase both the length and girth of your penis.

Is very easy to get wrapped up in the hype of using such a product and the quoted potential results that you can achieve – in most cases these quoted figures are usually achieved after many months of usage, investing considerable time, effort and dedication.

That is why our final suggestion and recommendation where the dangers of penis pumps are concerned really relates to not the product that you’ve purchased but the person that you are.

The process of using a penis pump especially if you’re looking for penis enlargement is long and drawn out – penis pumps are not the type of product for fast, instant results. You need to have the mentality that this process is not a sprint to the finish but it is a long-term endurance race.

Using a Penis Pump to Fast

If you can take this concept on board, if you don’t push yourself too hard, if you don’t rush, if you don’t go too fast and if you remember to importantly take at least 2 rest days during every week you’re pumping, not only will what you do and how you use your penis pump be considerably safer but you’ll also reduce your risk of potentially catastrophic injury.

You’ll also have the positive mindset to get the most from your penis pump and ultimately achieve the results you’re looking for. Take your time and stay positive!

In Summary

There are many key dangers and risks to using a penis pump especially if you don’t use it correctly or if you try and push yourself too hard or too fast. With all that said, the advantages and benefits of using a penis pump far outweigh the negatives as long as you take ample steps to avoid the dangers that we’ve highlighted in this article.

Based on our recommendations aim for a penis pump that is built from high quality materials, a product that you can believe in, a product that you can have control over and you’re comfortable using.

High Quality Penis Pumps

Combine this confidence in the penis pump you’ve chosen with the understanding that this process does take time and effort – if you can achieve that, you’ll be able to reach the target you originally set yourself.

There’s nothing better than that feeling of satisfaction when all that time and effort that you put in over the last few months, leads to you producing the results you were looking for.

Want to know more about penis pumps? Check out this article that answers every question you need to know before buying such a device or if you’re ready to choose a vacuum pump based on your needs and budget, my list of best penis pumps for 2020 is an absolute must read!

Have you ever sustained an injury when using a penis pump? If so what happened? Are there any additional tips or suggestions you’d give someone so they avoid hurting themselves when using a vacuum constriction devices (VCD)?

Let us know in the comments below and share your questions and knowledge with our other Penis Enlargement Resource visitors.


10 Replies to “The 7 Dangers of Penis Pumps You Need to Know”

  1. Thank you for this information. I am an otherwise healthy 46-year-old make who has suffered from psychological ED due to nervousness all my life. Pills like Viagra definitely help, but their timing is hard to track consistently. Hence I have considered a penis pump. My question is, does penis pump therapy require routine practice before ED begins to subside a little?

    1. Hey Ian – no clue how i managed to overlook your comment and not respond – sorry about that! Viagra is great in the moment but remember all it’s doing is masking the symptoms of ED rather than actually treating the condition. There are various approaches to resolving ED – one that seems to be rather popular (especially in the US) is something called GainsWave however this is more for physical rather than physiological ED. That said part of the cause may be an underlying physical condition, you never know unless you have a chat with a medical professional. I have seen guys with ED get good results with penis pumps, at the same time though, some men have wanted results that badly that they then end up getting physiological ED by overthinking it. A pump will provide you with some physiological help but physical as well by improving blood flow to the penis. If you’re going to go the pump route, go for a Bathmate – warm water, comfortable and supportive pump, this will make the process easier and more relaxing. I’d suggest doing 3-5 sessions (15 minutes each) per week, and in the space of 2-8 weeks you’ll know if you’re starting to see results. What you might want to consider is a male enhancement pill which will reduce stress and improve blood flow but then you’re simply substituting one medication for another so you’re back to square one in a sense. Maybe some yoga wouldn’t go amiss as that could help you find some calm and focus – stress is obviously a factor at play.
      Feel free to drop me an email if you have any other questions.

      1. Okay so I’ve been using a pump, Hydromax…for about a month and all was going great. Well today after i used it I noticed the tissue around the glans of the penis is quite swollen. No discoloration or pain. Just swollen tissue. Just wondering if this is normal and will go away on its own.

        1. It could be a number of different factors – generally it tends to occur due to over pumping (having the pressure too high) or releasing the pressure too quickly. What I’d suggest is ensuring your taking at least 2 rest days per week (you shouldn’t be pumping more than 5 times a week), and also reducing down the length of your sessions (you should only be doing 15 minutes per session). There is no harm taking a step back, having a week or so off from pumping as this will then give your body time/chance to recover and heal.

  2. Used a penis pump for the first time and enjoyed it a little too much… left side is purplish with bruise spots all around shaft along with dots, a slight discomfort like a heavy feeling/warm. Should I worry and do I need to put something on it?

    1. It sounds like a case of using too much pressure and/or releasing pressure from the pump too quickly at the end of the session (which realistically shouldn’t be any more than 15 minutes per session with a couple of “rest” days during the week). I’d suggest for now, give your penis a break (5-10 days off from the pump) and you can always apply some hydrocortisone (although try in a small area fights to test for skin irritation) to further help improve your penile health and help you recover. If you’re using a cheap air pump, then I’d definitely recommend considering the Bathmate Hydromax or HydroXtreme as these are amazing pumps and the water will better support your penis inside the cylinder.

  3. After using the penis pump, my penis remains in a partial erection state, kind of soft erection. Is it possible that it has caused a high flow priapism?

    1. I think it’s unlikely (as high-flow priapism is rather uncommon) – in terms of symptoms, if you’re experiencing erections that last more than four hours or unrelated to sexual interest or stimulation then it could be a potential possibility. If you’re also getting a rigid penile shaft, but the tip of penis (glans) is soft, and/or your experiencing any progressive penile pain, then you really need to stop using the pump, give your body time to recover and if symptoms persist get some medical advice from your doctor. Chances are though… if you don’t have any negative symptoms other than your erections lasting a little longer than usual, it’s likely just improved arousal and blood flow levels from using the pump.

  4. I’ve gone too far….. with many (probably more healthful attempts) In the shower, I waited to try a more “serious” session last night, thinking I’ve only been halfhearted with it. I’m using a Bathmate and it’s quite strong. I should have read this first. I pumped too hard and held it too long and released too quickly (pretty much instantly) . Now I’m terrified as I’m unbelievably swollen, there’s what appears to be a huge water blister inflated on the head and my urination seems partially blocked as I can’t seem to control a regular stream as usual. What have I done… I’m almost terrified to look at it as I’m going have an anxiety attack!!!

    1. If you’re not in any specific pain, I’d suggest simply resting – don’t use your pump, don’t engage in sexual activity – and, if you have some, apply hydrocortisone cream to the penis to aid the healing process. Always try the hydrocortisone on a small area of skin first, just in case it causes irritation. If you are getting specific pain though, or if the swelling doesn’t start to go down (or you’re getting additional symptoms), I’d definitely suggest airing on the side of caution and seeking assessment from a medical professional.

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