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Semenax is an established brand in the semen enhancement niche where the choice of products to choose from is really rather limited – i could literally count the number of reputable, mainstream semen enhancers on one hand which is dwarfed by the hundreds if not thousands of male enhancement pill varieties out there.

It’s rather interesting that Semenax’s main competitor is (in my view) the VolumePills brand – both of which are owned and operated by the same company (Leading Edge Health).

Semenax Bottle and Pills
Semenax Bottle and Pills

To set the two products apart, Semenax has its own unique and transparent blend of entirely natural ingredients whilst their official website has a marginally different focus on what to expect in terms of results.

Semenax claims to:

  • Increase the duration of orgasms
  • Allow you to better control when you ejaculate (good for those that suffer from premature ejaculation)
  • Increase the volume of semen produced during ejaculation
  • Improve your virility – that’s your libido and energy levels

Strangely there is no real mention of improving erectile strength or arousal levels however a number of the ingredients are known for improving and increasing blood flow and have been shown to increase erection strength and even combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

What’s clear is that although some of the purchase packages of Semenax are even more expensive than the sister brand VolumePills, you do get more ingredients per serving and the specifically selected ingredients have been shown to produce the results that Semenax claims (and even some beyond them in my view).

The big question is, should you buy Semenax or are you more likely to see better results from using VolumePills or perhaps even a cheaper brand such as SemenRX instead?

Semenax Pills & Product Bottle

Semanax, as with other products owned by Leading Edge Health (such as VigRX Plus and direct competitor VolumePills), arrived in the discreet packaging we’ve come to expect from there full range of products.

Arriving in a completely plain cardboard box (along with a few other products I’d ordered at the time), Semenax doesn’t come in blister packs in a product box but instead in a clinical white bottle with blue label giving it a very medical feel and being immune from being crushed or damaged in transit.

The label does feel a little old and dated, it has the logo and number of capsules mentioned on the front, along with specific reference to Swedish Flower Pollen and Vitamin E – two core ingredients that are obviously of specific importance (perhaps as a result of an updated formula albeit not a recent change).

Semenax Pill Size and Bottle
Semenax Pill Size and Bottle

On the reverse of the label you’ll find the full ingredients list (with detailed quantities which we’ll go into in our ingredients and side effect section), as well as a few generic warnings and recommended dosage instructions.

With the cap removed, there is a safety seal to break through (proof that you have an unopened bottle) and inside you’ll find 90 capsules, providing you with a 1 month, 30 day supply – each serving consisting of 3 pills.

The Semenax pills don’t have any taste to them due to the gelatin type capsules however i did notice an almost oaty, rather healthy smell to them.

It’s rather strange that they have a notable smell given capsules are not only designed to reduce irritation of the digestive system, but should also be odourless.

The Semenax capsules are a manageable size to swallow, if a little long at 2.3cm in length (around 7/8ths of an inch) – it’s most definitely not the smallest pill i’ve reviewed and is comparable in size to the rather huge Viasil pills.

Semenax Product Photos

Take a look at what you get when ordering a supply of Semenax. Not only can you see the packaging/bottle the supplements come in but also the size of the pills – notably if you do struggle to swallow pills, the size of Semenax could potentially be a problem for you.

Semenax Ingredients & Side Effects

Semenax pills are crammed full of ingredients – there are 17 listed on the label so it’s no surprise that a daily serving consists of 3 capsules.

There are a lot of antioxidants in this list, designed to focus your results on producing better quality and quantity of ejaculate however some ingredients offer secondary benefits such as improving the strength of your erection, giving you a little more energy, stamina or libido.

I think it’s worth noting that although Semenax focuses on your penile health and producing more semen, it will also invariably improve and help to give your body (beyond the sexual) the nutrients it needs in order to function that little bit better.

Although it’s not a claim Semenax specifically makes, based on the selection of ingredients, many are known to increase sperm quality and motility so there is a very strong chance (and this is only my personal opinion) that you will likely see an increase in fertility levels by taking this supplement, especially over the long term.

The ingredients label is concise and detailed – much better than competitor products such as SemenRX which doesn’t list the specific quantities of ingredients. That said, i am left wondering whether the effectiveness of Semenax is let down a little given the lack of Bioperine which could potentially improve results thanks to its ability to enhance absorption levels.

Semenax Ingredients Label
Semenax Ingredients Label

Despite containing all natural ingredients, you may and can experience side effects from some of the ingredients on this list – as with all supplement product reviews, i’ve highlighted any specific or common side effects that you may get from taking Semenax.

For those of you that are on prescription medications there are a couple of ingredients that I’ve flagged (such as L-Arginine), so it’s definitely worth discussing Semenax with your doctor before you start taking it just in case it has an adverse effect or impacts the effectiveness of any other medication you’re already taking.

A lot of you might not want to dig this deep into the specifics around each ingredient (perhaps your just happy knowing Semenax pills have the potential to do what they claims, and to be fair its a rather long list of ingredients), so if that’s the case, why not jump down to the next section in this Semenax review where i look in detail at the Money Back Guarantee that is offered.

Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate)

Vitamin E

It might sounds like this is a fancy version of Vitamin E (dl-tocopherol) however this is the only natural chemical form that meets human consumption requirements. The acetate mention simply means this version of Vitamin E has an extended shelf life and higher resistant to oxidation.

Vitamin E is absolutely essential for the production of healthy sperm – it’s an antioxidant and helps protect your body from organic molecules (or free radicals as they are also known).

Vitamin E antioxidants have been specifically shown in numerous clinical studies to improve not just the production of sperm but also it’s mobility as well.

Sperm abnormalities accounts for more than 80% of male infertility so by neutralizing free radicals and increasing your Vitamin E levels the quality and quantity of your semen production will ultimately improve and increase.

Zinc Aspartate (20% elemental Zinc)

ZincWe’ve already seen Zinc in the majority of other male enhancement pills (Max Performer being a good example) so it’s no surprise to see it featured in a supplement that promotes improved sperm production.

Zinc has the ability to increase testosterone levels and in clinical studies, when combined with folic acid has been shown to increase the sperm count in men that are suffering from fertility issues by up to 74%.

Let’s also not forget that Zinc is also a vital nutrients for our bodies, it helps us heal and also maintain our immune system.

If we don’t have enough Zinc in our bodies then it’s not just our penile health that will suffer. Not only will our ability to reproduce become more difficult but over the long-term you could potentially become impotent.


L-CarnitineThis important amino acid helps our bodies to produce energy and, in clinical studies has been shown to be essential where maintaining male fertility is concerned.

L-Carnitine has been shown to not only give you energy for better stamina and performance in the bedroom, but will also help give you improved erection strength.

Just like Zinc, L-carnitine is also a very powerful antioxidant and as a result helps to get rid of those free radicals that can have a severely detrimental effect on the quality of your sperm.

Increasing the health and mobility of sperm, L-carnitine will not only stop any abnormal cells occurring in your semen, it’ll also give your ejaculate the strength to get to its destination (the womb) and fertilize an egg so it’s a great addition specially for those looking to improve fertility levels.

Maca (root)

MacaAnother popular and common ingredient in many male enhancement pills is Maca root. Included in Semenax (albeit in much smaller quantities when compared to the likes of Max Performer), the 400mg per serving will still undoubtedly give you a boost.

The effectiveness of the Maca root will really depend on which type of Maca has been used – the Semenax pill label doesn’t specify whether its white, red or black Maca (the latter being the most expensive).

Even the cheapest version (white Maca) will help to aid your libido thanks to its strong aphrodisiac properties as well as its ability to combat mild impotence – a study from 2002 found if consumed daily, within 8-12 weeks, it improved sexual drive in approximately 40% of men that participated.

In terms of sperm production and fertility, a more recent 2016 study found that by consuming a high dose of Maca (more than is present in Semanax notably), there was a notable increase in sperm motility, sperm count per ejaculation and an increase in the amount of seminal volume (the volume of semen produced when you ejaculate).

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark ExtractPine bark extract is another one of those really powerful antioxidants – it’s great for high blood pressure, reducing sore muscles (so it’s often used in exercise and muscle building supplements) as well as helping to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Also known as Pycnogenol, Pine Bark Extract has been shown to work well in combination with L-Arginine (another ingredient in Semenax which we’ll discuss below).

A study out of Japan found that when these two ingredients worked in combination, there was a vast increase over the course of 8 to 16 weeks in symptoms of mild erectile dysfunction and sperm concentration.

Whilst pine bark is unlikely to have a direct impact on the quantity of sperm you produce, it has been shown to increase sperm quality (resulting in improved fertility).

Beyond this improvement in quality, Pycnogenol will also help you achieve stronger, harder erections especially for those of us that suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

Containing 300mg, there is quite a generous quantity of Pine Bark Extract in Semenax – you ultimately only need around 200mg daily to see improvements in exercise capacity, combat allergies and combat poor blood circulation (a key reason for why it’s good for those suffering from impotence).

L-Arginine HCI

L-ArginineA staple ingredient in numerous sexual health supplements (such as Male Extra), L-Arginine is all about producing proteins in the body and creating nitric oxide (which is notably a free radical which as we’ve highlighted previously, we ideally need to try and avoid).

Nitric oxide however is key to staving off the effects of erectile dysfunction – without it, your blood vessels won’t be as relaxed and there simply won’t be as much oxygen in your blood cells which aid blood flow around your body.

Given the fact that an erection forms because of increased blood flow to the penis, maintaining and improving your nitric oxide levels through the likes of L-Arginine is a core way to ensure you have thicker, stronger erections to the point that this specific amino acid has been studied extensively for its merits as a treatment for impotence.

Be warned however, L-Arginine does come with some potential side effects – it can cause an imbalance in potassium and blood sugar levels, decrease blood pressure and (as it increases blood flow) increase your chances of bleeding and the ability for blood to clot.

If you’re already on prescription medication such as blood thinners, I’d definitely recommend speaking to a doctor first just on the off chance that L-Arginine causes any side effects or interacts badly with any existing meds you’re on.


L-LysineThis amino acid is essential to human health however (unlike L-Arginine) the body cannot produce it naturally so as a result we have to get these building blocks of protein by consuming supplements or naturally specific foods such as pork, tuna, eggs, chicken, beef and lamb.

L-Lysine has been shown to increase libido and improve the quality of semen (both in terms of motility and sperm count) and whilst there are a lot of claims that Lysine can give you a bigger, harder erection and that if you have a deficiency it could contribute to symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there is no concrete medical research that can confirm this is the case.

Perhaps one key reason why Semenax contains a dose of L-Lysine is because L-Arginine (which is also an ingredient in the Semenax blend) has the ability to lower Lysine levels.

By including L-Lysine in Semenax it’s ultimately topping up your levels of this amino acid which will likely have been depleted due to the inclusion of L-Arginine.

One additional negative effect of combining L-Lysine and L-Arginine together is that on it’s own L-Lysine can be used for the treatment of cold sore, however in combination, this may potentially result in an outbreak!

Catuaba (bark)

Catuaba BarkCatuaba is what i’d describe as a “feel good” ingredient. It’ll really give your mood a boost giving what some people describe as a feeling of bliss and euphoria.

Whether it’s in the bedroom or just your general day to day life, if you suffer from anxiety you’ll likely find that Catuaba will likely take the edge off and make you feel more relaxed without making you feel drowsy.

Beyond making you a little less nervous in the bedroom, it has also been shown to improve virility (more sexual drive, strength and energy), whilst some research suggests it could potentially widen blood vessels which then leads to improved strength of erections.

Catuaba bark is unlikely to increase your volume of semen when you ejaculate and as such I’d view it as a secondary ingredient. That said, it will make you more relaxed whilst helping you get that little bit more aroused and energised which is always useful when your trying to reach climax.

Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf)

Horny Goat WeedEpimedium Sagittatum is a popular ingredient and one we’ve seen in numerous other products (such as Max Performer) under the more recognisable name of Horny Goat Weed.

You only get a meagre 150mg of Epimedium Sagittatum but it should be enough to give a good increase in the amount of sperm you produce when you reach orgasm – you’ll also benefit from its properties as an aphrodisiac which will aid your libido whilst likely seeing an increase in testosterone levels as well.

Muira Puama (bark)

Muira PuamaUsed by both men and women, Muira Puama helps curb a range of different ailments such as joint pain and upset stomach, whilst it can also make you more focused when your awake and help your quality of sleep as well.

From a purely sexual standing, Muira Puama is often described as the “Viagra of the Amazon” – for men it increases testosterone levels helping to prevent infertility.

Beyond our fertility levels it can also reduce stress levels, improve physical performance and stimulate our libidos helping us to achieve stronger erections and overcoming the likes of mild erectile dysfunction and (on the other end of the spectrum), premature ejaculation.

Hawthorn (berry)

Hawthorne BerryVarious parts of the Hawthorn can be used to produce medicine – rather than using the leaves and flowers, Semenax uses the berries (of which there are very few clinical studies).

These dried fruit are often used for digestive health and have long been a part of traditionally Chinese medicine. In modern medicine their benefits for improving blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart are well known however containing just 50mg I’m a little unsure what direct benefit (if any) the inclusion of Hawthorn berry will have.

Despite the fact that Hawthorne berry can reduce blood pressure, it can also increase blood flow and although Hawthorn has been mentioned as a plant that could potentially decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there’s no clear or direct evidence that suggests this is the case.

There’s definitely no evidence here to suggest that the inclusion of this ingredient, especially at its low 50mg dosage is going to help increase the production of seminal fluid however it might give you a marginal increase in erection strength.

The fact that this berry is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, does point to the fact that it could (potentially) promote improved production and health of sperm however again there is nothing conclusive from the medical community to confirm this.

Although unlikely, the most common type of side effect associated with the consumption of Hawthorne is that of dizziness and vertigo.

It’s also very important that you check with a medical expert before taking this drug simply because it could interact with medications designed to increase blood flow. If you suffer from heart problems then you definitely want to check with a doctor first!

Cranberry Extract (seed)

Cranberry Extract SeedCranberries have long been known for their ability to combat urinary tract infections whilst cranberry extract provides a condensed, focused version in pill form.

Containing a wide variety of antioxidants and nutrients that not only boost overall health but also fight infections, Cranberry extract (like Hawthorn berry) is known for his benefits where improving and maintaining a healthy heart are concerned.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, despite only containing a rather small 50mg dose, cranberry extract could help to combat those nasty free radicals in our bodies and as a result produce stronger, larger quantities of semen.

Tribulus Terrestris (vine)

Tribulus TerrestrisUnfortunately, despite some rather mislead views online, Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t increase testosterone levels. There is some evidence to support its benefits as a means of enhancing libido levels however in research studies the benefits on men with erectile dysfunction produced highly varied results.

Beyond its potential benefits for increasing arousal levels and for combating erectile dysfunction, there is some conflicting research as to Tribulus Terrestris’ benefits where infertility is concerned.

Some research shows that it can improve sperm count in men, whilst another study showed that it had the ability to increase sperm movement, concentration and showed signs of improving ejaculation volume.

At just 50mg per dose, on its own this amount of Tribulus Terrestris isn’t going to have that much of an impact but will, when paired with the other ingredients within the Semenax blend help you to achieve stronger erections, better semen quality whilst also giving your libido a boost.

Avena Sativa extract (seed)

Avena Sativa OatsPaired with and known to work well with the likes of Tribulus Terrestris (above), Avena Sativa (also known as wild oats due to this long known aphrodisiac qualities) has the ability to improve erectile function as well as helping you maintain and increase your testosterone levels (thanks to increasing luteinizing hormone levels).

Over the years it’s been referred to as “Nature’s Viagra” as not only will it increase sexual desire (notably in both men and women), it also has the ability to help maintain and support your nervous system whilst improving blood flow – needless to say, improved blood flow (as we well know) leads to increased arousal levels and erection strength.

Sarsaparilla (root)

SarsaparillaSarsaparilla (also known as Smilax glabra) is a great supplement for arthritis, kidney disease and treating skin diseases such as psoriasis.

Sexual health wise, Sarsaparilla is known as a rather powerful and potent aphrodisiac and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries whilst also used to treat syphilis and other genital infections (needless to say modern medicine has moved on a little since then).

As well as seeing an increase in libido whilst increasing your sex drive, Sarsaparilla will also help detox your body, lower inflammation and boost your immune system.

Swedish Flower (pollen)

Swedish Flower PollenAlthough far down the list in terms of quantity (just 50mg) Swedish flower pollen is featured on the front of the product label indicating it’s quite an important and recent addition with the last updated formulation of Semenax.

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and has been shown to reduce and in some cases even eliminate prostate inflammation which in turn will also help achieve and maintain a healthy urinary tract.

The prostate is a very important part of your body – it produces prostate fluid (which is a third of the fluid in semen) and the gland itself helps you to ejaculate during orgasm.

The inclusion of Swedish Flower pollen in Semenax pills will definitely be due to its ability to produce a greater volume of fluid during climax but also to make those orgasms even stronger and more intense.

Pumpkin (seed)

Pumpkin SeedJust like various nuts and seeds, pumpkin seeds are known for their ability to increase libido and contain a selection of vitamins and fatty acids which are essential for general health and well-being.

In terms of sexual health, thanks to their high levels of Zinc, Pumpkin seeds help to balance your testosterone levels (especially for those with a deficiency) whilst also improving and increasing sperm production.

Added benefits of pumpkin seeds also include improving sleep, lowering your blood sugar levels, improving both prostate and bladder health and even in some cases being linked to the reduced risk of specific types of cancer.


Counterfeit Product Warning

In 2017 counterfeit Semenax pills were seized by the Australian Department of Health [source] entering Australia.

The product bottle looked identical to that supplied by the official Semenax website however the pills were found to contain an undeclared substance – Yohimbine.

There are a vast number of counterfeit products through the likes of Ebay and other fake websites so please ensure that if you buy Semenax, you purchase directly from the official Semenax website which i have independently verified.

To confirm, legitimate authentic Semenax pills do NOT contain Yohimbine.

Semenax Money Back Guarantee

Semenax does offer a money back guarantee however it is worth noting that you need to order a 3 month supply (or larger) in order to qualify – the guarantee does not apply to the 1 month supply of Semenax.

The guarantee is for a 67 day period so this gives you time to try Semenax for 2 months with an additional one-week window in order to return the product.

Based on the ingredients and the fact we’re talking about a daily serving of this supplement that will gradually build up and become more effective the longer you take it, you should be seeing some notably results within 4-6 weeks of being on Semenax.

This is likely part of the reason why the guarantee doesn’t apply to the 1 month supply (you simply need to take it for a few weeks longer to start seeing notably results).

Remember if you have tried Semenax, regardless of whether you’ve had a good or bad experience with the product or have tried to return your purchase using their refund policy, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure to provide us with a review of Semenax at the bottom of this page.

You will notably have to return all your Semenax bottles, unopened or otherwise, so make sure you don’t throw the empty bottles away. They are very, very strict with their return policy – even if your 1 day outside of the 67 day grace period you won’t be able to get a refund.

Semenax Money Back Guarantee
Semenax Money Back Guarantee

You should also be aware that whilst you have to pay return shipping, the original shipping or handling fees that applied at time of purchase aren’t covered and aren’t refundable.

What i would suggest, especially if you bought the larger 6 or 12 month supplies and end up deciding to take advantage of the return and refund policy, is that you double check the timescales for the shipping provider your using to return the bottles to ensure they arrive in time!

You might also want to opt for tracked return shipping so you have proof of the item being sent and received.

Ultimately the Semenax money back guarantee is pretty standard across the industry and there aren’t any nasty surprises – for example some supplement providers add an additional stock refill fee which can be anywhere up to 20% of the original order value – so in comparison, the Semenax return and refund policy is pretty straightforward and transparent.

How Much Does Semenax Cost?

Semenax capsules are a rather expensive product and even with an exclusive 10% discount if you use our unique code PER10 at the checkout, depending on the quantity you buy (available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month supplies), you’re looking at between dropping to per serving, per day.

You can definitely get a good deal if your located in the United States and buy the 6 or 12 month supply as you’ll not only free shipping but the price per month supply is as little as .

If your outside the US, even on those larger six and twelve month packages your unfortunately going to have to pay for delivery, whilst Semenax also makes a point of highlighting (in the small print), that international customers are responsible for any and all additional taxes, tariffs and duties that might be incurred when shipping an order outside the the US.

wdt_IDSemenax1 Mth3 Mths6 Mths12 Mths
1Original Price$59.95$154.95$289.95$399.95
2Discounted Price$53.96$139.46$260.96$359.96
3Pills Per Bottle90909090
4Total Pills902705401080
5Pills Per Serving3333
6Price Per Month$53.96$46.49$43.49$30.00
7Price Per Pill$0.60$0.52$0.48$0.33
8Price Per Serving$1.80$1.55$1.45$1.00
9Free Shipping?✔️ (US Only)✔️ (US Only)

If we compare Semenax vs Volume Pills in terms of cost (which you can also notably get a 10% discount on using code PER10 at the checkout), Semenax does work out marginally cheaper on the 1 and 3 month supplies, but not on the 6 and 12 month packages.

Yes, your getting more in terms of number of pills per serving and as a result a wider selection of ingredients however the trade off is that VolumePills is a little cheaper on the bigger packages and you also get a selection of bonuses (such as a free box of Prosolutions Pills) which Semenax lacks.

If your serious about using Semenax for the long term, you’re going to be paying considerably more per year overall however on the flipside you are getting 33% more in your daily dose, with a wider selection of ingredients which could, for you, mean better results.

Does Semenax Work? My Verdict!

Good IconSemenax contains a great selection of ingredients based on a rather long standing and proven history of Chinese medicine.

The manufacturer of Semenax has squeezed in a wide variety of ingredients and although I think some of them are perhaps included in too smaller quantity (hence likely not have that much of an impact in terms of results if they were individually taken), a lot of the ingredients work in harmony to produce the same end result.

It’s disappointing to not see a more up to date formulation that includes Bioperine (which would ultimately increase absorption rates) however thanks to 3 capsules per serving they really are trying to cram in a lot compared to the competition.

Bioperine might be expensive but if Semenax were to add this to the formulation then the results would likely be even better – based on my testing, i saw a notably increase in libido quite quickly (around 2-3 weeks) however the increase in semen volume and intensity took a good few months.

Although I can’t attest to it, I also believe based on the variety of ingredients that Semenax has some great potential where fertility levels are concerned – combine together a large portion of the ingredients should theoretically increase the quality of sperm, as well as motility so for those looking to conceive, at least trying Semenax could potentially be a good first step before exploring more expensive fertility options.

Semenax Reviews

Have you tried Semenax? What did you think? How did you get on? Did Semenax work for you?

If you’ve tried Semenax, regardless of whether your experience was positive or negative, we’d love to hear what you think!

Simply provide us with your own unique and unbiased review of this product and we’ll post your Semenax review below for all our other visitors to see!

Leave your rating

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Should I Buy Semenax?

Maybe IconMaybe! Don’t get me wrong, Semenax is a really good product in terms of the ingredients and the rather large daily serving size you get of 3 capsules.

Each ingredient is going to provide a lot of benefit in terms of not just increasing sperm production so your volume increases (which is kinda the point of the product), but also in making you a little more relaxed, making it easier to get aroused and even combating potential symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

I think it’s also really important to highlight the rather under emphasised fact that Semenax is likely going to increase your fertility – improving not just the quantity of semen you produce but the quality and mobility of your sperm as well.

It really does feel as though Semenax is understating and avoiding this potential benefit however i think this is largely impart to the legality of making such a claim whilst the core benefits that Semenax focuses on are very much the “perform like a stallion” rather than the “increase your fertility and ability to conceive” type claims.

Semenax Bottle & Group of Pills
Semenax Bottle & Group of Pills

If you also factor in how the product has been priced, it does feel as though Semenax has been specifically positioned to take #2 position behind VolumePills which is not only cheaper on larger packages but also includes a number of additional bonuses and the advanced absorption rates thanks to the inclusion of Bioperine.

The final decision is really down to you! Some may find that the larger, wider variety of ingredients are more potent and effective, but that lack of bonuses and higher price point could be just a little too hard to stomach over the long term.

Regardless, Semenax is a great product and i think that if your not only looking to increase the volume of semen you produce but also potentially your fertility levels as well, it really is worth buying a 3 month supply or greater, especially given the flexibility and assurance provided from the 67 day money back guarantee.

Semenax Questions & Answers

If you’re not sure if Semenax is the right semen enhancer for you or you have a specific question about this product before you purchase, please post your question below and I’ll provide you with a reply based on my own unbiased views and knowledge.


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