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Out of all the volume pills on the market Semenax is the one that offers more ingredients than any other – 18 to be precise – of course the more ingredients you have means the ingredients included potentially don’t have high potency level, after all you can only fit so much into a single pill.

The usual suspects include Zinc Oxide (to increase sperm numbers and their mobility), L-Arginine HCL (known for improving semen volume and fertility), Muira Puama (which can help combat erectile dysfunction – think of it as a weak form of Viagra) and Epimedium Sagittatum (an ingredient often referred to as Horny Goat Weed, which boosts libido and testosterone levels).

Semenax Website Screenshot
Semenax Website Screenshot

Other ingredients on the Semenax list include Swedish Flower (a pollen used for its ability to providing extra vim, vigor and virility), Lysine (an amino acid that when combined with Zinc increases sperm production), Sarsaparilla (which, although never medically proven could help treat infertility, impotence, urinary issues and infertility) and Tribulus Terrestris (a herb used to increase hormone, resulting in potential increases in testosterone levels by up to 30%). Its an impressive list of ingredients – some we’ve seen in competitor products, and others we haven’t.

  • Great for virility and infertility problems
  • Better priced than the top rated volume pill brands
  • Increase volume by up to 500%
  • Free shipping on available on 3+ month orders
  • Disappointment payment process

The range of ingredients clearly indicate that Semenax isn’t just targeted at those looking to increase sperm volume but could potentially be used to actively increase fertility and general penile and prostate health.

Despite the added potential heath advantages of Semenax, their recently revamped and tweaked website does focus this volume pill specifically towards consumers looking to increase semen volume – they specify an increase in volume of up to 500%. As highlighted by their Test Results chart (see below in our image gallery), the best results can be achieved in around a 6 week period with double the volume of semen produced after 2 weeks of usage.

The Semenax website is very clear and professional – there is a lot of emphasis on their success story page where you’ll find 12 customer testimonials along with the actual written feedback provided by the customer. You can click on each individual testimonial and take a closer look at what they wrote – this is a fantastic way to showcase some happy customers and adds a lot of weight and authority to the effectiveness of this volume pill.

Further sections of the site cover how Semenax works (and how male orgasms affect various muscle groups), the endorsements by doctors, full details of all ingredients and a concise contact page.

Price wise Semenax starts marginally cheaper than top competitors like Performer5, with a 1 month supply costing $59.95, with their largest 12 month supply costing $399.95 (notably more expensive that 12 month supplies from other leading Volume Pill providers).

Choose a 1-3 month supply and you’ll also have to pay for shipping fees which are between $12.99 and $36.99 (depending on the speed of delivery required). Fees aside, shipping is carried out by local courier (such as UPS) and all orders are shipped in discreet packing providing you with complete piece of mind over the anonymity of your Semenax delivery.

Semenax Product Photos

Take a look at what you get when ordering a supply of Semenax. Not only can you see the packaging/bottle the supplements come in but also the size of the pills – notably if you do struggle to swallow pills, the size of Semenax could potentially be a problem for you.

Purchases of 4 months or more do see the introduction of free express shipping (although only for USA customers) as well as discount cards and a free bottles of products such as VigRX, SemEnhance and GenF20. The bonuses are good to have however the likes of Performer5 offer better bonuses whilst also offering better discounts on larger order values.

Despite the really professional Semenax website (which we really do like) the online order process is a bit of a let down – Credit Card payments aren’t taken on the website and you get sent to a offsite payment processor which isn’t even branded with the Semenax brand logo, its disappointing given the time taken to redesign and improve their website and we would have hoped to see their site remain consistent throughout, even during the order process.

For those not wishing to order online orders can be taken over the phone, by fax or by mail order (simply download and print out their order form and send it to them along with a cheque).

In conclusion Semenax is a quality, all natural, side effect free volume pill which not only increases the volume of semen produced, but also has the potential to target other ailments – potency and erectile dysfunction being just two examples.

The problem with so many ingredients is that overall potency levels of the ingredients that matter could potentially be slightly weaker than other competitor products and although still remaining effective, could result in achievable results taking slightly longer to achieve than other volume pill products on the market.

The customer testimonials and Semenax website are great however we’d like to see heavier discounts on larger orders – rewarding consumers who wish to use Semenax for prolonged periods of time.

Semenax is a good quality product with proven results however there are more potent, slightly cheaper alternatives that achieve similar results.


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