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Jes Extender Review

Product Overview

Jes Extender is perhaps the old and most established traction device on the market – put simply, it’s the product that inspired all over penis extenders on the market. The question is however, is Jes Extender any good, and have they kept up with the newer competition.

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Pros & Cons

  • Yellow Dash IconUnclear Money Back Guarantee
  • Red X IconExpensive Compared to Competitors
  • Red X IconOnly USD & GBP Pricing
  • Green Tick Icon500,000+ customers

Quick Stats

  • Information Icon6 different versions/models
  • Shopping Cart Icon to
  • Calendar Icon1-3 Year Warranty

Rating (3.0 out of 5)

3 Star Rating

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Review Update in Progress!

My review of Jes Extender is rather old and out-dated. I’m in the process of testing and assessing the latest version of of this traction device, reviewing the new and improved website for this product, and seeing how the current offering from Jes Extender compares to the competition. Please be aware that some of the content in this review may be outdated or inaccurate.

Black Pen IconBasic Overview

Jes Extender was introduced over 14 years ago when penis enlargement through the use of a traction device was in its infancy. Jes Extender was the first ever product to prove that they were non surgical methods, via the use of traction technology, that could be undertaken naturally to increase the size of the penis both in terms of length and girth.

Since its creation Jes Extender has sold more than 250,000 units worldwide and has been the inspiration for pretty much every penis enlargement device you’re likely to find available on the market.

Jes Extender – the original penis enlarger – uses traction, which is a clinically proven technique that is guaranteed to increase the size of the penis. Being easy to apply and totally painless during usage, the Jes-Extender applies constant tension to the penis which results in penile cells dividing and multiplying hence increasing tissue mass and resulting in an increase in size of up to 28% on average.

Like many penis enlargement devices, Jes-Extender also emphasizes its ability to cure Peyronie’s Disease, a tissue disorder that result in the curvature of the penis resulting in discomfort, low self esteem and ultimately a detrimental effect on sexual performance. Due to the effective nature of Jes Extender, you can expect to cure Peyronie’s Disease after prolonged usage and to prove this, Jes-Extender has undergone clinical trials clearly proving this is the case.

  • greencheckiconFirst ever Penis Enlargement Device
  • greencheckiconPotential increase in length of up to 40%
  • greencheckiconClassified as a type 1, medical device
  • greencheckiconApproved and recommended by Doctors and Specialists
  • greencheckiconDouble money back guarantee

Further clinical studies have also been undertaken using the Jes Extender and although the average enlargement is quoted as 28%, studies have revealed that by using Jes Extender you can increase the size of your penis by up to a whopping 40%.

The evidence behind Jes Extender is a true testament to the quality of this product. The recently revamped Jes Extender website clearly details the history of Jes Extender and the expected results you can achieve. Numerous testimonials have also been included to give you a real sense of the achievable results seen by some of Jes Extender‘s 250,000 customers. As well as being endorsed by their own consumers, Jes Extender has also been acknowledged by a number of doctors including a specialist in the field of plastic surgery.

There are four versions or Jes Extender ranging from $249 (for the Light Extender) up to $499 (for the Gold Extender). All versions offer something slightly different, whether it be more durable materials (a choice of brass, Stirling, Titanium or 24 carat gold), the number of elongation bars (which will ultimately define the amount of gains achievable), the type of presentation box, warranty period and additional accessories.

The review model we tested was the recently introduced Jes Extender Titanium – as you can see from the product images we’ve taken (below), the Titanium model has a very professional and expensive product box and brushed metal case.

Given the choice we would suggest purchasing the Silver Extender (priced at $399) however for those on a budget and wanting to test the water first, we recommend the cheapest Light Extender (priced at $249) as you can quite easily purchase additional extension rods and other accessories as you progress through your enlargement program.

The Jes Extender website has a fresh and modern appearance, with all the information you need concisely arranged and easy to find – contact information is found on a sub page however personally would have liked to have seen the Jes Extender telephone number featured at the top of every single page of their website just for the sake of convenience and ease of access. Having purchased your Jes Extender device you’ll also receive a manual and instructional DVD as well as a training programme and access to the Jes Extender forum which is a fantastic community site and rather invaluable for answering any post sale questions (although telephone and email support is provided in addition).

As with all products of this nature, Jes Extender takes the privacy of their customers very seriously with all of their product versions being shipped in anonymous packaging by UPS or other similar shipping firm. Shipping is free, however it would be nice to see this more clearly indicated on the website.

As we have highlighted the Jes Extender penis enlargement device has more than 250,000 satisfied customers – to complement the long-standing quality of its products, the refund policy is quite clear. If you follow the Jes Extender training programme whilst plotting your progress as you go, if you hadn’t enlarged your penis within 1000 hours of training, you will receive a double money back refund. If that doesn’t show great confidence in the product we don’t know what does!

To summarise, Jes Extender established itself as one of the best penis enlargement devices in the industry many, many years ago. You can expect to achieve exceptional results using this device however there are 2 key reasons why you might choose an alternative device.

Firstly cost – Jes Extender isn’t cheap however for most the Light version would be more than sufficient (although Male Edge is cheaper and lighter).

Second the use of comfort strap – Jes Extender does include a comfort strap which will make wearing this product for prolonged periods of time a lot more comfort however, in our tests the SizeGenetics comfort strap proved to be a lot more comfortable despite SizeGenetics being very similarly priced.

Jes Extender Packages & Pricing (English)

Model Price

Red Thumbs Down Icon Pricing is only available in United States Dollars and British Pounds.


Jes Extender may have had a website refresh in recent years but price wise, even the cheapest “Light” extender is quite a bit more expensive than the likes of ProExtenderexternal link icon. There isn’t much here to set Jes Extender apart from the competition, other than some fancy product boxes, so unless you want to buy what is most likely the most expensive extender on the market – the Jes Extender Platinum ([contentGEO id=”57-6″) – you’re best off not including Jes Extender in your shortlist of traction devices.

Product No

Rating (3.0 out of 5)

3 Star Rating

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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