Volume Pills Review

VolumePills Box with Blister Pack (Side View)

VolumePills Review

Product Overview

VolumePills offers 12 potent ingredients to super charge your semen production, resulting in up to 500% more ejaculate per orgasm, harder erections and an ample boost to your libido. It’s not the cheapest semen enhancer on the market but it’s one of my top picks, so well worth considering.

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Pros & Cons

  • Green Tick Icon100% Natural, With Zero Side Effects
  • Red X IconIngredient List Isn’t Transparent
  • Yellow Dash IconFree Shipping on 6 & 12 Month Orders
  • Green Tick Icon67 day money back guarantee

Quick Stats

  • Information Icon2 pills per day
  • Shopping Cart Icon to per month
  • Calendar Icon to per daily serving
  • Sale IconSave 10% using code PER10

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

Want More? Keep reading for my mini review of VolumePills!

blackpeniconDetailed Overview

VolumePills™ is one of the longest standing and most established semen volume pill brands within the penile enhancement pill niche. Go to any reputable volume pill review website or forum and you’re likely to come across this trademarked brand – if you don’t spot this product, then the site in question definitely hasn’t got their finger on the pulse of the volume pill market!

VolumePills claims to:

  • greencheckiconProduce up to 500% more semen per orgasm
  • greencheckicon
  • Improve sperm mobility and fertility
  • greencheckicon
  • Be endorsed by medical doctors
  • greencheckicon
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • greencheckicon
  • Boost in virility and sexual appetite

Sticking to its proven formula of 100% natural ingredients that has seen this product dominate the semen enhancement market, VolumePills™ has been formulated to increase the volume of semen produced by a staggered 500% whilst also allowing longer lasting erections that are bigger and harder than ever.

VolumePills Box & Blue Tablets

Unlike many products in the penile enhancement industry, VolumePills™ have taken the time to have their product tested and reviewed by a number of real doctors and health care professionals; namely Dr Michael A Carter (a recognized Doctor in the field of Clinical Psychology) and Marcella Fernandez (a marriage and family therapist from the state of California). A rather informative if rather staged video interview can be found through video channels such as YouTube and does provide a clear and easy to understand assessment of this product.

Although these positive endorsements of VolumePills™ go far beyond the offerings of other, poorer rated volume pills that we’ve reviewed, moving forward we’d really like to see some clinically studies done on VolumePills™ to really add some additional clout to the effectiveness of this leading brand.

White Image IconProduct Photos

White Film Icon15 images in this collection

It’s quite simply the most popular product of its type on the market – the aptly named VolumePills has landed on our desk and you can see exactly what you get inside the box. If you’re looking at other reviews of this or any other product on the market, make sure you look out for the reviews with the authentic photos just to be sure your not reading a fake, fabricated review.

VolumePills Box (Front)
VolumePills Box (Front, Side View)
VolumePills Box (Front, Side View)
VolumePills Ingredients Label (Close Up)
VolumePills Pill Measurement
VolumePills Ingredient Label (Rear Left)
VolumePills Ingredient Label (Rear Right)
VolumePills Blister Pack (Blue Pills)
VolumePills Blister Pack (Foil)
VolumePills Box & Blister Pack
VolumePills Box & Blister Pack (Top Left)
VolumePills Box & Blister Pack (Top Right)
VolumePills Box with Measurement of Pill
VolumePills Box with Blister Pack (Side View)

Black P IconIngredients

Ingredients wise, VolumePills™ contains its own unique formulation of 13 natural ingredients and extracts including Solidilin (an ingredient that has [apparently] been shown in numerous studies to improve sexual motivation and satisfaction.

That said interestingly the ingredient is actually a trademark ingredient name actually registered by the company behind VolumePills™, Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen (known as vasodilators, which open and facilitate blood flow to the penis), Ku Gua or bitter melon as it is also known as well as Zinc Oxide, the reliable ingredient for aiding sperm motility and increasing fertility and sexual vigour. The full list of 19 natural ingredients is listed and explained on the VolumePills™ website.

More recently the VolumePills™ website has received a well deserved overhaul making all information about the product – how it works, doctor endorsements, success stories, ingredients list, frequently asked questions and contact information – easily and clearly accessible.

The testimonials page has also received an overhaul with new testimonials being added along with the actual written testimonial submitted by the customer. Annoyingly the scans of these documents are so small its near on impossible to verify their authority.

VolumePills Ingredients (English)

Ingredients Amount Per Serving % DV
Zinc (as zinc gluconate) 24 mg 160
Drilizen ™
- Tribulus Terrestris 350 mg
- Larginine 350 mg
Soldilin ™
- Tongkat Ali 200 mg
- Cowhage 200 mg
Ling Zhi (fruit)
Emblica Officinalis (berry)
Fucus Vesiculosis (root)
Hong Hua Fen (flower)
Rou Gui (bark)
Tian Men Dong (roots and shoots)
Xian Mao (roots)
Dong Chong Xia Cao (fruit)
Ku Gua (fruit)
Arjuna (bark)
4, 5, 7 trihydroxyflavone (leaf)

Black P IconPricing

Price wise VolumePills™ starts at for a one month supply of 60 tablets when applying discount code PER10 at the checkout. Each pill containing 1,264mg of ingredients. One tablet to be taken twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening with a meal or an 8ox glass of water. Larger supplies of up to 12 months are available reaching however for these larger order values subsequent discounts and bonuses are offered, along with a cost per day/serving of .

As I’ve highlighted for other supplement brands it’s best to purchase a supply of a couple of months to see the most benefit as the absorption of ingredients can continue to grow in your system gradually increasing your achievable results over time – given the removal of any bonuses from VolumePill packages, I’d recommend opting for the 3 or 6 month bundles priced at and respectively.

VolumePills Pricing (English)

1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 12 Mths
Original Price
Discounted Price
Pills Per Bottle 60 60 60 60
Total Pills 60 180 360 720
Pills Per Serving 2 2 2 2
Price Per Month
Price Per Pill
Price Per Serving
Free Shipping? ✔️ ✔️

Black Thumbs Up Icon Pricing (other than Original Price) is based on the 10% discount code PER10 being applied at checkout.

Payment and ordering can be made online, over the phone, by fax or by mail. Through the site the contact telephone number is clearly indicated and the contact page provides further information and ways to get in contact.

We did place a an email to their support team at a little after 14:30 local time and a response was receive after a mere 15 minutes which is pretty exceptional, whilst phone support during this time was instantaneous.

All orders placed are double packaged for increased security with absolutely no indication of what is contained within the delivery package. Likewise credit card charges appear under an related company name rather than the official brand name.

Shipping is made by UPS, DHL or United States Postal Service (depending on your shipping option) and a full 6 month guarantee minus shipping and handling charges- based on the established nature of VolumePills™ however there would certainly be no need for a return.

Black Star Verdict IconMy Verdict

In conclusion VolumePills™ has an excellent reputation for being one of the best volume pills on the market and its unique combination of ingredients offer a proven and effective method of increasing not only the volume produced, but erection strength as well.

Support is excellent and the price is competitive for the quality of product whilst the quoted results achievable makes this one of the top purchase choices for those looking to increase the volume of semen produced.

VolumePills Box & Blue Pills

VolumePills™ only negative is due to the actual ingredients – some being rather obscure whilst one is actually an ingredient name registered and trademarked by the company behind this product. Despite this, VolumePills™ still receives a deserved 5 star rating overall and we have to hesitance in recommending this volume pill product.


VolumePills does have a great set of ingredients and rave reviews from other customers however price and value wise, it’s not the best product on the market. Each serving is less than competitor products, whilst pricing is for most packages, somewhat more expensive. It’s a good product however in my view Semenax is just a slightly better, more rounded product – that said VolumePills is well worth considering.

Recommended Product (Good)

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

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Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.

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