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ProSolution Gel Review

Product Overview

ProSolution Gel contains some good ingredients and you can get free shipping on all order sizes. The bonuses are a little limited whilst the price per application/month is considerably higher than most competitor brands.

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ProSolution Gel

Pros & Cons

  • Green Tick IconGood Variety of Ingredients
  • Green Tick IconFree Shipping On All Orders
  • Red X IconExpensive
  • Yellow Dash Icon67 day money back guarantee

Quick Stats

  • Information IconUp to 30 applications per tube
  • Shopping Cart Icon to per tube
  • Calendar Icon to per use
  • Sale IconSave 10% using code PER10

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

Want More? Keep reading for my full, in-depth ProSolution Gel review!

Black Pen IconDetailed Overview

ProSolution Gel is a topical performance enhancer that when massaged into the penis, claims to offer a fast and effective solution for those with sexual and erection performance concerns.

Chances are you’ve heard of the ProSolution brand before – I’ve reviewed ProSolution Plus, a supplement for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation  – however this spin-off product from the same manufacturers (Leading Edge Health) offers a much faster acting option verses consuming a daily supplement.

ProSolution Gel claims to:

  • Give you instant erections (a bold claim!)
  • Allow you to maintain your erection for longer
  • Make your penis look bigger, fuller and thicker
  • Increase the intensity of orgasms

If ProSolution Gel is really as good as it claims and as effective as the other products in the ProSolution range, then chances are we’re going to see some good results.

ProSolution Gel Tube & Box

It’s going to be interesting to see how this male enhancement gel measures up against the likes of Instant Performer and VigRX Oil – two competing products with a similar delivery system aiming to achieve similar results.

Keep reading to find out what ingredients ProSolution Gel offers, how to get an exclusive discount on your ProSolution Gel order and most importantly what sort of results i got when testing out this topical male enhancement gel.

Letter G IconGel Tube & Product Box

As with all products from Leading Edge Healthexternal link icon, ProSolution Gel is no different where discreet packaging and delivery is concerned. My one tube supply came in a completely non-descript brown shipping box, with no specific mention or hint as to its contents.

With each unit of ProSolution Gel you get a glossy white retail box that has the recognisable ProSolution logo, as well as the quoting the gel is for “Topical Performance Enhancement”.

There is mention to it being “The World’s Top Rated Male Enhancement System” however there is nothing to substantiate this claim and does feel as though this tag line has simply been borrowed from ProSolution Pills (notably a supplement I don’t recommend and haven’t reviewed due to negative findings by the FDA) with the premise that ProSolution Gel, when used with Erection System – an online jelqing exercise program.

I’ve got to be honest, the packaging and specifically the claims on the box along with mentions of Marabou Ltd and Natural Health Sciences (two subsidiary companies belonging to Leading Edge Health) does make the product box feel really rather outdated.

Over the last year we have seen Leading Edge Health update numerous product websites including the hugely popular VigRX Plus and sister product ProSolution Plus so i think it’s perhaps only a matter of time until ProSolution Gel and it’s website get the same treatment.

ProSolution Gel Box

On the reverse of the box you’ll find directions for use along with a concise list of ingredients, ordered largest to smallest with the expected exclusion of any specific quantities given the nature of this sort of product.

There is also the usual obligatory statement about the product having not been assessed by the FDA, along with it not being intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

Inside the retail box you get your tube of ProSolution Gel which sports the same design and information as you get on the box – the only addition being the quoted volume of gel in each tube; notably 60ml (that’s 2fl. oz.).

Notably despite claiming to offer approximately 30 applications, the ProSolution Gel tube is notably smaller than that offered by Instant Performer so potentially not quite as good value for money as its main competitor so we’ll have to see how it compares on price!

White Image IconProduct Photos

White Film Icon9 images in this collection

Thanks to the manufacturers of ProSolution Gel, I’ve actually got my hands on the REAL product to test and review.

Don’t believe the fake reviews on the net that don’t have their own photos – many fake ProSolution Gel reviews are based on generic product information and they’ve never seen, let alone tried the product.

ProSolution Gel Box (Front Left)
ProSolution Gel Box (Front Right)
ProSolution Gel Box (Front)
ProSolution Gel Box Ingredients (Back
ProSolution Gel Box & Tube
ProSolution Gel Box & Gel (Front)
ProSolution Gel Box & Gel Tube (On Side)
ProSolution Gel Tube With Gel
ProSolution Gel Box & Open Tube of Gel

Ingredients & Side Effects IconIngredients & Side Effects

Green Question Mark Icon
Medical Expert Analysis
ProSolution Gel contains 7 main ingredients (which their website specifically details the benefits of) and a further 8 ingredients as well as both natural and artificial flavours and preservatives to give ProSolution Gel its appearance, consistency and taste.

The 7 key ingredients in its overall formulation you’ll likely have seen mentioned in a number of other male enhancement products, whether they be pills, patches or other topical treatments.

Each ingredient has been selected to improve the performance and longevity of male sexual performance whilst focusing more specifically on increasing nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream.

If you’ve done even the smallest amount of research into consumable male enhancement products, you’ve no doubt seen reference to nitric oxide levels and how a deficiency can affect the male body – specifically in relation to testosterone levels.

It’s through transdermal application – allowing the ingredients to be absorbed through the skin – that topical solutions such as ProSolution Gel help stimulate and increase not just nitric oxide levels, but other imbalances in the body that lower sexual drive, arousal and even the quality and intensity of ejaculation.

Notably in products of this type – gels, sprays, oils and creams – don’t expect to see specific dosages for each individual ingredient; unlike pills, the best you can hope for is a list of ingredients listed on the label from highest to lowest quantity.

I also feel it’s worth noting that although ProSolution Gel does pitch itself as an immediate way to achieve an erection, once the gel has been applied to the penis, it will likely take a good few uses to produce the claimed dramatic results (in fact their website claims results after having used the gel daily for 60-90 days which is quite a time and cash investment).

That said, the more you use it (over the long term) the more likely it is that the transdermal absorption of ingredients will gradually and slowly elevate your results (much as you’d experience with the consumption of a more traditional male enhancement pill).

It’s worth noting that the overall formulation has been specifically designed to have a slightly fresh mint scent, it is safe to use with contraception (such as condoms), whilst also being safe to eat (albeit, I would recommend in as minimal quantity as possible).

Notably you will see the abbreviation USP on a number of ingredients in the formulation – this stands for United States Pharmacopeia and essentially means the ingredient has a legally recognised standard applied to it; for labeling, strength, identity, purity, quality and packaging.

This is an optional addition to an unregulated drug label, which gives credit to the higher standards of the product by using lab-tested ingredients.

The ProSolution Gel formula claims to address your erection and sexual performance problems. It claims to boost nitric oxide levels upon contact – causing smooth muscles of the penis to relax and get engorged with blood – thereby promising longer lasting erections.

As a differentiating characteristic, this product claims that your female partner will not feel ‘numbed’ upon its use, unlike with other products that are available on the market.

The manufacturer claims that the most important ingredient in this product is L-arginine – a critical amino acid that the body converts to nitric oxide. There are also other herbal components in this gel that the manufacturer claims will support erectile function and enhance sexual arousal.

Interestingly, ProSolution Gel also claims to have a ‘breakthrough topical delivery system’ that directly and rapidly delivers this potent mix of herbal aphrodisiacs and L-arginine to the penile tissue.

ProSolution Gel Ingredients (English)

Ingredients Amount Per Serving % DV
L-Arginine USP N/A *
Aloe Vera Extract N/A *
Bearberry Extract N/A *
Algae Extract N/A *
Mango Butter N/A *
Menthol USP N/A *
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) N/A *

L-Arginine USP

  • Origin: Amino Acid (Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs)
  • Aka: Arginine
L-Arginine USP

Aloe Vera Extract

  • Origin: North Africa, Southern Europe, & Canary Islands
  • Aka: Acemannan, Aloe Arborescens Miller
Aloe Vera Extract

Bearberry Extract

  • Origin: North America & Europe
  • Aka: Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi, Kinnikinnick
Bearberry Extract

Algae Extract

  • Aka: Seaweed, Dulse, Kelp, Scum
Algae Extract

Mango Butter

  • Origin: India, China & USA
  • Aka: Mango Kernel Fat, Mango Oil
Mango Butter

Menthol USP

  • Aka: Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerine, Peppermint, Camphor
Menthol USP

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

  • Aka: Vitamin C, Ascorbate
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

L-Arginine is a very familiar ingredient in the male sexual health sphere.

We’ve seen it used numerous times in varying quantities, primarily in penis pills, however also in products like ProSolution Gel. This is the power ingredient, the one that becomes nitric oxide once absorbed into the body.

It’s used as a vasodilatorexternal link icon to relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis.

A word of warning – its effectiveness comes with side effects. This common amino acid is also used to lower blood sugar and blood pressure. If you’re taking medication for blood pressure, diabetes, or erectile dysfunction, you might want to consult a doctor before applying anything containing L-Arginine to your body.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

Most of us are familiar with aloe, the succulent plant used for everything from sunburn to slimy bottled drinks. Its gel consistency and moisturizing properties make it a good choice for a topical product, not to mention the fact that it acts as an amazing all-natural lubricant.

Aloe is also used as a vasodilator and can increase testosterone levels in the body. The only downside to aloe vera extract is possible irritation to anyone with a latex allergy.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

Commonly used to treat uneven skin tone in facial products, bearberry extract contains antioxidants and nutrients for the skin.

While not specifically helpful for erections or pleasure, its maintenance of healthy penile skin can be considered a bonus.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

Another ingredient with proven moisturizing and antioxidant properties for the skin, algae extract has been used to treat erectile dysfunction but doesn’t have much science to back it up.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

Made of oils from mango seeds, mango butter is a creamy moisturizer with a very subtle fruit scent. It has great absorbency and likely adds to the pleasant texture of ProSolution Gel.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

Menthol has the ability to give ProSolution Gel a bit of fresh, minty taste and smell however, as we’ve seen in ProEnhance patches, menthol when applied to the skin also helps to proactively open the pores of your skin.

What this means is that the ingredients in ProSolution Gel can be better absorbed, and as a result improve the effectiveness of this male enhancement gel.

Menthol is commonly used in topical products to give that instant cooling sensation, mostly to make you feel like the product is actually doing something.

It can increase blood flow to the skin, so if that sensation is pleasurable to you, your erection will likely benefit. And while the research shows that topical menthol doesn’t do much besides act as a sidekick ingredient, it’s worth noting that there is plenty of research showing the success of the placebo effect.

For men with more sensitive skin, or those planning to use ProSolution Gel before sex, use cautiously as menthol can irritate your skin or your partner’s.

Toggle Medical Expert Analysis On/Off

A safe, natural preservative, ascorbic acid keeps this product fresh without harmful chemicals.

Money Back Guarantee IconMoney Back Guarantee

ProSolution Gel offers a competitive money back guarantee period much like the other products in the ProSolution and Leading Edge Health product range.

You get 67 days to try the product seemingly “risk free” giving you approximately 2 months to try ProSolution Gel and a further week to return all opened product boxes and used tubes of gel.

ProSolution Gel Money Back Guarantee

If you opt to take advantage of the money back guarantee period, you’ll need to cover the cost of return shipping and you won’t get a refund on the original delivery fees imposed at time of purchase.

In addition, as i’ve illustrated on a number of other Leading Edge Health product reviews, they are exceptionally strict on return timescales, so if your return doesn’t reach them within that 67 day window, expect not to receive a refund.

You’ll definitely want to select a courier that offers tracking and confirmation of delivery so you have proof your return arrived within the required refunds window.

By comparison 67 days is a pretty standard period to test ProSolution Gel out however if you think you’re going to need longer or simply want more piece of mind, direct competitor Instant Performer offers a whopping 6 month, or 180 day money back guarantee period, ultimately dwarfing ProSolution Gels risk free offering.

Pricing Analysis IconPricing Analysis

ProSolution Gel offers 6 different packages ranging from a single 1 tube supply all the way up to a 12 month package that includes freebies such as VolumePills, ProSolution Pills and access to Erection System – an albeit rather outdated online jelqing exercise program that can help you take steps in the right direction for increasing penile size. If you’re looking for a jelqing exercise program, then you’re better of taking a look at the Jelqing Academyexternal link icon.

Pricing starts at or around per application (based on the suggested 30 applications per tube), and although a 12 tube supply is priced at a rather eye watering , that sees the price per tube drop to or per application.

In my view the pricing is a little steep, especially when you compare like for like with Instant Performer. You might not get bonus products with larger orders sizes with Instant Performer but with free shipping, more gel per tube and an overall price point that works out around 20% cheaper than ProSolution Gel, i personally think by direct comparison ProSolution Gel is just a little too steep price wise for my wallet.

ProSolution Gel Pricing (English)

1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 12 Mths
Original Price
Discounted Price
Price per Tube
Total Apps 30 90 180 360
Price per App
Bonus Products ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Free Shipping ✔️ ✔️

Black Thumbs Up Icon Pricing (other than Original Price) is based on the 10% discount code PER10 being applied at checkout.

You do however need to factor in that on 3 month supplies or more of ProSolution Gel you get access to Erection System – an only jelqing exercise program which, although rather outdated in terms of video quality, does provide you with a means of enlarging your penis if you’ve got the time and patience.

If you want a means of increasing the size of your penis without resorting to a penis extender (like SizeGenetics) or a penis pump (like Bathmate), then ProSolution Gel combined with the Erection System exercise are a good first step into the world of penis enlargement.

My Verdict IconMy Verdict & Summary

For me… no it didn’t, or at least not in any specific notable way but that might be due in part to having really good penile health and not suffering from any form of arousal issues.

I think as well, it’s worth noting that I didn’t use the provided Erection Fitness jelqing exercises (partly because I already have access to the Jelqing Academy which is a much, much, much better penile exercise program). The exercises contained within Erection Fitness themselves were quite basic and felt out-dated, however they were straight forward, easy to understand and would no doubt have provided an added benefit to the effectiveness of the gel and to blood circulation.

Ultimately I wanted to focus entirely on the gel itself to ascertain it’s effectiveness.

I tried ProSolution Gel daily over the course of a number of consecutive days – each day I used ProSolution Gel I did so having not had any other sexual activity earlier in the day (that way my sexual stamina was at its peak).

I think it’s also worth noting that I took ProSolution Gel for a rather short 30 day period period of time – their website specifically highlights that for the best results you need to use ProSolution Gel ideally on a daily basis for 60-90 days as it takes time for the ingredients to build up in your body and for the peak of results to be attained.

Needless to say, that is very understandable and any consumable product like this gel but also any oils, creams, patches or pills will take time to build up in your system and produce results.

14 prosolution gel box tube and gel

Quite honestly ProSolution Gel wouldn’t be my first choice, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t buy it and try it!

It’s great having the jelqing exercises if you purchase larger order sizes and I think this could seriously improve your results but also be a great starting point for those that want to increase the size of their penis without the expense of a penis extender or penis pump.

In terms of the amount of gel per tube and also the price per tube, there are cheaper, better value alternatives out there (such as Instant Performer).

If a jelqing exercise program is important to you and you want to use penile exercises as a means of penis enlargement, then ProSolution Gel is a good choice worth considering however you might find ProSolution Pills is a quicker, easier and less messy alternative – a pill you can simply take daily which also includes access to Erection System – or for those that suffer from premature ejaculation, the likes of sister brand ProSolution Plus.

I also think one key consideration is how often you see yourself actually using ProSolution Gel – i think if you have sex daily and plan on using the gel consistently it’s a good option however most of us find work and family life getting in the way and sex isn’t always possible every day.

With that in mind, something like Max Performer might be a better, easier option – a pill you can simply take daily as part of your morning routine.


ProSolution Gel is expensive however if cost isn’t an issue for you, and if you’re planning on using ProSolution Gel regularly rather than occasionally, chances are you’ll yield better results. The bonuses on larger orders do offset that cost, whilst you can get your free Jelqing Academy access on any order size. Pair this gel with Max Performer and some penile exercises and you’re likely on to a winning combination.

Maybe Product Image

Rating (4 out of 5)

4 Star Rating

Black Sale Icon Don’t forget to use code PER10 at checkout for 10% OFF!

Letter F IconFrequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a selection of frequently asked questions that relate to the ProSolution Gel product.

If you’ve got a question that we’ve not answered in this product review, simply leave a comment and we’ll get our FAQs section updated!

Does Prosolution Gel have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Prosolution Gel offers a 67 day money back guarantee.

How much gel do you get in a tube of Prosolution Gel?

Each tube of Prosolution Gel contains 60ml or 2 fluid ounces of gel.

How many applications do I get from a tube of Prosolution Gel

You should be able to get approximately 30 applications from a single tube of Prosolution Gel.

The number of applications will depend entirely on the size of your penis and amount of gel used with each application.

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This Content Was Written By...

Author & Site Owner | Website
Chris is the owner and creator of Penis Enlargement Resource. He has years of knowledge in the male enhancement niche and has tested and assessed numerous products over the years.
Contributing Author
Dr Samant is a registered pharmacist with qualifications from the University of Mumbai and University of Illinois (Chicago). She has also worked as a postdoctoral research associate at Yale University.

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Have you got a question about ProSolution Gel that I’ve not manage to answer in my full review? Let me know in the comments section below – I respond and answer all comments made both here on the Penis Enlargement Resource website, as well as my Youtube channel as well.

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  1. I have tried ProSolution Gel but it did not work. Do I use it everyday without having sex for it to work? Is it safe? How long do I use before I start to see results?

    • ProSolution Gel should only be used shortly before sexual activity, unlike pills like Max Performer and VigRX Plus which need to be taken daily. What I’d suggest, is potentially increasing the amount of gel used and then if you’re still not getting the results or “rise” you’re hoping for, simply take advantage of their 67 day money back guarantee. As with male enhancement supplements, some ingredients work for some but not others. I’d perhaps suggest trying Instant Performer which has a slightly different combination of ingredients.

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