PenisHealth Review (Discontinued)


Discontinued Product

Since writing our review of PenisHealth, this product has since been discontinued
and is no longer avaliable for purchase.

Penis enlargement exercises have been around for literally years and, if done correctly can be a safe and effective way of increasing both the length and girth of the penis. Unlike devices, pills and patches the fate of your progress is entirely in your hands (literally) however ultimately the achievable results depend quite considerably on the quality of the penile exercises being undertaken and how clear they are to understand and implement.

Regarded as one of the best penis exercise programs in existence, PenisHealth is notably the only reputable jelqing program that is available both online and as a physical DVD, so whatever your preferred media, PenisHealth has it covered.

For our review we’ve focused primarily on the DVD version of the PenisHealth exercise program however ultimately the videos and results achievable via the online PenisHealth program are identical.

Firstly you’d be forgiven for thinking that PenisHealth is designed only to increase the length and girth of the penis (an attainable increase of 3 inches is possible). By following the clear video exercises you can also improve your erection hardness, help premature ejaculation and even straighten a curved penis.

  • Available in physical DVD format and online
  • More than 98,873 satisfied customers
  • Increase penis size by 1-3 inches
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced video guides
  • Cure for premature ejaculation

The DVD version is split into 3 main sections:

Resources – covers 11 slides which detail how to measure the penis, as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced routine categories that detail what each routine series aims to achieve. Depending on the time you have available you can then choose a workout plan lasting 7-10 minutes, twenty to twenty-five minutes or thirty-five to forty minutes.

Exercises – details all the available videos by category. These are ordered by Warm Up, Length, Girth, Sexual Health and Stopping the Program. Each includes a number of sub-categories which you can review based on the beginner, intermediate or advanced techniques. In some cases there are additional advanced plus videos available.

A-Z – groups all videos into 6 different letter categories for quick and easy browsing. Videos are displayed regardless of experience level. By our count there are 34 videos.

All PenisHealth videos are very clear, easy to understand, show a male model carrying out the specific technique and include a female voiced commentary.

As well as the DVD content you are also provided with additional online media content (around 24 online DVD’s to be exact) as well as access to the active and helpful user forum and customer support team.

PenisHealth Product Photos

Checkout all our photos of the physical PenisHealth DVD – unlike so many other reviews on the web, we’ve actually purchased the product, watched the series of videos provided by PenisHealth and as a result can provide you with a truly unbiased review of this digital product.

Price wise the PenisHealth online version costs a respectable $49.95 whilst the physical DVD version is slightly more expensive at $69.95. There are no discounts available for this penis exercise program.

In conclusion PenisHealth is by far the best jelqing video program available. The large number of videos are detailed and clear whilst providing you with 3 levels and multiple workout times.

Compared to other penis exercise programs PenisHealth is competitively priced and we have no qualms with awarding PenisHealth a 5 star rating however we do suggest that if you do strongly suggest that you purchase a one month supply of MaleExtra instead as this automatically includes the online version of PenisHealth for free – this, in our eyes is an absolute bargain!

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