How Lifestyle Impacts Upon Your Erections and Penile Health

Your lifestyle, including how active you are and the types of food that you consume on a regular basis can have a profound impact upon your genitourinary health and well-being and so this article seeks to consider and reflect upon the most important areas that directly affect men in these areas.

Achieving and sustaining effective erections can be a difficult task for many men, especially as they grow older and cardiovascular dysfunction begins to set in thereby inhibiting the effectiveness of blood flow to the penile chamber. However, it is worth noting that there are certain tips that men of all ages can take advantage of in order to improve their overall penis health and to better enable them with getting an erection more readily.

Get plenty of sleep

Whenever we drift off to sleep, this is when our penis is (somewhat ironically) at its most active and busy, and so it is very common for a male to have erections during the night that last for several hours at a time without any ill-effect. The reason for these prolonged erections is to ensure that the tissue within the organ will receive plenty of blood and by extension therefore, oxygen which is contained within and carried upon the red blood cells that are found within blood.

This nocturnal maintenance work will ensure that your penis performs in peak condition and furthermore, helps to protect both the elasticity and flexibility of the penile tissue which in turn, will increase the ease of which the penis will become erect.

Consequently, a disturbed and erratic sleep pattern has been identified as a major contributing factor with regards to the development and onset of erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as premature ejaculation problems.

Cut down on smoking

Smoking is seriously bad for your health overall but more specifically, it has been identified as serving as a severely adverse effect upon the male reproductive and urinary health, not only elevating the risk of prostate and testicular cancers but furthermore; impairing erections. The reason for this is simple: smoking constricts the blood vessels within the body, and clogs up the lungs with tar. As a consequence to this, the amount of blood that is pumped around the body, in addition to the amount of oxygen which the blood is able to transport and deliver around the body is also impaired dramatically.

There have been some clinical studies commissioned which have identified a potential link between heavy and long-term smoking and a reduction in penis size. Although these studies are yet to be ratified, they certainly give food for thought.

Exercise more

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle then you significantly elevate the chances of you developing erectile dysfunction and impotence problems. Walking for the recommended minimum of thirty minutes a day will slash your chances of contracting penile related problems by as much as 50%.  Walking, cycling, swimming and jogging are all excellent methods of bolstering circulation within the body and will also provide you with the added bonus of having far more energy to expend on your sex life!

Carefully control and monitor your blood glucose levels

Diabetes mellitus is associated with a myriad of health problems and complaints, most of which directly relate to, and are affected by, the cardiovascular system of the victim. As such, diabetics have a highly elevated risk of developing problems with erectile dysfunction and impotence due to the impairment of circulation to the lower extremities. With that in mind then, careful monitoring of your daily sugar intake (in all of its various guises) will stand you in good stead for boosting your self-esteem, energy levels and your sex drive.