Low Sperm Count Causes

Low sperm quality and quantity can be a massive stumbling block for those looking to concieve and have children. What we eat and drink, daily stresses and genetics all have a part to play in the quality and quantity of sperm produced. Find out the causes and proven solutions so you can overcome low sperm count symptoms.

For more and more men, low sperm counts are becoming an issue in their lives. Not only will a low sperm count effect your chances when it comes to conceiving, but it can also have an effect on your overall sexual performance too.

Read on to find out more about low sperm count causes, and great tips on how you can naturally increase your sperm count quickly and easily.

Low Sperm Count Cause #1

For most guys the answer to their low sperm count is simple, and the common culprits are smoking, alcohol and drugs. Putting these poisons into your body won’t just affect your overall health and well being, but they will also have an adverse effect on the health of your sperm too.

Just one of the three will have a significant effect on your sperm count, and the more you use them, the less sperm you’ll have. But, it’s not just the numbers that are affected. The few sperm that your body will be producing are likely to be abnormal and lazy. These factors combined will make it extremely difficult if you and your partner are trying for a baby.

Low Sperm Count Cause #2

The next common cause is is neglecting to take proper care of yourself. This can take many forms including –

  • Being overweight or obese
  • A bad diet
  • A vitamin and nutrient deficiency
  • A lack of exercise
  • Too much stress
  • Exposure to hot temperatures (saunas etc.)
  • Not enough sleep

These factors alone, or worse, combined will certainly have an effect on your sperm count, and could be the answer when in comes to increase your sperm numbers and strength.

Taking good care of yourself is essential, but it’s especially important of you want to keep a good sperm count, and healthy semen.

For many men, more sleep is key. Our bodies produce the highest levels of sperm when we are asleep, and this rest allows our bodies the time it needs to replenish the sperm count. A great tip for those trying to conceive is to have sex in the morning. This is when your sperm count is at it’s very highest, and your ejaculations are at their most powerful.

If you simply make a few changes to your lifestyle, you could make a significant change to your sperm numbers quickly. Not only that, your overall health will be sure to improve, and your sperm will be far more healthy and active as a result.

Low Sperm Count Cause #3

For some guys, it’s their age and their make up that’s the problem. The sad fact is, the older we get, the less testosterone our bodies produce. Which, in turn will result in a reduced number of sperm. But, it’s not just your age that could be the problem.

If there is a history of infertility, or low sperm counts in your family, you could be affected too. Low sperm counts will sometimes be passed on, and if it’s a common problem in your family, this could be the cause of your low count.

If this is the case, making a few changes to your lifestyle won’t help you out. But, there is something else that could do the trick… volume pills.

The answer to your low sperm count… Volume Pills

It doesn’t matter what is causing your low sperm count, volume pills could be the answer.

Making simple changes to your lifestyle will certainly help, but there’s nothing that will help to increase your sperm count like volume pills.

Volume pills will naturally increase your bodies level of testosterone. And, the higher your testosterone level the better, as this will have an instant effect on the amount of sperm your body produces.

Not only will your sperm count increase, but your sperm will be much stronger and healthy, and they’ll be far more active too. Perfect for those who are trying to get their partners pregnant.

More about Volume Pills

When it comes to volume pills, it’s not just the increase in your sperm count that you’ll benefit from. The pills will also naturally increase your sexual appetite too, as well as making it much easier for your body to top up its semen levels after each ejaculation. This means you’ll be able to go time and time again, without ever worrying about getting it up.

A lot of guys who use volume pills to increase sperm counts have also noticed that their sexual performance has improved too. Volume pills make it much easier to get a rock hard erection that lasts and last, as well as stronger ejaculations and more powerful orgasms. For many, this confidence boost increases not only theirs, but their partners sexual enjoyment too.

Low Sperm Count Conclusion

It doesn’t matter if a bad diet, smoking or your age is causing your low sperm count, there’s finally something you can do about it. Simply making a few key changes to your lifestyle, and the help of volume pills are all it takes to get your sperm count to an all time natural high.

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