What is the Average Penis Size?

Am I bigger or smaller than average? This article explains how to measure the penis, why people are so focused on increasing their size whilst also answer the age old question: What is the Average Penis Size???

Step one for the man concerned about his penis length or girth – going on the internet to work out whether his penis is indeed below average. First the good news – men tend to underestimate the length and girth of their own penis whereas overestimate the size of others’, perhaps glimpsed in the locker room. This is because we view our own genitalia from above and others’ from the side.

Sexologists have indicated that approximately 1 in 3 men who come in to discuss an increase of penis size with them have an ‘average or above’ length of penis, but mistakenly believe they need to increase the size of their penis.

In some cases in history, a small penis was seen as desirable. In Ancient Greece, a large penis was considered to be somewhat comical and disgusting. This is of course no longer the case in most cultures, preoccupation with penis size is rife, and this stems from our male belief that a small penis makes a small man.

Even if we are able to overcome this belief ourselves, will our sexual partners?

We cannot change society in such a fell swoop. Penis length will always remain important to men, although arguably penis girth is actually more important for female sexual satisfaction.

To ascertain your true penis size, measuring the penis is advised to be done a number of times and the findings averaged. This is because the penis, when erect, can be quite different lengths at different times of day, under different room conditions and temperatures etc.

Measuring girth is quite straightforward when the penis is erect but measuring length is bit more difficult. Remember to measure along the bottom of the penis as this will return the full length. The other pitfall is remembering to only measure to the base of the penis that actually protrudes from the body and not artificially increasing your penis size to satisfy your vanity.

The average penis length around the world depends on who you ask. Studies performed over the internet by survey always return a result of a higher average penis size compared to clinically performed studies. Were the online participants measuring their own penises incorrectly, or lying to an anonymous survey?

Perhaps under the cold light of clinical study the average penis gets a little stage-fright, resulting in a lower average. A vast many studies have been performed on penis size, some which show significant differences in penis size by race and age – but were these politically motivated or incorrectly performed? Did they combine different studies that were initially performed under different conditions?

Most studies have shown that the flaccid length of a penis is no indication of the size of the penis upon erection. Most studies have also shown there is little correlation between height and penis size. Around 1 in 167 men suffer from a micro-penis – a penis which is less than 7 centimeters in length.

Our best guess is the average penis length, when erect, is between 5.1-5.9 inches in length, and 4.85 inches in circumference. The vast majority of studies have shown there is not a correlation between race and penis size. If your penis falls under this size then don’t fret – 50% of all men are in the same boat as you.

You can combine the use of penis enhancement pills with an exercise program to increase the length or girth of your penis, perhaps enough to push it over this average. This will allow those creeping doubts about your penis size to melt away, giving you increased self confidence and prowess in the bedroom.

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